Tuesday, May 29, 2012


4 days........Alot can happen in 4 days!
Alot of good things.
Alot of realizations.
and lots of reflections on how I got to where I am.
This was a very relaxed chill weekend.
I got alot of work done.
I was nice to be forced to NOT be busy and just enjoy the rain, :)
I love That Charlee Has bangs again!
Love her pretty Blues!
I love That Jax took DA DA swimming yesterday!
It will take him 3 days to dry...lol
{Those who don't know who da da is, He is Jax's Stuffed dog Grandma gave him since he was 1 hour old!  He has since has  nose surgery and many baths, been shipped in the mail and lost for days at a time, he is loved by a sweet sweet boy}

{Me, Gail, and her friend Charlie}

Charlee cooked many "shmarshmellows"
That she never ate!
Abbie Was MIA all weekend.........Im glad she did come home yesterday and come up for AIR!
I think i have an Idea of how her Summer is going to go.....
OH, the Memories of being 15 again!   :/
{For everything thats holy I never want to again...lol}

I did a small Little Lifestyle Session over the weekend......
Sweet little couple....:)
In their home!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Im lazy and I know it!

This is turning into a combination of my blissful and crazy life vs My blissful and passion for Photography. My poor website needs some love'n...... sad----but true!
This is MY life.
And I am gunna share it.......:)
{OK---I will be honest, its cuz I'm lazy}
BUT still......
I have some history with this couple/Family!
I am super thrilled they picked me to capture their memories.
What a FUN night...
A few last minute adjustments...{thank you mother nature}
But we made it WORK!
and I am sooooooo glad we DID!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Beautiful date.....

I love shooting the Police Banquet!  lol
This is My third year!
 I have come to know the PEEPS!
and police officers......:)
My sister Kristi is a 911 dispatcher, and its fun to spend this evening together!
This year Abbie was My date! {I opted out on the blow up doll}
She loved dressing up and eating a AMAZING dinner and it was fun to have her there so she could see what I do...:)
The chief of police and I like to switch shoes at our gatherings every year.
{rainboots last year}
THIS year, he was quiet bummed when he said I was dressed "Normal"
No funkyness to Annie this year....lol
But, we managed to do the robot...{See below}
I will keep this in my notes for next year.
"dress more Annie-like"
As I was leaving the parking lot, I saw a cop drive around the corner.....my heart quickly dropped...."OH! there is a cop!"
Then i realized.....oh, the whole parking lot is full of them.....hahaha!
Annie your a dork!
Fun night, with a beautiful date!

Someone passed along a treasured text today.....
Had a hard , teary morning!
A little swamped and alittle Overflowage on my plate!
She says:
"Cry it out, and then make room for courage"
I am 100% Capable!

I think I could climb a mountain today...:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boogers & lamborghini's

How is it that I ended up with THREE sick kids at home today? Cough, fever, runny nose, swollen red eyes....
Ornery.  :/
How is it that I am SWAMPED right now and its 1:00 and I'm still in my jammies?
How is it that Charlee makes the BEST fighter guy noises?
And How is it that I just picked up 15 towels off my Teenagers floor.
And 91% of the clothes on her floor were mine.
Strange how that happens.
How is it that I hate dating but am slighting liking it at this very moment, just a smidge?
and How is it that I am Shooting the Police Department banquet tomorrow night and am considering taking a male blow up doll as my date.
Sometimes we have to use what we have.
right? right!
Oh wait. I don't have a male blow up doll.
As Abbie's Famous saying goes:
"My boyfriend is like a lamborghini, I don't have one"

Monday, May 21, 2012

I am Annie.....

Sometimes it has to be about me.
I feel like there is MUCH sacrificing going on in my life.
OF which I would NOT have it any other way.
But sometimes we need time-outs!
I will always be Annie.
I have a plan.
I have 32 million goals.
I have 4 offspring of which I have plans to have them Succeed.
This will SOON all unfold, and I'm very excited.
But I also have to remember that I have to take care my myself.

I LOVE this picture!!
Another Photographer caught me shooting.......
I think it SHALL be printed....:)
Me, Myself and I doing my thing I love so much!

So Super HAPPY that I was able to spend Mothers Day weekend with my FAVORITE 4!
Running the race with Autumn {and my sissy} was amazing!
Autumn did Amazing for her first race....she paced herself and I was so proud!
I think I found my clone running partner!

I just signed up for the Top Of Utah Half Marathon!
I wonder if a FULL marathon will ever make its way into my life.....
I have teetered that Thought.
A lot Actually!
What I love about running is that I always seem to relate it to my personal life.
Especially when its hard core training time-----
Running is hard.
Life is hard.
Only one that can cross the finish line will be me.
My work, My determination, My efforts!
Times when I wanna give up.
Not go forward, and not run one more step.
But I do....
I go forward, and sometimes my legs are too numb to feel.
But I know the path.
Its right in front of me, I see it!!! 
Somehow my body and mind seem to know how to keep moving.
Its so important to have positive support.
A cheering section....... :)
My music is my water.
I have songs that when I hit a wall, I will quickly find and play.
Usually louder then I usually do.
In my life-----
I have been Judged and made fun of and punched like a punching bag.
Lied about, Mocked and kicked when down.
{People throw rocks at things that shine}
I see what peoples Motives are.
and I have changed mine!
Someone said "My believes are strong and my potential is incredible"
Despite my Trials
I have LEARNED who Annie is.
I don't hide who I am.
Whether I choose to go to church on Sundays, I still have a testimony.
Whether I have tattoo's, I still have a relationship with my savior.
Whether I choose to say hell and damn, I still get on my knees and let him know how thankful I am!
I feel so lucky to be where I am.
In all aspects......
My eyes see clearer.
My heart is very tender.
I love differently.
I know what  small things matter.
and I like it that way....:)
Things were taken away and I clawed my way back up.
From the ground.....
I know how I work, and I know what I need.
 I will do things on my own time, on my own watch.
I won't eat the whole elephant at once......
Biggest accomplishment right there!!.  NOT afraid!!.
Not afraid of bullies.
Not afraid of myself.
Not afraid of success.
Not afraid to say no.
I cleaned house......and clicked delete and didn't feel one ounce of saddness.  :)

I like who I am!
I am proud
 I will fight.
  And will continue to building my way up!
One foot in front of the other.......

Ol' Blue

So Much Swimming going around around here.....
We might be black by Mid summer.....lol
We can't seem to stay away!!!
And our swimming toys seem to keep doubling.
Abbie and I are gunna invest in some good rafts/chairs to relax in with a place for our Sonic Drinks.....
Amazing what water, sun & sonic do for your soul......lol

Ol' Blue.
Ive missed her........

I was wondering if I could pick up a date like this?
ya think?
Maybe someone who goes to Star Wars Conventions {not that, thats bad..lol}
OR someone that wears socks with sandels.
Maybe someone who has a collection is nicely sharpened pencils......:)
Who knows.......
The  picture below is of my Nephew.
He is serving a LDS mission in the netherlands.....EXCITING!!!!!
We had a mothers day get together and got to do FACETIME with him.
We talked for an hour and 15 min.
Goosebumps!!  :)

Mr. K and Little Miss R........

I think my blog is turning into my Photography website....lol I need a secretary......Unfortunatly thats ME! and I suck at it.....
I need another Annie---
The world would sure be alot more Funner that way......:)

These two little ones were so SWEET.
not to mention beautiful......
you see it in their eyes?