Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Hoover.

Owls are taking over the earth.
And I'm ok with it.
Mike named him Hoover!
What should I use him for? He is a ceramic POT!
He needs to be used daily............because I kinda like him.
{no plants....cuz well, thats just too obviously you would stick a plant in a}

Fresh new start......

What a Yummy weekend.
My mind hasn't shut down.
Hence why its 5:30 in the morning and I'm blogging......
New start!
I love new starts.
This picture represents a new start.
fresh and clean and ready to be used, and loved......Again.
We had Family dinner at my sisters Sat.
and my dad gave his FAMOUS "Gpa Minute"
they usually end up with us all in tears. Inspired to do better.
And also feeling like we can go out in the world and become anything.
This particular one, did just that.
He never fails.
Not only do the Grandkids need parents do as well.
It helps weave our children tighter to us.
My sisters!
and My mom! {isn't she so cute}
No other place Id rather be.
This pictures reminds me of that song {sung by glee of course}
"Lean on me"
Cuz that's JUST what, we do!
Yesterday was amazing.
I have been pleading and searching and needing and thinking and asking....
ways to strengthen our home, and ways to help strengthen My children.
can you say "LIGHT BULB"?
A total switch came on yesterday. I cry just thinking about it.
I can sit and write a ga-zillion things i KNOW will help...and that will prepare my children wings so when they leave this nest they can fly. And fly alone.
Not only did Mike speak in church yesterday.
1st time since we have been married {9 years people}
I haven't heard his sweet testimony since Jax was blessed.
I cried and was so proud of the man standing up there.
He is so good to me.
And then to top it off, My dad came down to listen and i got to sit right next to him and sing with him.
We then had a meeting with all the YM, YW, relief society. and priesthood.
PORNOGRAPHY and addiction!
{dun dun dooooon}
Those words used to scare people.
Not anymore. ITS EVERYWHERE and we need help to shield it!
I had goosebumps the whole meeting.
It felt like a village trying to protect our people from the scary outside world
Satan uses EVERY TOOL!
Again, light bulb!
Later in the evening The girls and I attend the Stake standards Night.
It was so cool to see so many YW, & YM there listening to the same message.
Young men? Help Young woman see there beauty and keep their standards high.
Young woman? Help Young men stay on the right path by not tempting them by wearing inappropriate clothes. Help them reach their goals of serving missions.
They talked alot about texting and other things teens struggle with.
Again and again and again.......light bulb, light bulb LIGHT BULB!
I know how to shield my kids.
And I'm gunna take the plunge........
and have a fresh new start......and when I say fresh new start I guess I mean
going to "try it" at a different angle.....
on to my super busy week....HOLY CRAPOLA!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random shananigains.......

I feel accomplished.
I love days like this.
Had some electrical work done today in the Garage.{ happy joy joy Michael}
Pit stop at Hobby lobby & DI. {happy joy joy joy joy me}
got some bids for the downstairs
Made homemade salsa for our Family dinner tonight.
Sang"old man"by neil young at the top of my lungs over and over in the car.
{don't judge}
Got the 70 million boxes in our garage broke up and flattened and took to a cardboard recycle garbage.
{hope that's not against the law}
Heck, whats another ticket? right?
and I feel like I'm finally seeing an end to the mountain of love love that.
And finally.....
My stack of felt.
That's going to be turned into something beautiful.
Just wait.
I love everything about this picture
The owl. {love me some owl}
and of course,random-ness of photo's.
I reeeeally want a collage board like this for each of my kids rooms.
But this head of mine will soon explode.
I can't keep up with myself. I need help! OR, a daily life planner....Those really exist?
This is extreemly random..................
but I want this polka dot swimming suit.
I think its should be the new sexy!
Oh, and a pineapple with a straw please......
I think my bad luck ran away...
yesterday was good!
Got a hair cut and i didn't go bald
Had a session and it turned out lovely.
Also-----Autumn's 13 year old valentines Birthday is coming up....
Just add it to the list, since i have nothing else to do...right?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Im so glad when Daddy comes home......

Charlee's Favorite thing is playing "blocths" with her dad when he gets home from work!
She will NOT let him forget.

Update on Jax:
Status is good.
His cast is a machine gun now...soooooo........
He has been spoiled.
Gifts from both Gma's.
Aunts and cousins, phone calls and cards.
and his best friend caden brought him a homemade card with suckers taped all over it.
It read:
Deyr Jackson,
I hop your arm fils betr
I like playing with you
love caden
But the best gift is kisses from me. :)
he loves em...

