Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And they shall {love} me.........

HERE is the FINAL project!!!!!
WOW----you don't think rooms are all that time consuming......
mike and I worked 3 days on these two rooms.... :)
Abbie and Autumn were THRILLED, and screamed like little girls!
{Just so you KNOW---their walls were just toupe color, and NOTHING on the walls...}
Still more to finish up.......I get to anxious to get started on OTHER projects, So I hope i get to them before I move on.....
I did make the girls these ROSETTE head bands...
Ahhhhhh I LOVE THEM!
to cute eh? and so VERY easy!!!
Oh my dear little sweet, angel!
what am I gunna do with you?
You get into pretty much EVERYTHING.....
cleaner {thanks for bleaching your clothes the other day, luv you!}
toliet paper
toliet water
Toliet paper and toliet water TOGETHER!!!!
dog food. Dog water {thank you for cleaning the floor with it}
cereal. {thank you for empting the WHOLE box on the floor, max really enjoyed fruit loops}
thank you for throwing your pudding on the floor too. Max seemes to like pudding.
books, that are now paper-less books!
climbing on anything where you can get to water. {i really loved cleaning up the flood in the downstairs bathroom, that was fun, the floor needed cleaning anyways}
GUM!!....ew gum! GIRLS SHUT YOUR DOORS!! :)
You all think i don't watch her right? RIGHT?
eh hem.........Im not kidding when I say, i leave for 30 seconds.....
or I think Abbie is watching ?????{nope, she is texting}
Or autumn is watching???????....{nope, she is singing and danceing}
she is the cutest thing in the world.
we love her so.
ha! well----its true, right?
who has a 13 year old raise their hand!
Ok, then!
A quick brief on last nights "sister" sleepover!
it was AMAZING! fantastic!
had a photoshoot in the snow!
had fondu
watched chic flicks
played ping pong {Thanks SANTA!}
ATE---ate, ate and then ate!
did toes
then did some engery work. My sister kim does foot zoneing!
the most amazing thing int he WORLD!
Annnnnnd, we all got to bed before midnight!
all 13 of us!
{sisters and all neices}
I loved having them all over. I didn't want them to go home!
I think we may have just made a tradition?
we did it ONCE, its tradition now! LOL
I will post pictures soon from our NIGHT!
tomorrow we are off to spend the new years with my family in Logan.... :)
Then to come back and prepare a TEEN PARTY here..
20 I nuts?
boys and girls!
i think we shall have a ping pong tornament!
ok----ENOUGH rambling!
I will leave you with Jackson's most FAMOUS sayins!
Me: Where is Abbie?
Jackson: Umm....talking to a boy on the phone
Me: WHO??
Jackson: Umm, i dunno, some one she is probually in love with.
ew. I hate girls in love.
Except you mom. Cuz your in love with daddy.
{then kisses me on the cheek}

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I love's

I love Pomegranates.
I love that my sisters are coming for a photoshoot and sleepover today.
I love friends.
I love friends that share their talents.
I love trials. I kinda kick BUTT now. :)
I love my camera.
I love mikey.
I love my 3 daughters.
I love jackson. And he loves me.
I love sweats.
I love being creative.
I love that I can blog to journal my thoughts, dreams, happy times and sad times.
I love that I signed Abbie and Jackson up for Martal Arts.
I absolutely LOVE the relationship I have bonded with my children lately.
I love that I cried when I read Abbie's FACEBOOK post yesterday.
{it said how much she is thankful for me and how much she loves me and That I am there when she needs a shoulder to cry on}
teenager...say WHA? luv her.
I Love that Mike and I are making goals for this coming year to strengthen our family.
I love bubble baths.
I love my house.
I love watching jackson draw "fighter guys" then hang them up in his room.
I love a clean house.
I love/hate walmart.
I love my new calling.
I love that Jackson knows every single MICHAEL JACKSON SONG!
{and he sang them up and down the isle at walmart}
I love that I had the engery to clean up and put away CHRISTMAS by noon on the 26th.
I love when people try and bring you down. It makes you stronger. And it creates a stonger love with your friends and family who love you.
{thanks HF for that concept}
I will be not only posting about our SISTER sleepover
But i will post some pictures of the girls room.....their SURPRISE mike and I worked so hard on last week.
Now Im searching for cute laundry room makeover IDEAS!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mr. J

