Friday, March 5, 2010

I will behave..........

well maybe.
Im off to Sin city for WPPI photography convention.
leaving in the morning....
I will be gone 5 1/2 days.
I don't recall ever being away this long from mike and the kids.
I hope I can stay focused.... :(
and I got a couple new outfits {wink wink}
and I hope mike
he kinda got the short end of the stick on this one. WHAT A happy camper he is!
but I will SURE MISS HIM!!
here is some of the crafts that we did on out over nighter at my moms....
up till midnight...up at the crack of dawn. we were addicted.
and you can BET your sweet tushy im wearing all these to vegas....
you will be able to spot me a MILE AWAY!!!
{hey diane....i will contact you when I get back so we can make these.....}
My sister got ALL THIS fabric for fweeeeeeeee
up at the collage, she helps with the theatre department and this is
left over remnents of the costumes....sweet huh!!



Jeri said...

I want to move to Utah so I can pretend to be one of your sisters! That free fabric is amazing..and the stuff you made....I am dying!

Have so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Annie! now I'm mad that I haven't gotten you that lace yet. Its been in the back of my van forever. Then I remembered about it when I had to clean it out at the tow place. I give it to Amie.

Your craftys are super cute!!

Plain City Dickamores said...

wow, what fun week you have before you:) also love love all the hair bling bling!!!

Jane said...

I want to be your sister and craft with you!

Jennie Moore said...