Thursday, January 29, 2009


{Picture taken from my mothers garden}

I had to post this on my photo blog today.


I am inspired by many---{and I'm not only talking photography} My dad, My mother, my friends, My husband, many who have trials---many who don't. Abbie and Autumn inspire me.
My sisters ROCK! My dog Max inspires me---oh how hard would it be to be a dog. Children who laugh when they are sick. Mothers who have lost their sweet children. Those who smile when they are sad. Those who are positive when they are hurting inside.


I never get to ponder and think during the day. My days are to hectic.

Nights when everyone is asleep and its quiet {ahhhhhhhh can you hear the birds chirping, its so lovely} and I can finally have me time.


I dunno why I have thought this today.
I just know That HF put only one of me and one of you here.
So why not embrace.....luv me......hug me.....and be the best me!



I don't really know where Im going with this....
Probably because I feel so blessed. {Give a "HOLLA" if you feel blessed too}
My dad calls me almost every day with a thought, encouragement, I luv you's.
My mom rocks! and I always go to her house to steal cute things.

My sisters love me for who I am---I am the baby of the family, so I was bratty---{can you just believe that?} They love me, support me. I have hurdled some HUGE mountains, they were there helping me....I did not climb alone.


My husband.........

{ok tears streaming}

How in The world did HF know I needed him?
Its not easy being divorced with two small children.....but Mike came and made everything ok.

He loved me-----


When we have hardships---its hard to look at the good, especially during the "CRAP" time. But just look back, really think back--even tho you would never wanna do that again, are you grateful for who you have become?

I have.




So this is what I'm going to do for Feb.
{besides it the most wonderful time of the year...Mike and I got married on V-day}

Feb 1st-14th

Every day till Valentines day I will post a pic of something that I LOVED that day.
whether it be Jackson laughing during cartoons
good hair day
pre-school drawing
clean house
mike walking in the door from


IF YOU would like to join-----DO IT!
be creative and really think about things during the day that you {heart}


The end!
Go be the BEST U!

Monday, January 26, 2009

The next Minnie?

You think she can pull it off????

Friday, January 23, 2009


{don't you love M.Mouse Vintage style?}
WE are going to Disneyland in MARCH! yes!!!!!!
Anyone know where we can get discount tickets? Great hotels?
I wanna hear from EVERYONE who has gone with their families
And what you have done!
Let the planning began!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Boogies and claps!!

Charlee CLAPPED all by herself last night---
so TODAY---the girls helped me get some IN action shots of her.
I just had to :)
I was editing these pictures----I decided not to take Charlee's Boogies away
See---Charlee has been sick. But I wanted to remember her as she was TODAY...boogers and all.
So the Boogies will stay.
I kinda like em.......

We have always Loved Charlee's toes.....we laughed ALOT when she was a newborn...they were so STRINGY---and they would spread apart when she would cry, eat, scream and sleep.
see # 2 & 4?
They arn't that bad anymore tho----aren't they kissable?
Her Aunt called them--"Summma toes"
Summa HERE---Summa there!
She is a happy CLAPPER!
*Oh happy days Charlee*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smell the Roses.........

Who loves roses?
Brenda---you made me FAMOUS....Just for a day!!
Like I said before "How do you re-pay sweetness"
Luv you.
Thank you.
I like those RAINBOW days..... :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009



We drove around SL today---
LUV this picture....

IF ANYONE.................

IS the Jessica Simpson & Rascal Flatts Concert
Feb 26th ITS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woot woot!
Happy Birthday to me
{early!...25th of Feb}
Who likes em?....raise their hand?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today has rainbows!!

Today has rainbows....did you know that?
I luv rainbow days----
Days where you feel happy, loved, important and hyper...YES HYPER.
{like doing the running man in your kitchen to super cool music that your kids don't think is super cool}
Look what I got? AN AWARD!!
WHY you say? And from Whoooom?
{when life gives you lemons----make some damn good lemonaid}
No---it doesn't say damn really. But i wanted to throw that in!
Cuz I have been givin some lemons in my
*Her name is the same As I bonded quickly :)
She has a darling site---must go see her.
So anyways...the award is for Sweet Yesterdays....I am so very HAPPY to have my first blog award for someone named Lemon Annie. I mean really.
Thank you Annie!
{Im feelin the need to create}
OK----look below.
If you think its ugly---its ok..... :)
But I really like it and want to make one for my craft room/area.
I {borrowed} this picture from a friend of mine...well she really isn't a "so called FREIND"---because she doesn't know me....but i think if she knew me, we would be freinds.....LOL!
Jackson minute
{I should have a Jackson minute from now}
We went to the Dentist today. They took X-rays, they raised him UP on the chair.
I was in the hall way with Charlee
Jackson says this:
I can't believe my mom is allowing me up here....{soft giggle} We should probually ask her?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Anyone need dinners? LOL

I got some now.

