Monday, March 29, 2010

stuff and things.

I want to make charlee 60 more of these.
she loves them.
I got some old navy tanks $5 to embellish.
as well as boys 2t ribbed tanks i got at walmart...:)
I cleaned out MY CAR FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!
we will be in St George all week next I figured I better.
cuz ewe.
so spontaniously i made Charlee a car seat cover cuz {double ewe} her seat was SICK!
I had no time to do that today.....but did it anyways!
I made some of these rosette journals...
so cute.
I took this one to WPPI in vegas, thats now filled with treasured information. :)
in the front it says
"my art My journey"
READY FOR MY SPECIAL SHOES???????????????????
don't laugh!. I mean it!.
so after MANY [and when I say many, i mean 10] trys....
i did a pair that FIT HER......
It still needs to be mastered.....but I will keep chuggin....
im a stubborn ass remember?
im determinded. up till midnight........

Sunday, March 28, 2010

oh my.

Photobucket list from last week was long.
maybe thats why I haven't blessed you with my presence lately.
I have, however crossed off MANY THINGS!
if I can just get Wed over with {ward auction dinner}
I think I will in deed MAKE IT!
i have NEVER put together a dinner for 200 people before in my life.
I may or may not be found in fetal position that night in the kitchen... :)
I made the cutest OUTFITS for charlee.
my sweet friend in my ward came over and helped me.
I ran 6 miles this week.
I bought spring clothes for the girls.
Our manual and photoshop class was a great SUCCESS!
Im caught up with editing.
house is cleaned.
I will post some pictures of what I have been working on.
i can't seem to leave my craft room lately....
i love to stay up late, in the quiet, and CREATE!
I must confess tho.
I had an awakeing last night.
that continued on into today with the most wonderful lesson in RS which I bawled all the way through.
"listening to the spirit".
I have been stuggleing with free agency.
letting my daughter CHOOSE.
now, mind you she does NOT choose everything.
But i try and give her some sort of choices.
last night, the school had a great program going on that one of my daughters did not want to miss...
as she got ready, i realized that the YW broadcast was going on at the church at the SAME EXCACT TIME.
As she came down stairs in her pants....i realized she wasn't going to the church function.
i was sad.
i hid my emotion and contintued to talk to her about how she should choose the church functions over the school functions.
and how its not very often the youth get to hear the prophet speak to THEM!
i went on and on being annoying im sure.
then told her I will let her make her own decision.
She then went up stairs.
came back down with her sisters skirt on that didnt fit her.
to short.
I again was NAGGY! annoying!
and said she can't go with a skirt that is to short.
frustrated she went back up stairs and came back down with her pants on that she had on before.
am I the naggest mother in the world? can't go to the church with pants on.
we have to show respect to the leaders of our church.
she continued to say that she can't find anything else.
she at this point was irritated. as I.
i felt the need to go ahead and just take her.
so i took her and dropped her off {LATE}
and we told each other we loved each other and she got out.
at that moment.
I drove straight to the store to buy her some darling skirts and shirts.
{ ok, thats not what I realized}
but as I drove to the store in TEARS.....
i realized.......i should have let her make her choice.
and then i should have took her as she was.
and I ruined it.
if she goes in her jammies....then i should have let her go in her jammies.
i needed to step back.
i felt so bad.
Mike called and I bawled to him....
and then he LAUGHED when I said in my wobbly crying voice that I was on the way to buy her some cute outfits....
and then agreed with me about how I should have took her as she was. :)
I then texted my daughter to tell her how proud I was of her for making the right decision.
then she came home to some cutest clothes!
Please HF, i dont want to stop learning.....
could you imagine if he took that away from us?
I thank him for helping me along the way raise my children.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Me......

Don't forget to plan for the ward youth auction dinner.
Arrange the meal and decorations.
And make something to be auctioned off. :)
Don't forget that you have always wanted to make clothes for charlee but your sewing is a tad "special" so you need to have your mother assist you.
and that you STILL haven't conqored the Baby shoes!
Remember you have the "WALKER" Genes and that you are stubborn as an OX...or an ASS! Either one!
and that you don't quit!
Remember that you have registration this week for your Jr. High girls.
Remember that Autumn still feels like poo and that she still needs LOVE.
Remember to lock all the doors in the house. 90 times a day. For charlee.
Remember that I have a photography class im teaching on Saturday.
Remember that I have a family dinner on Friday and need to bring?......{ whats my assignment again?}
Remember that I have 3 ladies wanting me to make fabric jewelry for their Salon/craft show.
Remember that you have stinky kitchen rags in the laundry room floor {annie just throw them away}
Remember that I have to edit and make birthday announcments. :)
Remember that Autumn has a Viola recital on sat and have no way to get her there and back.
Remember that Abbie just joined a Soccer COMP team and that she is shouting for pure JOY!
Remember that Jackson doesn't know how to ride a bike. And that we are going to practice every day.
Remember every time you get into the Durango and think....EW?!
Annie----remember to clean it!
Rememeber to clean out a drawer in the filing cabenent for Photography so you can file:
thank you's
cd trifolds
Biz cards
and all the flyers and handouts I got at wppi.
Annie, how long has it been since you shaved your legs?
You did find time to get your nails done....they look beautiful!
Spring cleaning? do I need to hire Betty again?
clean out kids clothes?
buy new?
MOTHERS out there............
how do we do it?
I am loss for words!

