Friday, June 25, 2010

be one with the metal!!

Abbie GOT EM!
We are only praying.....they will keep the boys away a little longer?
We can only hope. ug!
She is just to cute!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

what I need today.


I as sit here this early Thursday Morning, tears streaming down my face.
Kids still asleep. House quiet as can be.
Feeling the need to write.
Trying to think of, how to deal with "hard things"
My dad has always told me. "You CAN do hard things"
I REMEMBERED this cute little scripture I "took" {shhhh don't tell} off someones blog a LONG time ago.
I liked it so much.
And this morning Im shareing with you.
Hope this puts some "LIGHT" in your picture today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new things......

I like new things.
And some Old.
Like this Old camera I bought at a small little antique shack off the side of the road in Bear lake, FOR $48
ISN'T IT AMAZING? It was like christmas for me.
thank you to my sis in law for letting me capture it. :)
I like things that I haven't tried before.
I like things that are OLD....but become new again.
Things from the past.
Im ready to try new things, not sure where it will get me.........
but we all have to TRY right?
I have learned so MUCH this past week....
a new me......
Im being a little dare devil.
But thats what makes me, me!.
I ran 4 miles this morning........almost didn't make it.
but I ran every one point as I turned around knowing I had to make it back home brought tears to my eyes.
but I did not look back........and we shouldn't either.
and I made it.
Im all about trying new things.....
I will post more bout my bear lake {cousins Kamp} trip, it was amazing.
This is OUR 13TH parents are simply amazing.
We cried everyday.....laughed everyday.....played and I bonded with my family....
kia kaha!

Monday, June 14, 2010

scatter sunshine.

Sometimes I have no idea what Im doing.
but I do know......that I have the capability to Scatter Sunshine.
so I will.
I will be spending a week in Bearlake in a cabin for our ANNUAL Cousin Kamps our family does every year.
This years theme is " Strengthening families"
So excited.
Thank you mom and dad for loving all of us so much.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


My Neice Kenzie.
Who just Graduated!
isn't she stunning??
My friend marissa came with....look at this AMAZING SHOT she got.
so glad she came :)
Congrats you.
good luck on your Journey, Im sure you will do great things!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Autumn took this picture.
she has Photo takin Skillz.
GOT my hair done today.
Its been since Feb. Sad.
Never can find a day...or time...Or minute.
but today---NO SCHOOL! so I had two perfect babysitters....YIPPY!!
I wish this pic showed more of the color...
Its auburn with two different highlights!
i love it.
and its growing.
so I like it more.
My hair grows like a snail.


Dont jugde me.......

Cuz I eat Vintage Cupcake alot.
They Like em too!
I ate Mine, then finished off Abbie's. :)
I watched My sisters two daughters over night....
and they liked em too! :)
Abbie and Autumn shoved, elbowed, jabbed, and called each other dumb all the way home.
Good feeling.....GONE!
Next time I will go alone. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Sniff Sniff"

My Little Jax is all done with Kindergarten.
I indeed got teary eyed as he walked across the stage to get his certificate.
He is growing up WAY TO FAST!
Im very VERY excited to have him home with me everyday this summer. I sure enjoy his Company.
I got him a WHOLE new outfit.....and a new hair cut to match.
I think he looks like a good lookin missionary! :)
Look at his CHEESIER smile!!!
Cheers to SUMMER!
let the fun and crazy-ness begin!

One day...............

There was this lady.
Who took her whole family to watch this little boy's graduation.
His name was Jackson and he was the only boy in this little family.
He was graduating kindergarten. Kinda a big deal ya know.
at the end of the graduation during the slideshow
While the mom was taking pictures and the oldest daughter was video taping.
The baby of the family named Charlee TIPPED over backwards on her chair.
The man behind them was very RUDE,
and picked her up and THREW her at the mother. Yes, Threw!
AND then scowled at the mother. Yes, Scowl.
The Father of Charlee then grabbed her to walk outside before he punched the guy in the face.
On his way out he said to the mean man behind the family.
"Sorry, didn't mean to DISTURB YOU"
the Mom of Charlee was sitting there shaking with LIVID-NESS!
trying to think of 100 things to say.
At the end of the graduation, the Mom turns around and says.
You didn't need to be rude ya know. It was a accident.
and the man responded. "Im rude? I saved your daughters life" "and you wern't even watching her"
The mom then says " Well you acted like a BIG front of your own kids"
and then the mom of charlee walked, or SHE would have slapped him!
I will post pictures of This cute little Graduate later.
I don't want his picture and the story in the same BLOG POST.!
Whatever happened to the saying "Nice Matters"?
Ok-----i feel better now.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Its raining.......busy.

busy busy busy!
It was a PLEASANT weekend. :)
girls went to Lagoon TWICE...{they sure are gunna get their money's worth with their lagoon pass}
Charlee watched and helped Mike out in the garage fixing his motorcycle.
So charlee came in to fix her's
This picture makes me SMILE!!
she is a NOISY fixer too....
Then we ran around naked.....
SHE---not us.
I promise I DO DRESS HER.
THEN...we got into Mommies foundation makeup.
and thought we looked pretty.
see her perfect little foot print on the right?
5 little toes too....
BTW---I got this out of my carpet.
Hydrogine proxide and Ammonia and water. didn't have to buy a HUGE rug after all!
More foundation.....
And two tomatoes.
Not to mention.......
Liquid dish washer pouches cut open and smeared.....
and tooth paste painted all over my stairs.
made for a GREAT couple of days.
Im sure we will be replacing all carpets and furniture by the time she is 5.
just sayin'...........
I promise I watch her......
but GOSH......a mom has to shower, do her hair, make beds, do laundry and dishes, and edit, and and and and and and and................
Ug, I need a leash.
My sister and her two daughters came and spent the night one night and we crafted all day and night and then attened SHREK.....cute movie. :)
and listened to GLEE....
all 4 CD'S.....
and danced and sang like crazy people..............and annoyed MIKE!
we are good at that!
{i will not mention that he came in and shook what his mama gave him a few times}
I made another BAG full of goodies to take up to VINTAGE CUPCAKE ......
and then we enjoyed and endulged in a heavenly cupcake.
my mouth waters thinking about it still.....
Mike kept BUSY with "Honey Do's"
Hung my window...
and Foot board above my Island table.....
he says the guys at work tease him about all the weird things I make him hang.
they must be dumb guys.
The end.