Friday Confessionals. :)

I actually like to play this now cuz....
I love to read all the other ladies entries, makes me think maybe Im more normal then I thought?

I took my Fake eyelashes extentions off.
and some of my REAL ones came off as well.....
I feel like I have naked eyes.
How long does it take o grow new lashes? lol
if you scroll down the past 5 posts you will see why im SCARED to wake up today.
Im scared i might slip on a banana and break my neck.
scared that I might come home today and see my house on fire
scared that my car will break down and I will be stranded for hours.
Scared that someone will secretly steal my shoe collection.
I love American Idol and wish i had the guts to try out.
Yes, I can sing.
I kinda wanna be pregnant.
I have kept a journal since I was 8 years old.
Thats why i love to blog.....habit!
I have lots journals.....the Highschool ones are INSANE to read.
i was mean to my parents.
and Im sorry I snuck out.
Ive been watching alot of TRASH TV lately.
This is coming for a girl who RARELY watches TV.
Jersey shore? come'on people......trash.
Real Housewives of beverly hills? WOW.....yikes...
Teen mom 2? Whoa......whoa and whoa!
I swear to much.
I get onery when the house is a mess.
I want to re-do my craftroom...
its a room above the garage, so it has those neat ceilings.
I wanna rip the carpet out and paint the floors.
i want to so badly.
{i know your reading this honey}
I say milk "mailk" and every one teases me.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ok---here it goes.
3:00. Charlee cries.
and cries and cries.
So I get up....
seeing that when she got out of the tub the night before she dressed herself and just noticed I didn't get a diaper put on before bed.
Bad me.
so, there she lay in a puddle of pee, freezing and cold!
Bad me again.
I quickly took off her bedding and replaced new ones and got her some fresh newly cleaned jammies and got her tucked in again.
I cleaned all the toys they had gotten out while they "secretly" played in their room together while they should have been sleeping.
Toys like:
Jackson's fighter guy castle and pirate ship....
I got back to bed.
can't sleep.
4:30 Mikes alarm goes off.
5:00 he leaves
5:05 I hear a HUGE thud
then a LOUD scary scream.
scared me to DEATH!!!
I come out of my room to find charlee bringing injured Jackson to me.
{she was so cute}
he had fallin off his top bunk.
i can't even think about it. :(
He has been in so much pain.
poor baby!
They Wrapped it up in a splint till Monday.
After the swelling goes down they will cast it.
"Orange" he says. :)
Jackson's bed now has a bedrail.
To be scared to wake up in the morning and start a new day.
what next?

Annie is offically a drunk.

is the week over yet?
I will blog about MY night......soon.
But we are off to the D.r This am......
It has to do with Jax falling off his bunk at 5:00 in the morning.
and Charlee having PEE blankets..
needless today, last night wasn't good to me.
This whole week has been NAUGHTY to me.
so what the heck.....bring it on!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I wonder.

I wonder and think TOOOO much.
Ask mike.
He thinks im annoying.
OK---he hasn't ever come out and said that.
BUT, I know he thinks it.
I can see it in his eyes when I do, say & ask things.....
and then he blanky stares at me.
But look.

I wonder if I could get away with this in my entry way.
its very similar.
You think guests would get annoyed with ducking under a HUGE tree?
{Im laughing but being slightly serious}

Its time again......

Who has bad parent days raise their hand!

This Teenager biz is throwing me through a loop.

To be honest.....i hate all the technology all the kids have now.

It was hard enough being a FB free home when "ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE EM MOM"

but the texting.....ohhh the texting......

We had to make a Cell phone contract that we all signed for it was clearly getting out of control.

If they can only stay like this little one forever.



She is hard. but I will take it over sending two beautiful teenage girls out in the scary, mean world.

I made a promise to mike........

Jackson will not disrespect girls and put them in a uncomfortable spot.

He will not talk the way boys talk to girls these days.
The world has made beautiful Young woman into objects.

I can't believe it.

The knowledge teens have ? Its simply amazes me.

Isn't anyone else parents checking their teens phones?

I know for a fact they aren't.........seen it with my own two eyes.


All I know----is that I'm so glad I don't have to relive Jr. High again.


{altho I had the cutest hair and my mom made me

the cutest clothes with matching socks and keds with my BIG Esprit bag} ;)




How do we teach our youth to stay strong?

surround yourself with positive?

