Monday, November 30, 2009

when you............

Have a bad mommy day...
drink diet cherry pepsi.
pick up jackson from school.
snuggle in bed with my honey after he has worked grave yard.
Cry to him.
him comforting me.
Go shopping. :)
get get kids from school.
take kids to Rue 21.
buy them stuff.
go to the new farrs icecream.
stop and get pizza on the way home.
Now---going to go snuggle on the couch.
NO work/editing!
and watch santa buddies with my favorite 4 people in the world!
{sorry mikey, we will think of you at work}

Sunday, November 29, 2009

What I did......

Not that you care MUCH!
but this is what I did with my turkey table!!
we had 25 peeps HERE in my house Friday!
we did it a day late so EVERYONE could come :)
It was actually nice, Mike and I vegged at home and did nothing on thanksgiving day.
Then My sister with her two girls {her hubby and boys went hunting} spent the night
sooooooooooooooo FUN!!!
Where I got my SHIZ:
FANTASTIC gobblets for toasting: All a doller. {shut up right? so vintagy}
globs of CRAP for my center peice: DI ...all in the SAME DAY! :)
class jars and containers green and clear
5 metal trays
beads, and odds and ends and gibblets and gobblets...who's and ha's!
my HUGE gold leafy ball hanging on my chaneller:
Tai pan. $13. woot.!
Ok! So here is my famous DEAD BRANCH I shoved in the back of my durango...
{where i STILL need to vacumn the mess}
Spray painted it white
sprayed on SNOW for some texture and sprinkled glitter :)
let it dry outside for half the day!
I love it so MUCH----its way way taller then me....i wanna KISS IT!
name tags on the gobblets :)
{Michaels craft store}
These little gifts I made for my sisters!!
its a journal
a green crochet braclet
and some candy cane mint sticks....
wrapped in wonderful crap---and topped with a grandma clip earring....LOL!
can you see em?
A gift for my beautiful mother :)
a glass container bought at tai pan {i love that its 7 minutes away}
filled with carmal apple popcorn.....AH!
also topped with a grandma clip on some BLING!
What a wonderful day!!!
My sister cooked ALL THE FOOOOOD. we paid her and she made it all!
she wanted to......crazy girl!
it was the yummest dinner ever!
we did a toast around the tables....we cried and laughed.
My dad did a grandpa Minute
which gave us COURAGE and a much needed LIFT to go on in this crazy world
it will not bring us down, thats for sure!
and its all up to US! ME AND YOU!
I will post more DECOR of what I have done for the holidays...
not that you
Like the most wonderful CHAIR i found at the di for $20 with the most darlingest grandma pillows I have ever them as ROSS!
i wanna marry my chair!
what jackson wants from santa:
A donkey! ? huh?
AND a fortune i got last week from a fortune cookie
"an unexpected surprise is in store for you in the next coming month"
I can't wait!! :)
OH and btw----since i didn't take pictures of ANYONE.
{i put my camera down before anyone got here}
and I FORGOT to pick it back up...
huh? weird of me!
so go here if you wanna see actual PEOPLE :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Charlee......I said no!

NO charlee! no no!
Charlee....please, mommy said NO!!!!
Dont give me that look......
And I can still see you touching the mouse!
Im swamped up to my eye balls.....
AND i have a little naughty girl at my house who won't let me work.
2 hour nap NOT ENOUGH! :)
I moved my computer to the kitchen table thinking it would help me keep an eye on her while I work......since she is climbing on everything..
well.....ummmmmmm, ya! MY PLAN was dumb!
she won't get off the table.
and I say NO....she says NO back!
I actually shouldn't even be blogging.
I should be taking a nap, before My next session in 3 hours....
im not feeling to hot......I started feeling a little achy comeing home from SL last night from another session.....hummm....I got hot coco, rubbed me down with bath..then went to bed!
I have 8 more sessions before MY HOLIDAY BREAK! waaaa-hooo!
eye on the prize baby! Family time!!! work before play ;)
then I will have a WHOLE MONTH OFF!
I am also hosting ThanksGIBBING at my house next week....
am I crazy? I dunno.......
im just hopeing for NO COLDSORES!
is that to much to ASK?
I also started to decorate for christmas 2 days ago---
i will post a HUGE POST on my HOLIDAY DECOR!
including me stopping on the side if a BUSY street.......grabbing a HUGE branch from a tree that was on the ground in a field.....hauling it to my durango....SHOVING IT into the back....people staring...honking.......
whatever!!!......they just arnt smart enough to KNOW what to do with a BIG UGLY DEAD BRANCH.....
Here is charlee and Jackson helping me
{don't look at the naked-ness under the tree, its pretty now...}
i luv this time of year!
im feeling the holiday spirit....HUMONGO this year {is that a word?}
ok---off to take a quick nap!
but before I do....
i will leave you with some words from Jackson!
Wow, is a great day.
it smells so good outside.
{takes a DEEP BREATH}
The birds are singing.
The sun is shining.
The CAR is shiny
wow----what a great day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dear santa,

I want a canon 5D mark ii ......a.k.a MR. MARK!
I know I will have to save my life away.
But will be willing to sell my current 5D to make up some of the difference.
PLEASE, santa....please.........
I will stop spending money on dumb things like, lip gloss and funky socks!
Im selling my canon 5D camera!
It can go the first part of January.
I will need a deposit to hold it if anyone is intersted :)
Im also selling pretty much everything I own.

{I wonder if mike will miss his tools?}

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Honey Do's....luv em!