Saturday, March 20, 2010



Go ahead.......make your lemonaid!

I want a pink spring.

I want my spring to be pink this year.
pink, lacy
and sweet smelling.
clean and white.

I want my days to be filled with:
I want my kids to be quiet.
to be kind.
& lift each other up.
I want charlee to not smear her fudgecicle across my kitchen.
or down the hall.
I don't want to clean up a skid of Chocolate from here to there.

I don't want charlee to pee on the floor anymore.
we all have wishes in life.
we might not get what we want.
im going to be happy with what I got! :)
but i will still wish for my pink spring this year.

And out they went :)

Autumn has to know me by now!
should she be surprised that I took pictures on this fantastic day?
Autumn, no more strep once a more toncilitis every other month....
see? fantastic day. and your sweet mother captured this all for YOU!
im so nice.
{plus i have spent $75 dollers so far on icecream, yogert, popcicles and soup}
we also did allergy testing while she was under..
43 shots later......
she is allergic to:
all grasses
all trees
all weeds
and cats!
IM SO HAPPY we decided to do this.
it was controlling her life!
yay autumn!
your so brave!!
so all this pampering....
does this mean you will change my diaper when Im old?
its only fair!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sisters and good riddens!!!

Thought some updated sister pictures were in order.
they are getting so BIG!
To quick!
Autumn got her toncils out this morning...
she did well....
{probually better then her mother}
I took my camera with me to the surgical
i will post some soon.
we will not miss you.

Monday, March 15, 2010


What I learned in Vegas will not stay in vegas.
I will play more.
take more LIFESTYLE pictures of my kids.
create books to print.
I don't want to miss one more moment.

Dear Jax and Charlee,
Don't grow up!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

come to our funnest class ever.......

Seriously, if you don't pee your pants....I will :)
funnest class ever.
hurry and sign up!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sin city....

Im back......
with so much to TELL!
Vegas is trash....but the information and emotion I learned and felt is priceless!
I will blog soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

i forgot....

Mike if you read this.
Have plenty of candy "canky" on hand.
Get duct tape for charlee's diaper.
Put alarms on ALL doors. She runs away.
Don't feel bad if the neighbor brings her back. :)
You can't give her everything she wants. { givin you THE look}
The girls will fight over hair brushes and toothpaste in the morning.
Its ok....let them punch each other. It always works it self out.
Autumn will be late
Every morning.
Don't yell at her....she will cry.
Jackson will try and sneak fighter guys in his back pack.
OK---have fun honey..... :)
Ohhhh ya, all the laundry is done.
but we are out of milk.

I will behave..........

well maybe.
Im off to Sin city for WPPI photography convention.
leaving in the morning....
I will be gone 5 1/2 days.
I don't recall ever being away this long from mike and the kids.
I hope I can stay focused.... :(
and I got a couple new outfits {wink wink}
and I hope mike
he kinda got the short end of the stick on this one. WHAT A happy camper he is!
but I will SURE MISS HIM!!
here is some of the crafts that we did on out over nighter at my moms....
up till midnight...up at the crack of dawn. we were addicted.
and you can BET your sweet tushy im wearing all these to vegas....
you will be able to spot me a MILE AWAY!!!
{hey diane....i will contact you when I get back so we can make these.....}
My sister got ALL THIS fabric for fweeeeeeeee
up at the collage, she helps with the theatre department and this is
left over remnents of the costumes....sweet huh!!


Monday, March 1, 2010

dont be afraid.........

Don't be Afraid
to be Amazing!
{thanks mom}
I mean it.
I attended Sandy Puc's workshop {photography}
last week...
and will be leaving for Vegas for a photography convention WPPI on Saturday- Thursday
I mind is racing lately.
so many things I want to
Sandy puc is simply amazing.
Im not talking about her photography so much {even tho it is amazing}
Im taking about HER!
She helps out charities and gives back.
"Capture every Family session as if it were their last"
Im going to live by that now.
It struck me. It moved me.
she also left with this quote
"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and could say, I used everything you gave me."
~ Erma Bombeck
We all have talents.
We can all serve.
Im going to try to be better and to follow my heart more.
To be more passionate about what I love.
I need to believe that ITS OK, to be amazing..
we shoulnd't be afraid!!