Good people who are striving for the same goals as you?

Remember who they truly are?

what they can become?

That we have MORE power then we can even comprehend....

and NOT be afraid to be amazing, fabulous and share your light with others.



Im shareing my big wall Thought in my house again.

I made the girls read it.

and I will make them read it everyday!

Its hard being a teen these days......They need every Tiny bit of positive and good we can give them so they will survive.



Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous?

Actually, who are you not to be?

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other

people won't feel insecure around you.

We were born to make manifest the glory of
God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people
permission to do the same.

As we are liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.

—Marianne Williamson



Its so true when they say it takes a village to raise these kids......

parents have to step in.........

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Margarita anyone?

To bad Im not a heavy drinker.
If I was, I think I would take a small trip to Margarita ville TODAY!
Today doesn't top yesterday's insanity.

{cute sign eh?}
So abbie is bacially legally blind, poor thing.
So we took her to the Eye Dr this morning....
I hate appt like this with a 2 year old.
The day wasn't starting off right from the beginning.....woke up late, rushed the HECK outta my kids.
and then not to mention a crying little girl, ALL MORNING!
she might as well velcroed her self to my leg.
So----back to the eye Dr.
so her vision was bad.....we expected nothing less.
time to choose glasses....
after the 60th pair, she found one she loved. {wayyy cute}
didn't realize they were one of the pricey ones.....
THEN-----the bomb hits...
you don't have eye coverage.....
yes we do.
no you don't.
yes we do.
So i called mike. He said yes we do.
so he got online and checked our insurance coverage...
UMM..hello---our insurance company dropped our eyecare starting in jan. lol
we had NO clue....
Doesn't insurance companies know we have to see?
so--Im swearing in my brain.
and charlee is screaming and running everywhere and ripping magazines. Lovely.
so-----I said what the hell, Im buying the damn glasses.
out of pocket exam and glasses hurts.
Thankgoodness we have a supply of
So we a magical winter wonderland outside.....
dropped off Abbie at school and off to get groceries.
I about wrecked ...TWICE!
then enjoyed the cutest , oneryiest little two year old the whole time shopping.
Ahhhh......I wanted to scream.
Funny how they fall asleep before we even make it out of the parking lot.
not one SOUND here at my house.....:)
so quiet and so lovely.
So here are some glasses kinda close to what she got.
They are ALL black...with polka dots on the sides....
OH---and more chunky and square....SUPER CUTE!
she better love em till she dies!
im going to make 4 of these little Journals for my kids.
It will be a mommy journal.
Things to capture JUST for them only and individually.
i will sew in pictures and little things to remember them.
when they get married, i will give them the book.
so cute---these are the insides of the pages...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Can I see your license and registration?

Got a HONKIN ticket.
But Im gunna back up....from the start.
There is more!

Today Started out like every other weekday of mine.
Up at 7:00 get kids up , ready, fed and out the door.
Then a little me time on the computer returning emails and scheduling. and of course checking out all the excitement in the bloggy blog world.
Got the house picked up and cleaned and beds made.
and of course, got myself looking fabulous. :)
then was out the door for a super cool session up in Huntsville.
I even got to ride up with my friend Angie, which we gabbed and gabbed the whole way.
luv her.

Session went GREAT!
super smooth and happy and I took a TON!

{the M Family. This is the studly G'pa who is struggling with a sickness}
I love this photo.....for the reason:
Its his LEGACY he has created behind him. :)

My friend Angie. :)

So.......GREAT session right?
This didn't even dent the number of pictures taken.
Wonderful day so far...
I'm not complaining. :)
Well---time to pack up and leave and I noticed I left my keys in the ignition.
Doors locked!
and its freezing! waaaa!...I hate COLD!
super MAD at myself and feeling super retarted about now.......
I was lucky enough to be at the Families house so the older men helped me get it unlocked after we tried:
plan A
plan B
plan C
plan D
plan E
and plan F finally worked.............WHEW!
doesn't anyone break into cars anymore? seriously!

Im mad I didn't take any pictures of this
Finally Im on the road back home.
glad the girls were home from school to pick up Charlee from the neighbors and be there for when Jax got home from school.......whew...lucky!

