Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Its done! Bring on the Ice!

Its over---Mike is doing SWELL....{lol}
.Thank you for all your "good lucks".
It was actually interesting---yes, I watched the WHOLE thing----very cool I must say.
And Now we are home and I have to baby him :)
{Hubbies are babies}
So NOW----no more of THESE!!!!!!!!!!

His Dr. Clarified that he is STILL a man....lol
Your such a trooper mikey!
Jackson came up to Mike and said this:
"Dad, how are your berries?"
{With the look like, OH I can't even imagine}
We decided to tell him he has an owie on his berries because first:
Mike and Jackson always wrestle
Second: Jackson always comes up and jumps on him
so we thought we better tell him.
OK---on to other stuff!!
Charlee---she is in EVERYTHING---and everywhere!
This is Abbie's room----she pulled out all her Jammies and then found a nice pad to chew on...LOL!
{I just love her little fattiness}
ok! Christmas Morning!
I just posted their FAVORITES!!!!
This was a fun Christmas----{But im kinda glad its over...anyone else with me?}
Im excited to see what 09' brings......
{Hopefully some one to buy my house}
Luv you all!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Im Sorry MIKEY POO!!!

His Appt is tomorrow!!
Please pray for him
{Luv you Shmoopie}

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Holly Jolly

I have a GAZILLION pictures----
I collaged them for you, so it won't be as bad..lol
We started out at a sleepover at my parents house.
Woke up to Christmas music and pancakes....LOTS O PANCAKES!
Photobucket Then got ready and headed to the Crisis Center for kids. To do some service.
We painted, spackled, fixed stuff and played with the kids :)
This picture doesn't show all of us---just some!
Thanks to my dad----he made this HAPPEN!!!!
Some of the cousins went outside and did snow sculptures!!

Hi Keri---- {I see em bee dee eyes}
Lots O hugs goin ON!!!!!
MY sisters!!!!
Wild, Annoying, crazy, loud, wondeful & loving
My Best Friends!!
My Mother has a tradition. She creates the most beautiful table with a gift on each plate. She has done this for 40 years. We love it!!! She has Talent that oooosies out her ears and nose!!

This was the best time of the DAY----when we got to give our parents THE present!
All of us sisters decided to have my Friend margie who does Drawings, do pictures of all the sisters when we were about the same age. SHE DID WONDERFUL---really just look.
It was a crier..lol
as you can tell!
We loved it and so did they---MARGIE these pictures are for you.
{I have a link on my side bar to visit her}
Mike did the frame----He did wonderful!!

We ended with WHITE elephants...LOL!
Nice one Abbie!
I luv Christmas.
It remindes me how much a truly love my family.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Number five

YUP! Thats right---my Sweetie is 5
Jackson {Jacksie} Mark West

5 5 5---everything is 5!!

Jackson did not get to sleep till 12:30 last night. He came into my room and asked if he could sit on my chair and WAIT till morning. I don't want to sleep mom, just sit and WAIT!

I have many STORIES about this day {like usual} :)

I got Lego Batman!!!! YES!!!!

WHAT?? {sad face} Its for a DS mom, I don't have a DS {Teary eyes and quivery lip}

OH!!! ITS A DS....Im so excited! This is the best day ever!!

Just what Jackson wanted----for FOREVER!!
Jackson wasn't looking forward to turning 5. He thought when he turned 5 he was big now and has to get married. He cried and hugged me.
Jackson said "I luv you mommy, and I don't want a girlfriend and get married, I wanna stay little. I don't want to move away. Cuz you will be very sad.
I luv my little Jackson.
He is My little guy-----for always and forever. Married or not!
Boys have different heart strings attached to their mothers...:)
He is sweet, nice, gets along with everyone. Mommies boy, tenderhearted and hates getting into trouble. He is smart, clever and doesn't like to sleep in his bed. He is a fighter guy lover, star wars obsesser and gags when he sees or smells anything stinky. Hates his hair cut, cries when we have to leave the house---he likes to be home. Just like me! Says Church is dumb, spaggetti eater and is the best potato bug finder in the world.
I luv you bud!
And I know you will protect me with your lightsaber anyday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ward Christmas party.........

Fun night!! Singing, santa and food!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas Tree OH, Christmas Tree
1. See Charlee Standing? What the HECK!
2. See my NEW LENS? WHOOPY! Santa delivered it early--{he must luv me} Santa did great and got me what I wanted.

Im in love.
{Yes, with Santa}

Sunday, December 14, 2008

FOR SALE & snow!!!

Jackson LOVED the snow yesterday----
He told me he's been waiting so long for this day.... :)
And that its the best day ever..................
Him and Dah Dah had fun together.......
{dah dah...see below}
Dah Dah had to have a warm bath. Jackson said that dah dah was not minding him outside and was being naughty.
We had Hot Co co waiting inside for them...:)
side note about dah dah:
For those who do not know the history about dah dah the doggy. He has been Jackson's best friend since he was born. He eats with us, sleeps with us, goes on trips...he is a good little doggy.

