Friday, December 18, 2009

I SUCK....but im ok with it! :)

I know everyone can relate to this post.
Lists are long!
Things incomplete.
Not enough time.
ect ect ect ect.....
Well I drop the kids off at school this morning....
with NO TEACHER gift.
as all the other children have a darling well put together GIFT for their sweet teachers.
No one will be getting a christmas card from the WESTS this year
I know your so SAD!
i had great intentions.
prefect intentions actually!
But----it didn't make it on the "to do " list.
well, maybe it did but it just so happened to be on the BOTTOM OF THE LIST.. :)
I really think we need to simplify
I know I do!.
cuz it felt REALLY GOOD this year to not do EVERYTHING we are "Suppose" to do!!


Megan said...

I hear ya loud and clear! I usually spend weeks baking and freezing cookies and make these yummy plates of treats for our neighbors.....well not this year. I can barely get school done each day, do a load or two of laundry, make a semi-decent meal, and do my calling. I am not sending out cards this year. I did not bake much of anything, and if I did, I ate it all myself! You could always send the kids with a "Happy New Year" gift. Or not! ;) It's all good. Enjoy yourself! It's ok!

~Ali~ said...

I didn't do a teacher gift this year either. Jadynn has had a sub since September and as far as I knew she hated her! lol She is always posting about how mean she is on fb and then today she told me that she cried because she is getting a new sub. Man...I sure wish I knew she actually liked her...I would have gotten something! Ugh...oh well, what do ya do?? No one's perfect...right??

smiths said...

You sooo don't suck! You are amazing! I didn't do Christmas cards either and I don't think many other people did either because the place I normally hang them has like 2 cards so far. I admire all you do....

Simply Lavender said...

It's hard to finally get to a point where you can say it's OK not to do everything for everybody.
It is not required that we be wonder women (although others might try to force that thinking on us and we buy it.....)we are not required to run faster than we have strength. God only asks that we be diligent and win the prize, and that we do all things in order.If you are like me, I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off....not much order there!! :) We are asked to pray to know OUR limits and priorities.
Life is very busy and hectic with families but I believe you can still find a balance...pull back just a little....slow the pace a little bit. No one else will let you do that..cuz if they have to keep running the rat race then so should are pretty much on your own to change it for you and your family! :) not that you have to go get all weird or wacky or anything like that but if we look at things we might be able to simplify a bit, especially in December. So what if we don't send out cards, or bake cookies, or give a *physical* gift to everyone we know? There are many,many other kinds of gifts to be given.
The sun will still come up tomorrow. Merry Christmas!