Monday, April 12, 2010


Im crying too.....I want to go back to St George.
it was warm and sunny.
we are back!
I have 245 pictures to go through.
they caught tiny lizards and kept them in this cage. Charlee was very curious!
we swam
ate ate ate and ate.
shopped shopped SHOPPED!!
we spoiled ourselves....
we deserve it. {I got the most darlingest polka dot rainboots...cuz thats all i need is more rain boots}
It was lovely spending time with my little family {and the nielsons}
and bonding and creating memories.
time is going by way to FAST!
THESE are all of charlee, cuz we celebrated her 2nd birthday down there.
happy birthday sweet charlee.
I have yet to take her birthday pictures......
good thing she will be 2 a little while longer :)
Our trip was a BLAST!
the week went by to fast.
many funny and dumb things happened.......
Mike flew down on thursday...and I scheduled his plane ticket wrong...
{funny now}
so he had to take thursday off and fly down early morning instead of later that night...
Mike and charlee were up all night the last night we were there throwing UP!
nice ride
I have never seen so many polygamists in my life.......
i wanted to ask them how they "WORK IT" so bad...
but didn't have the guts!
i was intriqued by there style and how they live.
and wanted to ask if I could do their hair.
cuz dang......................


Megan said...

You are so dang funny! So glad you went and had fun! I could almost feel the sun shining looking at your pictures..... :)

tiffany said...

Glad you had a great time! Can't wait to see more fun photos! Also, "Happy Birthday" to Charlee....she is such a character and soooo cute!

Mandi said...

Those pictures are Awesome! I LOVE Charlees pants! tooo Cute !

Keri said...

Annie -- do you know why the polygamists do their hair that way? The taller the bangs the closer they are to God! YEP! I hate to break it to them, that they just need to pray --- and then they could be closer to God and have cute hair too!

I don't know if you realize, but Charliee is a mini me of you!

Pieces of Us said...

haha you crack me up.

happy birthday charlee!!

Jeri said...

Happy Birthday Charlee!!! You are too little to be two! Her clothes are so cute Annie, you did a great job.