I know I always post comments and sayings about what Jackson says to me----its because they are NONE STOP---I only tell you a few....everyday I have so many sweet & funny things. :)

I just love him

He says:

Mom---I dunno what I would do without you {as he pets my hair}




*big news for us*

We are putting our house up for sale.


We are scared and nervous. We knew when we bought this house a year and a half ago , it was only going to be a stepping stone for us. The housing market SUCKS to sale {so we are planning on sitting for a while, but praying for the best} But we also know this is the time we can FINALLY get the house we want. I'm so excited!

We told each other when we moved here that we didn't know when we would sell AGAIN---but that we would both know when it was time. Mike and I are so different when it comes to money, buying, saving decisions...blahblahblah. He is very stricked and very patient. I AM NOT! So when he made the initiative for the go ahead...I KNEW it was time. And that it was right.

I'm going to be super busy this week, planning Jackson's Birthday and getting the house ready and not to mention PLAYING SANTA.

Good thing I scheduled less sessions this month.

p.s I luv snow!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To cool, Elfs & drama

This will be a quick post!!
This is abbie and her friends at school----
To cool for school she says

I made her costume...pretty cute eh? :)
glad its over..lol
But she did great----singing and dancing!

Just go here to read the drama I have experienced this past couple days...lol

Charlee-----see her teeth?

Everythings great, fine, good, busy, excited, tired.

I luv Christmas!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

pluck my brows

*Abbie moment*
You all know Abbie-----dingy, airheady, so so funny!
Abbie was on the phone with her BFF :)
I over heard her say this "So did you see my waxed and plucked eyebrows today"? My mom did them and now they are all groomed nicely.
Seriously....just think to your self and say that out loud to yourself...LOL!
Teens...............{ well Almost}

Monday, December 8, 2008


Its a bread bakeing day!
Jackson:"Mom, am I disgusting?
{he layed his head on my shoulder like he was sad}
Me: "No honey you are not disgusting". {laughing}
Jackson: But I eat my burgers. {still so sad}

Friday, December 5, 2008


I luv U!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Chaw-wee....a.k.a Charlee-----IS {almost} 8 MONTHS.
luv her.

Charlee is:

Crawling {she is all over the house, doors are shut, gate is up}






hates when I leave the room

luvs Cheerios, puffs, baby snacks...alot

crawls on her feet when the floor is cold

sleeps good {Finally}

very busy


My sweet baby who is growing way to fast!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cell phones are dumb

Mike and I got new cell phones.
First of all I hate cell phones-----to much money, go into panic when you realized you left it home sitting on the counter, can't go anywhere with out them. ah!
But you need em'....so.....whatever.
Anyways----back to the story.
So we changed providers and we both got new phones. I hate when the sales guy tries to sell you the TOP of the line phones......
I said this to him "Does it text?........does it call people?....does it have cute rings?.....I'll take it"
I don't need all the other shenanigans...lol
{like that word?}
So I sat late last night changing over all the numbers to my new phone---figuring out how to work the dumb thing. An hour was sucked outta my life forever.
I tried to find the setting to change my ring tone. I couldn't figure it out. So today when Abbie came home from school I handed her my phone and told her to help me. SHE DID IT IN 3 MINUTES. Kids these days!

That's my most ever exciting life right now---- :)
Charlee---suckin on my lens cap. I have lost that thing a Ga-zillion times. Last time I found it in the dryer. Don't ask!
Its a joke around here. I lose it and leave it everywhere---
I need a cap "thingy"
Who has me for Christmas??
Now I'm just rambling.
Abbie---Miss know it all. Thinks she rules the house now that she is 12.
Autumn---sassy pants who I find dancing like a crazy person in her room all the time
Jackson--- Mr. sweet-ness. Loves me. Loves his gamecube and Plays Karate by himself.
Charlee---still oh so fussy, but oh so kissable. She can't sit still. She should have been walking yesterday.
Now you know what the kids are doing!
Autumn had her first Viola recital---I will post about that later.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

ItS ChRisTmAs TiMe-------

I can finally announce that I have my Christmas stuff up---AND had had it up before Thanksgiving! People get so weird about that stuff!
I feel Thanksgiving and Christmas are as ONE! We should celebrate them both together.
Thats why they call it HOLIDAYS---not holiday...lol
My Christmas is JUST about done----
Tweens are hard, anyone else feelin me?
Jackson is easy!
Charlee is SUPER easy!
I am asking for a lens this year-----not exciting to you---but exciting to me..lol
I also want a ring from mike---{HINT HINT}

*Jackson said the funnest thing to me*
He said "Mom, Im going to get really fat today when I eat all the thanksgiving food, please promise you won't laugh at me"
He also told me I was cute...lol
He said "Mom, I love you and you are cute"
He is so sweet to me always!
He likes to sleep in my bed when Mike works nights, he says he is keeping me safe
Another time I was up late editing pictures and he woke up and came into the front room and brought in a blanket for me and put it on my lap
He said "mom its to late---go to sleep"
I love little boys!