Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Story of a banana.

She will do it HERSELF!
I love how she tried to put it back together.
I knew this was going to be good when she walked in with a banana and RESISTED my help!
Im glad my camera was in reach!
Today was a lovely play day for her. :)
kinda grouchy.....but content!
and for YOUR information....
I HAVEN'T got in trouble for my polka dot garbage cans...
I think they understood my intentions........
Just trying to make the world a prettier place.
That's all...........


Simply Lavender said...

AWH DANG IT!! I knew that was coming.....the broken banana...the tears!
Hate that when it happens!
But gotta give the girl 2 thumbs up for trying!!
LOVE the little owl some of the nakedness... :)
AND you know I love the garbage cans!


Nicole said...

Annie! It is an absolute "hoot" to me how often Charlee is naked or half naked!! It almost shocks me when I see pictures of her dressed! haha!!
She is adorable.....and STOP with those cute purple shoes!

Candice said...

I love how you document the every day stuff. You are so going to have black mail material for when Charlee gets older!