Monday, February 28, 2011


Shh, just watch!

{Scroll down and turn my music off}

Sunday, February 27, 2011


You didn't expect anything less right?
What else is new in our home........
Then a naked Charlee.
Charlee is Autumn helped make lasagna for Dinner....
{Its cooking while I blog} :)
Charlee and Jax watched Iron Giant.
They love that show.
Abbie Watched 800 Youtube Video's!
Autumn Made a CELL for school.
Its a beauty!
I of Course, Texted!
Im sooooo good at it!
OH! Annnnnnd, sang "I stand all amazed" in Sacrament.
Phew!!....glad THATS over..............
What a GOOD day!
Charlee even thinks so.
Er' I think this might be her way of telling me to stop taking pictures!
Bring On Monday!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My day in Pictures. :)

I Love my birthday.
I loved all the texts and emails I got through the day.
I was a happy girl. ;)
Mike brought me home Flowers. :)
Remember when I said What I got was better then SHOES?
how is that even possible.....
I think I found a new addiction.
{Meet kris and deena}
My Friends took me down to Fashion place.
never been.
To the Bare minerals make-up STORE!
never been.
and had my makeup done!.
never done that.
and I bought "unmentionable" amount of make-up.
Never splurged on make-up in my LIFE!
I'm 34.....and its time. ;)
I have never been into makeup to be honest.
what have I been missing out on? This is so amazing.
so pretty!
so girly!
feels so light and soft.
The brushes!
The Colors
The containers
The shimmery......oh!
I went and bought a makeup counter organizer ... Cuz Im kinda a big deal now ya know......
We continued on our evening with dinner at the cheesecake factory!
never been!
and then Carried on Shopping.......Between us 3, we can do some damage...
We are pretty good at swiping ........{ya know?, the card? Swiping the}
The next day {Yesterday}
My friend Marissa Took me to SL to the pancake house.
never been!
WOW! You must go!!!
I also went over to My friend Aprils house.
Luv her.
Like Alot.
Mike Took me out last night...
Dinner, MORE shopping...........seriously.
I Might { i said"Might"} be shopped out!
I got a new phone.....and Mike decided i was cooler then him he had to copy.
BUT---he switched carriers and got the Droid X.
So----now, he is COOLER then me........DANG IT!

{i had to add salt and vinegar chips for I feel its my birthday and I'm entitled to the whole bag}

We picked up A movie on the way home.

put the kids to bed.

Got jammies on.

and the REST is Nunya. :)

Friday, February 25, 2011


Happy Birthday To me!
More to post soon...... :)
Annnnd, I didn't get shoes. I got something COOLER!
Is there such thing?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dry heaves and Gags!

The Girls and I had New Beginnings last night for Young woman...
2 weeks ago Autumn volunteered her and I to sing at it.
Isn't she the sweetest?
I had the gags all through dinner....
Of course she was chipper as a bird.
and she did WONDERFUL!!
Me? Im a scaredy.........
{We sang Daughter Of a King by Jenny Phillips..look it up, its pretty!}
But I got to wear my new shoes and lace tights.
Sooooooo,..........That made up for it!
They talked about dating and "Going out"
which they shouldn't be doing NEITHER till 16....
and even groups!
It was insane when the Young Woman leader read some statistics
with underage dateing and having a boyfriend and "going out"
and how it is strickly related to early sexual behavior.
you would get the heeebie jeeebies!
I DID!!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I wore Wednesday....

My friend posted what she wore Wednesday....
So I will do the same...
Altho----Im leaving you in suspense not KNOWING what the rest of the outfit looked like.
Im funny!

Story of a banana.

She will do it HERSELF!
I love how she tried to put it back together.
I knew this was going to be good when she walked in with a banana and RESISTED my help!
Im glad my camera was in reach!
Today was a lovely play day for her. :)
kinda grouchy.....but content!
and for YOUR information....
I HAVEN'T got in trouble for my polka dot garbage cans...
I think they understood my intentions........
Just trying to make the world a prettier place.
That's all...........

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

stay in my bed!

I need to be taking more pictures like this.
I feel like I don't take enough.
And you are probably rolling your eyes at me.......Thinking I insanely take plenty...right?
Nothing is more precious then sleeping babies!
IN my bed.
and safe.......did I mention safe?
When Mike is away.....
I let the Little ones sleep with me.
Its a treat for them.....and for me.
I uploaded these pictures this morning and realized how much these pictures NOW mean to me.....
I didn't think twice about it yesterday when I took them.
I mentioned "safe"
I am alittle overprotective with my cubs.
I do admit that.
Its something I struggle with.
Trying to find a balance.
When do let them "feel" and make mistakes, To When do I protect them and keep them safe from the crule world.
Its a balanceing act I tell ya......everyday.
Look at them asleep safely in my bed.
Then the moment they wake up and step foot off my bed....All chaos lets loose...
and off they go........
Im mostly gearing this towards 2 reasons..........
#1. Me.
I made some poor choices when I was younger and they effected my whole life.
We don't realize when we are teenagers how teeny tiny choices can still be a factor when you are 34. Right? Right!
#2. I have two Teenage daughters that I love dearly.
Protect dearly.
I hope they listen to me.
And believe me.
Itty bitty mistakes can come back and bite you when you are grown.
Be wise with your friends and Wise with your choices.
My Birthday----Minus 3 and counting.