Monday, March 29, 2010

stuff and things.

I want to make charlee 60 more of these.
she loves them.
I got some old navy tanks $5 to embellish.
as well as boys 2t ribbed tanks i got at walmart...:)
I cleaned out MY CAR FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!
we will be in St George all week next I figured I better.
cuz ewe.
so spontaniously i made Charlee a car seat cover cuz {double ewe} her seat was SICK!
I had no time to do that today.....but did it anyways!
I made some of these rosette journals...
so cute.
I took this one to WPPI in vegas, thats now filled with treasured information. :)
in the front it says
"my art My journey"
READY FOR MY SPECIAL SHOES???????????????????
don't laugh!. I mean it!.
so after MANY [and when I say many, i mean 10] trys....
i did a pair that FIT HER......
It still needs to be mastered.....but I will keep chuggin....
im a stubborn ass remember?
im determinded. up till midnight........


Natalie said...

SOOOOOOOO "sew" cute!!! We gotta have a flower making party. Love what you made - you are the bomb!

Jeri said...

LOVE! I knew you could make some. These are super cute.

I saw a pattern for ruffley bloomers and the criss cross back tops at Joann's. I thought of you! =)

Jeri said...

Oh, I want to come steal your journal!