Mike has TWO Days OFF.......From many many many days of WORK!
then after today---he will have another 7 days .
I have had a "honey do" list forever....
and TODAY AND YESTERDAY he got things crossed off for me.
Chaneller hung......CHECK!
{Oooo la la}
tall collage hung.....CHECK!
Picture LINE from Ikea........hung! CHECK!
{now i need to order more pictures}
see the picture line on the side? LOVE IT!
Hanging basket i got from the DI for .50
spray painted it white.....
got it HUNG....................CHECK!!
Jewlery organized and cork board hung!
{well....i actually did this one myself}
pat on the back.. it was that hard!
3.00 doller most FANTASTIC chair found at the DI!
{until next time of checking off the honey do's}
A tara bite hard drive....200,000 pictures anyone?
refried beans and chips.
no more throw up...yessss!!
hot baths
OLD fashion christmas music!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I so LOVED today!!

So Even tho he has been so SICK today....
he still manages to be silly.
I walked in to check on him...and he was wearing his throw up bowl as a HAT!
and he did manage to crack a {small} smile for me :)

Today was a FUN DAY!
even tho I was cleaning up throw up and scrubbing toliets.....
It was a relaxing day! I just puddering around!
and did some fun "honey do's " for me!
{I will post tomorrow}

So here are a couple things I did today!
A new CAMERA strap......YAY!
i needed a new one so deperately....and so i decided to make it more ME!
don't laugh at this one....i really TRIED to be creative and capture the "SCARF LOOKING" camera strap in the didn't work to well!
so I had mike take the other ones with a point and shoot.
{no likie}
If you know me.....which most of you WELL, might I add!
I lose my camera lens cap EVERYDAY, everywhere!!!
SO I made an inside pouch......ssssssaaawwweeeet!
Here is a CROCHET braclet i made during the night last night while i did the whole
throw up thing from 11-5 :)
I had to keep busy.......yes even at 2:00 in the morning....HA!
infact i will be SUPER DUPER MAD if I can't go to church tomorrow cuz of sick kids :( {is that selfish?}
cuz I want to wear this ruffle braclet so BADLY!
seriously--------can you see it with...... to die for boots and skirt and sweater?
AH! its a must............
people will think im odd......i wear some ODD things...
but how boreing is everyone wore the normal relief society dress?
Here is another fun one. i just put "CRAP" together......
it even has clasps.... :)
a little alterard ART action......yippy SKIPPY!!!!
you all know how much I love CRAP!
crap crap crap.
im tired....and weird right now.......a little hyper too!
off to go watch dumb UFC fights with the hubby wubby!
Im such a cool WIFE!

the sun does come UP!

The last two nights I have been up with Jackson with the THROW-UPS...{both ends}
Last night was ruff!
Up from 11:30-5:00...not one WINK of sleep!
3 baths
4 loads of laundry
scrubbed the toilet with disinfectant TWICE
scrubbed the carpet 3 times
rubbing lavender oil on his tummy and feet 5 times!
He finally fell asleep, and so did I!
Waking up at 7:30 to start it all again :(
when is nap-thirty?
Im tired!
Autumn has toncilities as well.......
OHHHH bother!
We had a family night last night eating Icecream and watching the new UP movie.
I cried! it was so CUTE!
{not abbie tho---she is to cool, and went out with friends} :)
Mike is FINALLY home tonight. phew!
It was going to be A much needed date night, but now I dunno how that will turn out!
It might just have to be COLGONE TAKE ME AWAY night.....
with take out!
Im watching out the window as I type this watching the little white flurries come down
Im so ready for the holiday season this year.
I really struggled last year feeling the holiday spirit
BUT its different this year, somehow!
i know excatly how , but I will spare you the BORDOM!
Here is some hair pictures......
autumn loves doing charlee's hair!
HERE IS a pic of my FIRST christmas decoration of the YEAR!
i will be slowly putting up decorations little bits by bits!
i love these little "flag signs"
As for now......Im going to go disinfect, sew and enjoy my NON BUSY DAY!!!!
For my hour long conversation with my sister this morning.
cozy Snowy days.
washer and dryer.
a non BUSY DAY!!!!!!!!! waa-freakin-hooo!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mini ME!!!!

FINALLY something for just MOM'S!!!
kick your husband in the shinn {not hard}
{how do you spell shinn anyways?}
and tell him this is what you want for CHRISTMAS!!!!
head over to my photo blog to see more! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TRUE RELIGIONS!!! woot woot!

Sweet mama!

I have friends up in LOGAN who are saleing these most darling "true religions"
more then 25 styles for mens and womans!
lots of different stitching {which is my favorite part}
They are $79 this month ONLY!
So im having a "TR" party!
just tell me your SIZE
you can email me!!
They will put in MY order as soon as I get everyones INFO!
it takes about a week after they order to get them.
they are shipped from over seas! ;)
then you can just pick them up here at my house!!
lemme know if you want to see ALL the styles!




They are going to be opening up a boutique within the next couple of months in logan specializing in True Religion Jeans for men and women, Air Jordans, Ed Hardy, Affliction and Abercrombie!!

so NOW is your chance to get the deals!



Monday, November 9, 2009


When I grow up,
I want to be a mommy like you!
i bought {over bought} babydoll stuff for Charlee for Christmas.
Im dieing to give it to her NOW!
HER NEW obsession lately!
I LOVE to watch her, pat her back, rock her, feed her and try and wrap her in a kitchen towel
So instead of letting her have christmas early....
I found Autumn's babydoll box---and gave charlee a few to pay with.
{sorry autumn i will put them back}
I am thankful for:
a mailbox key!
clorox bleach clean-up!
a big enough house to finally have family over!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

ME Time............woot woot!

Sometimes it has to be about me! :)
I am ALWAYS behind the camera...................
I had a VISION of what I wanted.....
My friend Marissa Vargason helped me pulled it off!