Thursday, April 29, 2010

Few more little blossoms.



that Calgone take me away commercial is DUMB.
really....calgone take me away?
I have bought that stuff....and I still had kids knocking at my door and IN my tub!
Yesterday was QUITE intersting....
so interesting that I walked right out the door and hit the 7:15 movie ALL BY MYSELF!
Got a popcorn
Got a drink
and it was quite and no one to take bathroom.
I have NEVER gone to the movies alone before.
annnnnd, I LIKED IT!!! {insert evil voice here}
I saw "back up plan" with jennifer lopez.
during the movie one dad says to another soon to be dad.
being a parent is HORRIABLE!
its awful and tireing and crazy and and and and....
and THEN.....that one magical moment happends....and then its all worth it.
i laughed.
and it just REPEATS its self, over and over and over again....... :)
being a MOM is hard!
but you wouldn't have it any other way would you.
I signed up for this. And I love it.
adore it.
I had myself a good cry this morning...
after the frustration left, and the guilt set in........
and now I feel like poo.
{But not pooy enough to not make everyone pitch in around here} :) lazy bums!
oh you betcha!
THINGS are changin...
everyone needs to pull their weight to make a house hold run smoothly!
today is starting off better... :)
how can I get upset at this?
naked charlee tearing up all my post-it notes and writing on HER, the floor and the paper with pens and pencils...
Finding a chunk of HAIR!
And waking up to THIS on my bathroom counter?????????
make me smile. BIG!
but life is good.
and its ok to cry.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

when things don't go my way.......

I have alot of good in my life.
Im spoiled by 4 great and beautiful kids. Im not afraid to say it. They are BEAUTIFUL!
Its not my fault............ HF gave them to me.
A husband that takes off my toe nail polish while I soak in the tub, spoils me rotten with date nights and shoes and supports my insanly passion and addiction to photography, creating and painting and re-arranging.
he is ever so patient with me.
he loves me.
We have stuck it through together ever since we had nothing and were extreemly poor.
the kids adore him.
and quite frankly so do I!
I get my bubba keg filled at Iceburg everyday with Diet coke, lime and cherry for .54 and the lady knows my name.
I have a home that I love and still KISS my walls.
I have the best friends who lift me and fill my bucket EVERYDAY!!
I have an amazingly strong and close family and 4 older sisters who I look up too.
parents who are still married and love each other.
who have created a BOND within our family that will never be broken.
so, why is it...when you are so BLESSED.
and greatful.
when a bump gets thrown in your road you can't just THROW on your darlingest rainboots and HURDLE that bump like its nuthin'
I did tell a sweet person this the other day when she was down.
put on those rain boots girl and JUMP over that bump!
do it with style. :)
Im trying.
and I have 3 pairs of cute rain boots.
I am a happy person
Always have been.
I just like my roads with NO BUMPS!
don't we all?
i like flat roads......with wild flowers on the side.
looks like I need to just follow the damn road and see where it takes me. it may curve and I may swear and complain...
but who knows I might like whats at the end of the Road?
I swear tho-----if its something dumb, im gunna be mad!
Its funny tho.
when I woke up this morning to find this quote in my inbox from my mom and her daily quotes she has done for 10 years..
it read:
*Look for moments of gratitude and joy so they can be converted into fuel to propel us through difficult days.*
(All Together in One Place /novel by Jane Kirkpatrick)
and altho this isn't a bad day...
I can still use this concept.
I think a postitive attitude is FUEL.
I may not get ANY fuel
but, i think Im gunna make it just fine :)
In the meantime,
Im going to make this FANTASTIC shirt to go with my rainboots.


and cute!




Oh and ps.---- I RAN 4 MILES YESTERDAY!

woooot wooot!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Goin Big baby!

thats right.
right on my WALL!
I took 450 pictures in 30 minutes.
I think thats a record for me.
My adrenalin was PUMPIN.....
Cherry Blossoms?
MY 4 favorite people.....
I have waited so long for these pictures.
hello spring.
I will post more soon....
charlee is a HOOT!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


My sister In law is expecting a baby really soon. :)
A PINK baby!
I was excited to be able to try different things with her and capture her belly.

Can't wait to meet her. :)
I made her these onesies and burpcloths for her shower.
SOoooooo cute huh!
Our Friend Michelle..
{who is opening up a cupcake shop in Ogden in 2 weeks, called Vintage Cupcake Co.} click to her site!
I am going to sell my fabric wristies and rosette necklaces and these baby products in her store.
i love em tho.....and I appriciate her kindness of wanting them in her shop. :)

OK---back to michelle....

she threw My sister in law a baby shower.


