Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TRUE RELIGIONS!!! woot woot!

Sweet mama!

I have friends up in LOGAN who are saleing these most darling "true religions"
more then 25 styles for mens and womans!
lots of different stitching {which is my favorite part}
They are $79 this month ONLY!
So im having a "TR" party!
just tell me your SIZE
you can email me!!
They will put in MY order as soon as I get everyones INFO!
it takes about a week after they order to get them.
they are shipped from over seas! ;)
then you can just pick them up here at my house!!
lemme know if you want to see ALL the styles!




They are going to be opening up a boutique within the next couple of months in logan specializing in True Religion Jeans for men and women, Air Jordans, Ed Hardy, Affliction and Abercrombie!!

so NOW is your chance to get the deals!




Heidi Hiller said...

Dang... I want to be able to try some on though!
Who sales them here in Layton - maybe I could try them on there and give you my order???? let me know!! :)

Anonymous said...

Heidi....I just talked to the guy...he just made a huge order and told me i can have them here for my party...i think alot of people want to try them on!!
I will announce soon the date....ok?
THANKS heidi!!!

Megan said...

Too bad they are not $7.90 not $79.00! :( They are cute, though. I am fine. 26 weeks and counting. :)