Saturday, November 14, 2009

I so LOVED today!!

So Even tho he has been so SICK today....
he still manages to be silly.
I walked in to check on him...and he was wearing his throw up bowl as a HAT!
and he did manage to crack a {small} smile for me :)

Today was a FUN DAY!
even tho I was cleaning up throw up and scrubbing toliets.....
It was a relaxing day! I just puddering around!
and did some fun "honey do's " for me!
{I will post tomorrow}

So here are a couple things I did today!
A new CAMERA strap......YAY!
i needed a new one so deperately....and so i decided to make it more ME!
don't laugh at this one....i really TRIED to be creative and capture the "SCARF LOOKING" camera strap in the didn't work to well!
so I had mike take the other ones with a point and shoot.
{no likie}
If you know me.....which most of you WELL, might I add!
I lose my camera lens cap EVERYDAY, everywhere!!!
SO I made an inside pouch......ssssssaaawwweeeet!
Here is a CROCHET braclet i made during the night last night while i did the whole
throw up thing from 11-5 :)
I had to keep busy.......yes even at 2:00 in the morning....HA!
infact i will be SUPER DUPER MAD if I can't go to church tomorrow cuz of sick kids :( {is that selfish?}
cuz I want to wear this ruffle braclet so BADLY!
seriously--------can you see it with...... to die for boots and skirt and sweater?
AH! its a must............
people will think im odd......i wear some ODD things...
but how boreing is everyone wore the normal relief society dress?
Here is another fun one. i just put "CRAP" together......
it even has clasps.... :)
a little alterard ART action......yippy SKIPPY!!!!
you all know how much I love CRAP!
crap crap crap.
im tired....and weird right now.......a little hyper too!
off to go watch dumb UFC fights with the hubby wubby!
Im such a cool WIFE!


Enlightenment said...

DARLING!!! I want! I want!

Sunshine said...

I am LOVING those!

Jeri said...

Dear Annie,

I want to marry you. (jk) You are so stinkin' creative that I want to live in the same house so I can sit next to you and make something too! OR I will come in your house during the middle of the night and take all this stuff you made. =) How is it that you are not proofing a mountain of photographs right now? I am so swamped with work that I am going to get coldsores from all the stress.

I dress up for church too! I am sassy! I am glad you had a good day. I hope the puking is OVER!

Keri said...

Oh, this makes me so glad that I have you for Christmas. What in the HECK do I get a girl that can make anything! Whatev.

Liseylew said...

YOU ARE SO SKINNY!! I wuv that picture of Jackson! poor little guy :(