Jammin to the music, head in a DAZE.
I zoomed past a crossing guard and realized....OH, *&^% i need to slow down..
by then.....he had ALREADY got me.....
so I pulled over.
Now.....I haven't had a ticket in forEVER!!!!!
I never speed.
Dumb cop man comes to the passenger side and was RUDE...seriously.
like puff up chest and just a big jerk!
and i kinda giggled alittle.....cuz he was the most nerdiest cop i have ever seen. AND with buck teeth.
That was mean........... but I WAS MAD!
i was sue me!
So i handed him all my crap.....
and he was in his cop car for like 3 hours.
no , really.......i think i had a whole conversation over texting with my girlfriend while I waited for him.
So-----{this is where is gets good...don't judge me}
He comes back to the car......and says loud and forceful " uh... turn your music down"
{it wasn't even}
and he sits and talks to me and has me sign the ticket and i didn't look him in the eye once...and i didn't say ONE word.
I was RUDE!

he says "now here is your stuff back now please....{rude annie interrupts here}
I said it in the most sarcastic voice ever.......
and then extended my arm out and I grabbed my stuff.
and pretended he wasn't there anymore.
i'm so mean.
but I was mad for the way he was acting towards me.
But ya know what? I do respect cops....i always have.
but I don't think i should have to put up with that.
He was probably a nerd in HS and got shoved in a locker.

So I drove away in tears........jerk!

Anyways----i didn't have my insurance card in the clove box. whoops again!
so I got sited for that...and have to go to court and give proof.

I'm so happy I get to pay Syracuse City a Million doller ticket.
what I need:
Hot bath
with bubbles
Sonic drink
and new shoes.


Wanna hear about my CRAPPY DAY?

well,....stay tuned.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

OWLS and swollen eyes!

Well, Sacrament was as to be expected.
We have 3 a fantastic new men to fill the shoes.
Many tears shed. Including me.....I was a mascara mess. :)
Bittersweet indeed.
I wanted to finish these two aprons I have been working on.
SO instead of the NAP i muchly needed.
I spent time in my craft room to create.
My swollen eyes
Good music
and my sewing machine.

{Side note: Charlee is back to her loud, sassy, bossy, messy makin self}
I have takin a interest In owls lately.
I find them somewhat creepy.
and weird.
and darling.
Im thinking the Valentines Luvbug MIGHT make this one below for Charlee.
just might! :)


If I had a star for every reason I love you....I would have the whole sky!
Dear Charlee,
Im so sad you are sick! :(
I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. With TWO children in my bed and Mike gone. :(
Charlee's fever got up to 103.2
I was in pure panic.
cool bath, meds and Oil's was not breaking it.
I just sat up in my bed and watched her.
her fever got so high before and it threw her into a seizure.
needless today I was hysterical, good thing I was at my mom's house with all my family so they could help me.
Sooo--------I was terribly scared last night thinking up "plans"in my head on what I will do if it happened again.
I layed my hand on her yummy so I would be able to feel it happen if it did.... with a pounding heart! :(
I knew she was hallucinating , so sad to watch.
so this went on till about 5:30 and then she started to sweat!
I Knew the fever was breaking.
Im still going to atleast make it to Sacrament
We are getting a new bishop and bishopric today and the ward is in a total HIPE!
I am extreemly sad.
I cannot re-pay Our bishop for how much he has helped our family.
amazing! he is simply Amazing!
It will be an emotional sacrament forsure!
Isn't today pretty?
looks like spring!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

more please!

I can't stop playing with these pictures.
So many ways to edit.
vintage b&w
color pop
blah blah....
ect ect ect ect ect.......
Im shareing more.....cuz its a free country and I can.
And plus I took a ga-zillion!
How could I NOT?
Her ring is on top of the camera.......sad its kinda hidden.

Don't Bite your Friends.

I love the Yo Gabba Gabba episode when Jack Black sings "Don't Bite your friends"
This has actually nothing to do with this post.....cept' the friends part.
Go You Tube it......funnny!
I just love today.
And I'm going to love the rest of the day!
I just wanna let out a BIG huge *sigh*........
I love friends.
Today I feel so lucky.
They care for me.
Love me Unconditionally.
They know me.
My weaknesses and strengths
but yet they still, love me.
The End.
This morning I ran some arrons and came back to a CLEAN house.
and a sleeping baby. :)
super happy!
Now Autumn and I are going out to eat on a girl date........
Did I mention life is good? well, it is.
Thank you everyone for loving me.
And those who read my blog who I don't know about...... ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fridays Confessionals

