Friday, February 4, 2011

4. help!

4th love.

My home.
I love my home.
I love everything about it.

when we put an offer on it......I had a conversation with the porch, i sat there and pretended it was mine.
I had a conversation with the kitchen and I even kissed the walls and promised I would be back.
Everything worked out so perfectly.

I really wish I wouldn't try and burn it to the ground tho........

I love this iron cover I made with my mom last summer.

its a bird and it says "NICE LEGS" on it. :(

super sad right now.
Second love is:
My mom's writing!
She is so artistic.
I keep everything that she writes on.

Her writings always brings me back to when I was a little girl.
and I would find notes and letters with "Annie-girl" written on them.
They warm my heart.
No one will ever write like her.


Pieces of Us said...

I love all her quotes and her handwriting!
ps. your handwriting looks like hers!

Jeri said...

Dreamy. I love your Mom's notes and pretty things!

You burned your iron cover! BOO! Lincoln did that once. It was face down like that for more than 24 hours! Wowsers.

Natalie said...

Annie - those are the coolest notes ever! Love the quotes - love the handwriting - so inspiring and cute as could be!!!!!