"The world is a Horriable place for me"
~Jackson Mark West
He really said that.
Its our new saying! He was so SERIOUS too!
and I hugged him and said "Oh jackson you have NO idea"
what a great kid!
he was a trooper for this session.
it was so COLD!
alot of bribeing was involved!
But I wanted to capture a day of life JACKSON STYLE!
which includes:
fighter guys
light sabers
star wars
gosh, I luv him!
{p.s I love my camera a whooooole lot! 6400 ISO......seriously}

Saturday, December 26, 2009


My BEST buddy!
Is 6.
we did the funnest thing.
took them to Farr's ice cream {the new one}
look how FUN IT IS!!!
and.......we sat by the fire place and opened presents.
while it snowed outside. Heaven.
he has such cute cute friends!!!


Characteristics of Mr. J


Picky eater {like his dad}

very protective of ME! :)

does NOT like to get in trouble, Weird I know....he is a rule follower forsure!

he is so FUNNNNNNNY!

makes the best fighter guy fighting nosies.

very happy

LOVES his older sisters

hates church

hates school

loves to be home

hates underwear

LOVES his two best friends

"da da"



loves everything about pee, poo and farts :)


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

mark my love....

I have been saving for you for a while now.
never thought it was going to happen. Atleast not till January.
wishing wishing wishing.....waiting.........
Mr. Mark!
you are here!
oh, how I love you so............
did not get a wink of sleep.....staring at you on the side of my bed!



Canon 5D mark ii

last night mike and I had a romantic night alone.....

opening our presents we had foreach other.

we have made this a tradition every year. :)


{and this lens....yippy!}

When i opened the box....I just did not believe it.

I told him

"thats not the real box"

he smiled!


no way....NO freakin WAY!

I just cried.

my hands were shaky as i opened the box to pull out this beautiful thing. :)

I dreamed all night with the IDEAS and THOUGHTS and new THINGS im going to try for the new year.......

I seriosuly can't believe Mike pulled this off!

I can Honestly say he is the BEST HUSBAND EVER!! :)


Ok-----well, in all this excitement,.....

i can't forgot to post Jackson's birthday we did yesterday!


OFF TO TAKE PICS......................................

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simply Beautiful!


A white Christmas indeed!
A beautiful week ahead!
*MIKES OFF FOR 4 1/2 day! he should be home any min.... :)
*Jacksons Birthday!
*I have almost COMPLETED the girls "special surprise" I worked all day yesterday and most of today....i can't wait till friday to show them!
*sleep over at my mom's christmas eve's EVE.
we will then prepare our annual service project we do as Walkers every year!
this year we are stuffing BOXES of things we have all collected to ship over to the woman and children in Bagdad!
My throat gets lumps as I collect little cars and bouncy balls and tiny dollies!
Merry Christmas everyone.....
I hope your heart is as FULL as mine!
Im broke and tired.....but its all worth it in the end! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


I searched for 2 weeks 4 weeks AGO to find the most perfect-est Advent calender...
could not find one I loved!
i was so bugged!
So I just made a silly one for Jackson!
I drew a HUGE santa face and he adds cotton balls every day to his beard till the days are gone, then santa has a full beard.
Well....It worked fine for jackson. He has loved it.
BUT now, i wanna MAKE THIS.....
I am keeping this in my "project" folder for next year for sure!!!!
Take a look for yourself!
Your drooling.......huh??


What else can I make this for?

I want it hung in my HOUSE!!!!

