Sunday, January 23, 2011


If I had a star for every reason I love you....I would have the whole sky!
Dear Charlee,
Im so sad you are sick! :(
I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. With TWO children in my bed and Mike gone. :(
Charlee's fever got up to 103.2
I was in pure panic.
cool bath, meds and Oil's was not breaking it.
I just sat up in my bed and watched her.
her fever got so high before and it threw her into a seizure.
needless today I was hysterical, good thing I was at my mom's house with all my family so they could help me.
Sooo--------I was terribly scared last night thinking up "plans"in my head on what I will do if it happened again.
I layed my hand on her yummy so I would be able to feel it happen if it did.... with a pounding heart! :(
I knew she was hallucinating , so sad to watch.
so this went on till about 5:30 and then she started to sweat!
I Knew the fever was breaking.
Im still going to atleast make it to Sacrament
We are getting a new bishop and bishopric today and the ward is in a total HIPE!
I am extreemly sad.
I cannot re-pay Our bishop for how much he has helped our family.
amazing! he is simply Amazing!
It will be an emotional sacrament forsure!
Isn't today pretty?
looks like spring!


{J}eannie said...

I hope Charlee gets feeling well soon. It's the worst when your little ones are so sick.
I hate loosing a great Bishop. I hope your next is just as great. :)

Jeri said...

Poor little sick Charlee! I am sorry you had a hard night, but glad to hear the next day was better. Your sewing skills make me really jealous. I am going to get mine out today to sew a paper heartgarland. Yep, That is the extent of my sewing...paper.

Love you! I am getting really excited for February!