So IF you go HERE
You will see Friday's Confessionals....:)
I haven't played in such a long time.
Something about airing out dirty laundry doesn't sounds appealing.?
Here er goes!
*I stayed up till hours in the morning on and off last night daydreaming about 2 love birds I set up on a date last night. Two people I love dearly...
* So.... Mike and I texted at 3:00 in the morning. He was working nights.
* I felt like I was the one dating. good grief.
* I'm tired and need a nap
* Humm, wonder why?
* I feel like an irresponsible mother. lol
* But im not. Im a good mother.
* Even tho charlee doesn't get a bath everyday and/or get dressed doesn't mean ONE thing.
* Im a bad speller.
* I get cold easy.
* I take bathes ALL the time. Sometimes in the middle of the day when Im cold.
* This has been a tradition since I was very little. HuH mom?
* When Mike and I were first married he would get so mad to come home to a furnace that was up to 78-80 in the winter. HA!
* I still laugh.........know why?
* Cuz i still do it. I just make sure its turned down before he gets home.
*i HATE being cold.
* The Mail ladies pants were WAY to tight when I saw her today. ewe.
*I dunno how to express myself OR feelings well...My tongue gets tied and it never comes out the way I want too. Or the way i think it in my brain.
* I express myself better through journaling..or writing it down.
*I don't think i have gone more then a day without my toes painted.
* my mom gave me that habit...."don't leave the house EVER without your toenails painted"
* I have been keeping myself in a bubble lately. The world scares me.
*I have addictions. Many of them.
* Im so thankful its not crack or eating chalk or something odd like that. :)
*I can't stop thinking about the Love birds i set up on a date last night. I need to get out more!
*I have to brush my teeth a few hours before bed.
* I gag when I taste toothpaste when Im in bed trying to go to sleep.
*Im the MOST happiest when I have NOTHING to do. when I get to stay home ALL day.
* The sores I got Biopsied last month came back as enlarged muscle bumps. {they are the size of a large pencil eraser.}
I have approx 7 of them. They are called a really long professional name i can't repeat.
He told me sometimes they are linked to kidney/liver cancer.
OH WHATEVER is what I said! :)
I have to go to my primary care physician to pee in a cup. Lovely!
and then return to get them CUT OUT!
* So it looks like I get to buy 7 pairs of shoes. Yippy!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


So my good good friend who lives in Maryland :( refered me to do her Neices Bridals.
And eh hem,........ she is a WONDERFUL TALENTED photographer over there.
So needless to say I have had the gags and throw ups over this session!
Talk about pressure and BIG shoes to fill.
Altho I was super excited to do this session cuz Im Bias when it comes to Valentines day.......and weddings. They will be getting married two days before.
So I made some Valentines props to go with this Lovely time of year!!!
When I saw her for the first jaw dropped.

{BTW---hate blogger pics....they ruin the pictures}

So pretend....they are even MORE wonderful then they are. Cuz they ARE!!!

I will post some more of my fav's later.....I was tooo anxious to get, I mean FOUR pictures up!

Can't wait for their wedding day to shoot with my friend Jeri. :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cool stuff. Cool stuff.

I like finding cool stuff.
I just bought this coolest Wii remote charging system.
seriously, i was buying a pack a week.
whats wrong with the world. Everything needs batteries!
check it out and invest!
It was $25 at game stop.
I found them cheaper on amazon AFTER i bought

This Apron.
I will feel sexy while I cook roman noodles, speggetti o's & frozen chicken nuggets.
I will be making this.
And this coolest Shelving unit.
Look closely.......

A teenagers dream. Eh?
Off to shake my rump with my kids.
We rock at Dance 2 on the wii....
ha! Its a must!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

good. bad.

Charlee and I wearing our Aprons together while we cooked dinner.
I lost my wallet for a week.
I found it.
Stuffed in a drawer miss Charlee was helping clean out.
Our Wii broke.
Just kidding, it didn' works now.
I miss useing Netflix tho.
Our Internet stopped working on my computer.
And I had to put off a print order for 4 days.
Just kidding. Mike fixed it today.
and I just made a print order.
I have a Dermie Appt tomorrow again.
waaaa!!!.......I will have HOLES in my body with stiches.
I bought a new Polka dot cardagin yesterday.
I still have to go to the dermie.
I took a picture for the young men and young men for their stake Video
they made.
Its about service.
LOVE it.
Me, Abbie and Autumn put eye lash extentions on.
Abbie's fell off.
Autumn gave up.
Mine are still on.
More eyelashes to bat at Mike....{i need more shelves.....}