I SUCK....but im ok with it! :)

I know everyone can relate to this post.
Lists are long!
Things incomplete.
Not enough time.
ect ect ect ect.....
Well I drop the kids off at school this morning....
with NO TEACHER gift.
as all the other children have a darling well put together GIFT for their sweet teachers.
No one will be getting a christmas card from the WESTS this year
I know your so SAD!
i had great intentions.
prefect intentions actually!
But----it didn't make it on the "to do " list.
well, maybe it did but it just so happened to be on the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.. :)
I really think we need to simplify
I know I do!.
cuz it felt REALLY GOOD this year to not do EVERYTHING we are "Suppose" to do!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mom, Did you know that Fart ends with "T"
it does!
Oh Cool Jackson!.
did you learn that in school today?
NOPE! I thought of it by myself!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Poo house!

Don't mind my poo house today....
CHARLEE won't wear a diaper.......
ew, ca ca, ew....she says!
humm.....looks like I will be cleaning up pee and poo.......lovely!
She still scoots these chairs whenever she feels she needs to get something.
"Im kinda important mom" the TONE she chooses to share with me!
gosh these 20 month olds are bossy!
This time she wanted "CANKY" {candy}
and sure enough she got it....
She is OBSESSED WITH my kitchen rags.....
stacks them...uses them for baby blankies...even wears them over her body as she sits and watches TV.
she will even clean up messes......and they go RIGHT back in the drawer....WET!
yay for me! lol
fun stiff rags to pull outta the drawer!
Im Kinda sarcastic today.......sorry
and NO im not vain.....
as you see a picture below of ME!
i don't walk around taking pictures of myself...........LOL!
{well maybe i do.......}
but---i walked by my round mirror and I thought it was a COOL PIC!
well...I better go save MAX...
charlee is yelling in his face....
"Noooooooooooo...noooooooo baby......yine" {mine}
GOSH she is mean!
OH one more thing......
Waaaa.....i wanna i wanna!
send me a link PEOPLE!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Im so loving being on the activities commitee
I LOVE who I get to help plan with....such FUN SPAZY ladies...
Like me!
we have such a FUN ward!
Nothing is going on EXCITING around here.
Just daily normal stuff!
Jackson hates girls.......thats pretty much it!
The girls leave to go to their dad's on friday, till Christmas day afternoon.
this has been a hard thing for the girls and I
Sooooooo Im planning a surprise for the girls when they get back...
I can't tell ya tho---cuz the girls read
Im hopeing to pull it off with it being so close to christmas.
and IT WILL sure help pass the TIME!
MY house is Quiet....
Im going to go enjoy it while it lasts!
PS...anyone have a fun CRAFT link they can send me?
I wanna make somthin.....
HURRY---im feelin IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Lots going on.....
but it has SLOWED DOWN!!!
I have been bombbarted with last minute sessions from FAMILIES...
ya know, those ones that forget about christmas cards.
Well......I desperately wanted to enjoy christmas this year
so I worked my TAIL off, and now I am completely caught up.
OHHH, IT feels good. You have no idea. :)
I am not taking one client till the end of JAN.
{let see if I can say no!!!!!}
Mike has been working more this last 2 months then ever!
2 to 4 days off a month....
not even kidding.
I felt like a single mom working FULL time....
let me tell you....this has taken a tole!
I have cold sores to prove it!
today and tomorrow he has off.....and we are spending every second together.
well except now...he went to the store...and I thought i could quickly blog?...
lol---im so addicted its not cool!
and plus im behind on my daily blogging and I know you miss me.
I was told by someone actually today...she was mad that I haven't updated..
lol {luv ya miss A} ;)
Im going to probually ramble alot-----
Autumn is in love with jacob on "Newmoon".
talks about his 9 pack...
I said "Autumn its a 6 pack"
she said---oh whatever, its so hot!
AH! don't say that, your 11 1/2
Autumn is my hard one----Love her to much DANGIT!
was late waking up this morning......late to school.
she cried...
i sooooo hate hair and socks, and missing coats!
Abbie is so cute and air-heady and 13....
up in space........
I will let you know when she COMES BACK DOWN :)
Jackson is SO funny...still hates school and church is dumb!
still wears no underwear EVER and enjoys teasing charlee.
he loves her so much...but likes when she gets mad at him.
there is NOTHING funnier....
humm........20 months old!
has to do everything HERSELF!
and has learned to fake laugh. lol
Here is charlee enjoying the snow.
She likes to get bowls and scoops snow in it and walks around eating the snow till it turned into water.....
this buffet table {below}
for my mom....she has no where to store it....DANG IT!
better bring it to my house then.........
Mom, I will take care of it for will be loved :)
I finally decorated a little bit in this room...
its been so plain...nothing flowed...not even sure THIS flows yet.....
but i thought it was fun anyways!!
This dresser was in the place of THE buffet UP TOP!
i have loved this orange chair----but didn't know where to put it.
love it????
it was $20....SHUT, really it was!
perfect grandma condition :)
I got these two pillows at Ross.......$8 each.....
WELL ALL THE POST ABOVE WAS TYPED this morning..... :)
I saved it and now just FINISHING my post at 7:30 tonight..........
my shmoopie.......
gosh I have missed him........
he is the BEST!
I wanna be him when I grow up.
We have had problems with our water heater the last 3 days
{thank goodness home warrenty}
im in much need of some down time, after today!
guess what mike is doing right NOW?
Im crying even typing this out!!
walking upstairs with pots of hot BOILED water so i can take a warm bath and relax tonight.
oh my gosh...i can't beieve this....
My heart is FULL today!
My heart is SAD today!
Also full of happiness and thankfulness......
Many tears have been shed today.
I can't believe how much I LOVE MY daughters!
I will be sad this season to not be able to be with them durring christmas time this year.
I had a recent decision change. :(
I have to trust HF that he knows whats going on.
cuz I sure as hell don't!

