Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Miss Autumn.......

Dear Autumn,

You are so beautiful.
Inside and Out.
You are so solid!
I adore your efforts of constantly shareing your light with others......
Believe me, I watch!
You have a talent of happiness.....
I love your passion for animals......even tho your room stinks like a zoo.
I am thankful you will always be my friend.  :)
Love, Mom.


Ps........please wake up on time from now on....Paaaa-leassse!!!!


7 Miles.......and it Smelled Of Fresh Cow **** the whole run.....Love my little town!

Yes Thats Ham......don't ask!

Autumn And I Hit Zumba Yesterday as well-----
YUP.......legs were dangling OFF!
I signed up for a gym yesterday too!
I feel slightly pathetic as I have no idea how to lift weights...
OK, Fine.....
I guess I will have to find some hott schweaty guy to help.....dang!
To be honest.....I just wanted to do Zumba more and the hot schweaty guy part will just be a  bonus.....
I have such high goals in life....lol
Today Is valentines........eh!  :/
As soon as I get drunk off this bag of  peanut M&M's and listen to all the sad love songs of Air Supply.....I will be able to start my day.......

Love you all!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


When they Mentioned it was a hilly race, they didn't mean a slight incline.....
I felt like I was climbing a mountain.....
Good hellanor!
I felt so great after the race......and loved the feeling of sprinting with everything I had across the finish line....:)
Feb 25th.........10k,  BRING IT!


Proud of me!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I want this.
The end.

For everythings thats holy....

I can't keep up with her.
Thought about mailing her to china?
  But they won't take her. :)
Nothing like Icecream for Breakfast.
 5 days in a row.......bad mom?  or awesome mom?

Here is My weeks reminder post-it!
IT WORKS.....If you follow it....lol
Then Act.
Helps with teenagers, chocolate and not becoming a drunk.

Charlee is dressed for when I take her to a castle.
{don't ask me...i have no idea}
She always wants me to wear heals. 
"Your a big girl now mom... so you get to wear those heals"
"Mom....Look at me and tell me Im beautiful"
Oh, Your so beautiful Charlee!
I know!  {flipping her hair}
and walks off.........
Give me strength.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Note to self.......

Dont leave wax in the Microwave to long.....it blows up when you take it out!
Poor Miss Abbie...:(

Sure doesn't interupt with her drawing on everyones bodies and Driving...:)

Look what I got in the mail....:)
Me and two of my sisters share the same Birthday month THIS MONTH!!!!
and It seems as if my other two sisters have a loverly surprise for us......
ok---i laughed out loud when I read.....choked on my water actually!
Sounds like a cop car ride to be hoenst.....
Umm....cannot WAIT!!!!

2 more days till my first race.....
 Then it will continue like this:
February 25th: 10k {happy birthday to me}
March 10th: 10 miles
April 7th: Half Marathon
April 28th: 30k {18 miles} GULP!!

Leaving you with two BEAUTIFUL neighbor girls.....:)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Driving home after an Eye Appt SUCKS!!!!!!
Umm......I'm glad I got home alive to be honest.....I squinted as much as I could squint without dieing.....
My new bright red Lacoste Glasses...  :)
Im now a member of the 4 eyes club!
I have noticed a change in my eyes the past few months...
Driving. Mostly at night.
Watching tv.
I was right!
This does not mean I'm getting old btw---
Purely means I'm accessorizing........

One  last thing....

I love Ingrid.
I know you know this!
But I do.
Like alot.
A very lot!

Her New album "Human Again" is fantastic.
Its on repeat at my house.
And it will stay there until April when she COMES TO CONCERT!
Damnit........again, I need a date.....   :/

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Am Titanium........

What a DAY!!!
Emotional day!
Great day!
Hard day!
9:00am-----Work out and got Schweaty.
3:00pm----- Ran 5.2 Miles and got more schweaty.
5:00pm---- HARD core Zumba = more schweaty.
Hot bubble bath is calling my name............
I added a few more running songs this morning and I came across this one....In fact I didn't listen to all of if till i hit the pavement.
If you are a RUNNER?   You have to download this song!!!
Gave me goosebumps!
I am Titanium.......YUP, I sure am!
Read the words.....:)

Along with these sweet little encouragements..........
Get UP and get MOVIN..........

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A little Lighting Bliss......

Been Trying new things with Lighting.....I think I'm in Love.
Fall in love with eyes all over again!!
Blogger does them NO justice.  :/

Definition of Spacey has my name all over it....
I can't seem to Focus on ONE thing!
I have so many Things I'm trying to accomplish, prepare & dream.  I Just seem to walk in circles.
Then I catch myself standing with my finger in my mouth saying
  " Uhh What was I just doing?" out loud.
and then I roll my eyes AT MYSELF!
First Race is This coming sat.......I totally got this!  ;)
Thoughts of today-----
I love my kids.
I try and do the best I can.
Some days I really suck at it.
Some days I pat myself on the back!
Thankful for tomorrows........gives us another chance to succeed at something we strive for.
I hate when someone hurts my kids....
I will protect them always!
and I will fight like a mama bear should!
I am content with my life & what page I am on now!
I will do the best with what I have.
I will smile everyday....and hug & serve those who I love.
I won't stop pushing forward.
No one will get in my way...  :)
In my book---I put energy in things that matter and help build me.
The end.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kitties and snowballs......

So This is how we started our day.....and How we will most likely end our day!
Kitty Faces are a MUST when
you are 3.......
Notice she has a waffle on her head.
Hey-------she likes what she Likes!

Snowball you say?

Ya know those Hostess ones....that are GROSS
and totally NOT worth eating!!
ya well I ate one.......
Cuz it was sitting by me and it was screaming SUGAR......
Really annie?   Really?
Well, BOO to that!
After todays class.......I think i might die.
So....goodbye dumb snowball. 
Your  not worth the pain!!!!!!!!!!

Well....thats it for todays exciting news.......lol
ONE hour till the chaos starts......:)
Better go fold some Laundry.......
Cuz that always makes me feel so important and loved!

Makin Life EASY!!

My day is complete......:)
Its only 10:50!
Kids to School?  Check.
Zumba?  Check.
Showered the Schweaty Bod?  Check.
Drew a kitty on Charlee's face?  Check.  {its funny i will post a picture}
Lunch with friends today?  Not check. But soon will be checkable.
Fantasic lovable email from a reader I don't know that ended with  "Love you"?  CHECK.
She had a request to have a email feed avaliable so it comes to your email inbox when I post......Umm...YES!  how cool is that? 
 Did it.
 Concider it done!
{look to the right}
Makin life easier for you........AND me.  :)
Ohhh such a Happy day!

{thank you sweet reader}

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet Miss Tai........

Meet Tai-----She is My Neice!
She is almost 15.
She is a freshman at Logan High.
She got nominated and selected to be a Student Ambassador and Offered the chance to study this summer in Europe.
Along with Service Projects!
We are so proud!
She is such a delight!

She is doing ALL her fundraisers BY HERSELF!
She wants this and is working so hard!
She is so creative!
These pictures went on her flyer she made.
If any of you are intertested in helping her with ANYTHING you can either email me...{Above}
I can give you her facebook which has a paypal link on it.
Or call This number......435-213-7633
Tai-----we wish you the best of LUCK on this exciting journey!!!!
We {heart} U!