Thursday, April 29, 2010


that Calgone take me away commercial is DUMB.
really....calgone take me away?
I have bought that stuff....and I still had kids knocking at my door and IN my tub!
Yesterday was QUITE intersting....
so interesting that I walked right out the door and hit the 7:15 movie ALL BY MYSELF!
Got a popcorn
Got a drink
and it was quite and no one to take bathroom.
I have NEVER gone to the movies alone before.
annnnnd, I LIKED IT!!! {insert evil voice here}
I saw "back up plan" with jennifer lopez.
during the movie one dad says to another soon to be dad.
being a parent is HORRIABLE!
its awful and tireing and crazy and and and and....
and THEN.....that one magical moment happends....and then its all worth it.
i laughed.
and it just REPEATS its self, over and over and over again....... :)
being a MOM is hard!
but you wouldn't have it any other way would you.
I signed up for this. And I love it.
adore it.
I had myself a good cry this morning...
after the frustration left, and the guilt set in........
and now I feel like poo.
{But not pooy enough to not make everyone pitch in around here} :) lazy bums!
oh you betcha!
THINGS are changin...
everyone needs to pull their weight to make a house hold run smoothly!
today is starting off better... :)
how can I get upset at this?
naked charlee tearing up all my post-it notes and writing on HER, the floor and the paper with pens and pencils...
Finding a chunk of HAIR!
And waking up to THIS on my bathroom counter?????????
make me smile. BIG!
but life is good.
and its ok to cry.


Amie said...

You are so right Annie! We wouldn't change it, but that doesn't mean we can't get frustrated and have a time out or go to the movie alone(LOL)! Love it!

Mikey, you are so cute!

The Meyer Family said...

LOVE going to the movies by myself!

Jeri said...

Heart U q-tips!!!! I would be so happy! =)

You are great Annie! GREAT GREAT GREAT!

Have Jackson do "my reward board" my kids loved that. (google it)

Liseylew said...

awe!!! I have something for you on my blog :)