Monday, November 30, 2009

when you............

Have a bad mommy day...
drink diet cherry pepsi.
pick up jackson from school.
snuggle in bed with my honey after he has worked grave yard.
Cry to him.
him comforting me.
Go shopping. :)
get get kids from school.
take kids to Rue 21.
buy them stuff.
go to the new farrs icecream.
stop and get pizza on the way home.
Now---going to go snuggle on the couch.
NO work/editing!
and watch santa buddies with my favorite 4 people in the world!
{sorry mikey, we will think of you at work}

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I did......

Not that you care MUCH!
but this is what I did with my turkey table!!
we had 25 peeps HERE in my house Friday!
we did it a day late so EVERYONE could come :)
It was actually nice, Mike and I vegged at home and did nothing on thanksgiving day.
Then My sister with her two girls {her hubby and boys went hunting} spent the night
sooooooooooooooo FUN!!!
Where I got my SHIZ:
FANTASTIC gobblets for toasting: All a doller. {shut up right? so vintagy}
globs of CRAP for my center peice: DI ...all in the SAME DAY! :)
class jars and containers green and clear
5 metal trays
beads, and odds and ends and gibblets and gobblets...who's and ha's!
my HUGE gold leafy ball hanging on my chaneller:
Tai pan. $13. woot.!
Ok! So here is my famous DEAD BRANCH I shoved in the back of my durango...
{where i STILL need to vacumn the mess}
Spray painted it white
sprayed on SNOW for some texture and sprinkled glitter :)
let it dry outside for half the day!
I love it so MUCH----its way way taller then me....i wanna KISS IT!
name tags on the gobblets :)
{Michaels craft store}
These little gifts I made for my sisters!!
its a journal
a green crochet braclet
and some candy cane mint sticks....
wrapped in wonderful crap---and topped with a grandma clip earring....LOL!
can you see em?
A gift for my beautiful mother :)
a glass container bought at tai pan {i love that its 7 minutes away}
filled with carmal apple popcorn.....AH!
also topped with a grandma clip on some BLING!
What a wonderful day!!!
My sister cooked ALL THE FOOOOOD. we paid her and she made it all!
she wanted to......crazy girl!
it was the yummest dinner ever!
we did a toast around the tables....we cried and laughed.
My dad did a grandpa Minute
which gave us COURAGE and a much needed LIFT to go on in this crazy world
it will not bring us down, thats for sure!
and its all up to US! ME AND YOU!
I will post more DECOR of what I have done for the holidays...
not that you
Like the most wonderful CHAIR i found at the di for $20 with the most darlingest grandma pillows I have ever them as ROSS!
i wanna marry my chair!
what jackson wants from santa:
A donkey! ? huh?
AND a fortune i got last week from a fortune cookie
"an unexpected surprise is in store for you in the next coming month"
I can't wait!! :)
OH and btw----since i didn't take pictures of ANYONE.
{i put my camera down before anyone got here}
and I FORGOT to pick it back up...
huh? weird of me!
so go here if you wanna see actual PEOPLE :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Charlee......I said no!

