Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresh new start......

What a Yummy weekend.
My mind hasn't shut down.
Hence why its 5:30 in the morning and I'm blogging......
New start!
I love new starts.
This picture represents a new start.
fresh and clean and ready to be used, and loved......Again.
We had Family dinner at my sisters Sat.
and my dad gave his FAMOUS "Gpa Minute"
they usually end up with us all in tears. Inspired to do better.
And also feeling like we can go out in the world and become anything.
This particular one, did just that.
He never fails.
Not only do the Grandkids need parents do as well.
It helps weave our children tighter to us.
My sisters!
and My mom! {isn't she so cute}
No other place Id rather be.
This pictures reminds me of that song {sung by glee of course}
"Lean on me"
Cuz that's JUST what, we do!
Yesterday was amazing.
I have been pleading and searching and needing and thinking and asking....
ways to strengthen our home, and ways to help strengthen My children.
can you say "LIGHT BULB"?
A total switch came on yesterday. I cry just thinking about it.
I can sit and write a ga-zillion things i KNOW will help...and that will prepare my children wings so when they leave this nest they can fly. And fly alone.
Not only did Mike speak in church yesterday.
1st time since we have been married {9 years people}
I haven't heard his sweet testimony since Jax was blessed.
I cried and was so proud of the man standing up there.
He is so good to me.
And then to top it off, My dad came down to listen and i got to sit right next to him and sing with him.
We then had a meeting with all the YM, YW, relief society. and priesthood.
PORNOGRAPHY and addiction!
{dun dun dooooon}
Those words used to scare people.
Not anymore. ITS EVERYWHERE and we need help to shield it!
I had goosebumps the whole meeting.
It felt like a village trying to protect our people from the scary outside world
Satan uses EVERY TOOL!
Again, light bulb!
Later in the evening The girls and I attend the Stake standards Night.
It was so cool to see so many YW, & YM there listening to the same message.
Young men? Help Young woman see there beauty and keep their standards high.
Young woman? Help Young men stay on the right path by not tempting them by wearing inappropriate clothes. Help them reach their goals of serving missions.
They talked alot about texting and other things teens struggle with.
Again and again and again.......light bulb, light bulb LIGHT BULB!
I know how to shield my kids.
And I'm gunna take the plunge........
and have a fresh new start......and when I say fresh new start I guess I mean
going to "try it" at a different angle.....
on to my super busy week....HOLY CRAPOLA!!

1 comment:

Jeri said...

Love all the lightbulbs!

Hey my ballet teacher says that she can focus on one correction with her students for about two weeks, and it
works wonders fixing errors. Then after hearing it and applying it it becomes old news, and she has to be creative to get them to make the same correction by saying something different. I think parenting is the same way! (longer spans than two weeks though.) There- you gave me a lightbulb moment! :)

Love your guts!