Holy shmoolies----Im soooooooooo excited to try all these recipes.

So yummy---and so relistic!

Did you print like I said? If not---DO IT!

* ok----well I have a few things to mention tonight*

1. THE GIRLS MADE TRYOUTS!! {more then 100 tried out, only 60 made it} I really wish all the children could have made it. I mean really, Who do you CUT? The play is Jungle book! Im glad both Abbie and Autumn made it and not just one.... :(

2. I fit into my jeans now...{whatever, its been 9 months}

3. I had three helpings of Cherry Cheese cake tonight............don't comment please.

4. WE have our FIRST showing of our house tomorrow {ok--when you read this it will probually be TODAY} sale baby sale!

5. Jackson was playing with Charlee and was smackin her cheeks..{in a fun way} Well he got her to hard once and she started to cry---JACKSON darts off to his room, in the closet SOBBING.

I go get him, he says " Mom, im a bad boy" {waaaaaaaaaaa} He felt so bad he cried on and off the rest of the night. Jackson is my sweet boy. I know he will always be so sweet to Charlee and me....he just can't handle making anyone in our family upset at him. I luv him!

6. Now that Im at 6---I better make it to 10

7. My sister is going to make me a Custom {funk, shabby, vintage, victorian, to die for} Camera bag----I am dying. With all the DO DADS I need. SHE IS THE BAG queen. I will post when I get it. So all you fellow Photog's--get ready she might be OFFERING them.

8. NO! it wasn't mikes work{oil refinary} that when up in smoke yesterday---it was another refinary close tho Chevron. "phew"

9. I am almost to 10

10. Is anyone else sick of watching the news? About the economy?

Lets go BUY SHOES!!!

ohhh wait---I did---I shall post them {tomorrow} :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Don't mind this picture of my stylish Daughter who now owns a "Skull" binky
She is so cool!
But I wanted to do something kinda different ...
*What to make for dinner*
I dunno if you are like me---but I make the same 6 things OVER AND OVER for dinner.
My kids are annoyed.
I will start with my super easy dinner that we love!!!
You follow and leave a comment with your FAVORITE.....
{then all you have to do it PRINT the comments}
YAY---I will hopefully have 15 dinners to make over and over instead of 6
Sweet and Sour Chicken
6-8 chicken breasts cut up in LARGE chunks
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 cup Vinegar
2 T soy sause
1/2 c. Catsup
dip chicken in beaten egg and then into cornstarch and then fry {I put oil in a pan on my stove}
when all chicken is fried and put in a casserol dish pour mixed ingredients over top
Bake @350 for about 30-40 minutes or until sause is bubbly...
even if I don't know you-----POST ANYWAYS
you know you want to! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Charlee has fans-------

I just want to post a quick THANK YOU. Sincerely! :)
To my friend at Just a bed Of Roses.............seen HERE
She has the most YUMMY store in Farmington....really, you HAVE TO GO!
Vintage, Shabby dabbies, Rustic, Home decor and gifts.....:)
I have known Brenda for almost 5 years. She and My mom became friends and frequently lean on each other for support and Ideas for both their stores.
ANYWAYS on to the gooey stuff----
She posted my picture of Charlee and mentioned the most sweetest things.
Brenda, This shout out is to you!!!
You are my angel.. I adore you and your creativity!
Thank you for your support and love.
{My sweetest/naughtiest Charlee is now famous}

Good luck girls---

The girls are auditioning for a play after school today!
{They have to sing solos...eek}

Thursday, January 8, 2009

baby steps, baby steps

SHE IS WALKING!!!!!!!!!!
What the heck!
My baby :(

She took 4 steps to Abbie tonight....look at her, think'n she is ALL big and stuff!
she Turned 9 months yesterday.
She is to little----didn't I just come home from the hospital like last week?
I {Heart} this picture!
She is on her TIPPY TOES reaching for these conversation
yup! she got one---infact I think she got MANY.
She liked them. Mmmmmmm!
{look at her little finger...awh!}
Everything is going great, just busy and Luv'in life!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


My FIRST ever studio PICTURES.....all by
I still have LOADS to learn...:)
Charlee got the Giggles. Surprised? She is such a moody grouch....I just love her to pieces!
Burrrrrrrr---its Coldie outside!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Friend!

No, I am not going Studio----:)
But im so EXCITED to get this!-----I still ADORE Natural light, always will!
This will open many more doors for me through Photography.
I luv new friends!
Can't wait to try this baby out!!!