NO charlee! no no!
Charlee....please, mommy said NO!!!!
Dont give me that look......
And I can still see you touching the mouse!
Im swamped up to my eye balls.....
AND i have a little naughty girl at my house who won't let me work.
2 hour nap NOT ENOUGH! :)
I moved my computer to the kitchen table thinking it would help me keep an eye on her while I work......since she is climbing on everything..
well.....ummmmmmm, ya! MY PLAN was dumb!
she won't get off the table.
and I say NO....she says NO back!
I actually shouldn't even be blogging.
I should be taking a nap, before My next session in 3 hours....
im not feeling to hot......I started feeling a little achy comeing home from SL last night from another session.....hummm....I got hot coco, rubbed me down with bath..then went to bed!
I have 8 more sessions before MY HOLIDAY BREAK! waaaa-hooo!
eye on the prize baby! Family time!!! work before play ;)
then I will have a WHOLE MONTH OFF!
I am also hosting ThanksGIBBING at my house next week....
am I crazy? I dunno.......
im just hopeing for NO COLDSORES!
is that to much to ASK?
I also started to decorate for christmas 2 days ago---
i will post a HUGE POST on my HOLIDAY DECOR!
including me stopping on the side if a BUSY street.......grabbing a HUGE branch from a tree that was on the ground in a field.....hauling it to my durango....SHOVING IT into the back....people staring...honking.......
whatever!!!......they just arnt smart enough to KNOW what to do with a BIG UGLY DEAD BRANCH.....
Here is charlee and Jackson helping me
{don't look at the naked-ness under the tree, its pretty now...}
i luv this time of year!
im feeling the holiday spirit....HUMONGO this year {is that a word?}
ok---off to take a quick nap!
but before I do....
i will leave you with some words from Jackson!
Wow, is a great day.
it smells so good outside.
{takes a DEEP BREATH}
The birds are singing.
The sun is shining.
The CAR is shiny
wow----what a great day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dear santa,

I want a canon 5D mark ii ......a.k.a MR. MARK!
I know I will have to save my life away.
But will be willing to sell my current 5D to make up some of the difference.
PLEASE, santa....please.........
I will stop spending money on dumb things like, lip gloss and funky socks!
Im selling my canon 5D camera!
It can go the first part of January.
I will need a deposit to hold it if anyone is intersted :)
Im also selling pretty much everything I own.

{I wonder if mike will miss his tools?}

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Honey Do's....luv em!

Mike has TWO Days OFF.......From many many many days of WORK!
then after today---he will have another 7 days .
I have had a "honey do" list forever....
and TODAY AND YESTERDAY he got things crossed off for me.
Chaneller hung......CHECK!
{Oooo la la}
tall collage hung.....CHECK!
Picture LINE from Ikea........hung! CHECK!
{now i need to order more pictures}
see the picture line on the side? LOVE IT!
Hanging basket i got from the DI for .50
spray painted it white.....
got it HUNG....................CHECK!!
Jewlery organized and cork board hung!
{well....i actually did this one myself}
pat on the back.. it was that hard!
3.00 doller most FANTASTIC chair found at the DI!
{until next time of checking off the honey do's}
A tara bite hard drive....200,000 pictures anyone?
refried beans and chips.
no more throw up...yessss!!
hot baths
OLD fashion christmas music!!