I wore pink shoes just for HER!!!
I will admit that I stomped my feet like I was 5 at her house over her craft/create room in her house. yes. Im coveting!
Well-----Im off to ride my bike.
With this little darlin'.
thought for today:

{by my mother}

*Fear just tells us that something is different.

To deal with it, we just have to apply what we know, do our best in that new place.*

(Together in One Place/novel by Jane Kirkpatrick)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

buy it!

Buy these two things.
you will NOT regret it.
I got them at walmart 4 days ago.
you should see me and Abbie's face. night and DAY!
I had a friend tell me to try it.
and IM SOLD!
. Acne solutions purifying gel cleanser
. Acne solutions targeted spot treatment
report back :)
It was a swell and rainy day yesterday.
Mike and I hybernated inside.
loved it.
I made this. :)
{the little pouch is for my cell and ipod}
I am ok with the fact that im kinda nerdy!
picnic's COMING SOON!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

take time.....

To play with your kids....

Mike and Charlee playing with Charlee's doll house she got her Birthday!
any tips for potty training?
yes, she is my 4th------but never have experianced anything like her in my LIFE!

Ive been busy ...ok?

Doing this.

Bought a beach crusier bike and a trailer :)
can't stop riding it!
got a RINGER bell and a basket....
{going to make a basket liner ...of course}

And doing this.

Oh, spring time.
I love you.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Mike kissing the yizzard!
puckar up!
Mike and our friend Brian!
Out to golf on the beautiful desert course!
I WISH so dang bad I could have takin sunset pictures of them swinging the club.
next time!
love her sence of style.
We stopped at the DI in St G, she wanted mens ties. cute!
3 posts today.
thats a record!


simply heaven.
not to mention i had a sexy man sitting next to me. :)


Im crying too.....I want to go back to St George.
it was warm and sunny.
we are back!
I have 245 pictures to go through.
they caught tiny lizards and kept them in this cage. Charlee was very curious!
we swam
ate ate ate and ate.
shopped shopped SHOPPED!!
we spoiled ourselves....
we deserve it. {I got the most darlingest polka dot rainboots...cuz thats all i need is more rain boots}
It was lovely spending time with my little family {and the nielsons}
and bonding and creating memories.
time is going by way to FAST!
THESE are all of charlee, cuz we celebrated her 2nd birthday down there.
happy birthday sweet charlee.
I have yet to take her birthday pictures......
good thing she will be 2 a little while longer :)
Our trip was a BLAST!
the week went by to fast.
many funny and dumb things happened.......
Mike flew down on thursday...and I scheduled his plane ticket wrong...
{funny now}
so he had to take thursday off and fly down early morning instead of later that night...
Mike and charlee were up all night the last night we were there throwing UP!
nice ride
I have never seen so many polygamists in my life.......
i wanted to ask them how they "WORK IT" so bad...
but didn't have the guts!
i was intriqued by there style and how they live.
and wanted to ask if I could do their hair.
cuz dang......................

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A girl needs red shoes.

OK----I think im getting closer.
here is my 80th pair of shoes....... :)
lookin better.....
they are a little big. don't care.
She loves them.
Mike bought me a pair of sandles.
could they be anymore ME?
I adore them.
I adore him.
Why do girls like shoes so much?

Im so happy the ward youth auction is over.

the ward REALLY pulled through.

we made so much! :)

had plenty of food and a great turn out!

Now, im just glad I don't have to worry about another ward party till the end of JUNE! :)

our ward "over night camp out"

any THEMES you may wanna recommend?

last year they did a "fair" with popcorn and cotton candy machines....cutest!

how do I top that?

30 aqua polka dotted painted rocks.
I woke up sick this morning....
just in time for easter :)
I better be BETTER before Monday. I want to enjoy a week in St George in the warmth without a snotty nose.
we got our durango all fixed up and ready for the drive to find out we needed new TIRES.
so Durango...I have a letter for you........
Dear Dumb money sucking Durango,
We loved you when we bought you. Annie was thrilled to drive you around and thought you were so red and pretty.
But lately you are driving us up the wall.........{ha}
why do you need to cause problems? we are so "TIRED" of it {ha}
you are still so red and pretty........please act like it.
we most likely will sale you.......
The westies.