Sunday, February 20, 2011

Purple kicks!

I love our get-a-ways.
Mike got me these Purple converse high tops!
I'm soooo wearing them to church.
We drove down to the gateway, in the pouring rain.
Had to stop and buy a cute Umbie.... :)
This store should be Named after me.
Or I should have been named after it......either way.
ALSO----I did find some white lacy tights {at urban outfitters} like the ones in my previous post..
But----no luck on purple highheals. :(
I might have to get the courage to leave her a message, begging and pleading so I can find them.
Cuz, quite frankly-----I need them.
We stopped and made a haul with Cd's
I got Both Mat Kearney cd's {oh la la}
and Fiest
and Mike got 80'S hair metal music.....LOL!
I can't believe we actually LISTENED to them...and thought tight leather pants, no shirt and ratty men hair and high heal boots was sexy? eh?
ohh----we had fun singing in the car....
I actually feel embarrassed that i still remember the words to cherry pie!
{I had to settle for 3 cd's...altho my stack was HIGH.....a fine frenzy and a the swellseason didn't come home with me. waaaaa!}
We did find two pair of OWL earrings.....i will post them, cuz i like em.....alot!
and so will you!
We went to the movies....
We saw "unknown"
Must see......loved it!
and I loved him! {Liam Neeson}
Good weekend.
Good food!
good company!
Got spoiled!
The end.


Just Mom and Me said...

I love your shoes.. Can't wait to see the owls.. You are lucky to have a hubby like Mike!! So fun.. Sorta jealous ;)

saraH said...

those owl earrings are darling! thanks so much for saying hi on my blog so i could find yours! your family is beautiful and i'm SHOCKED you have 4 older children! would've never guessed.