Friday, February 18, 2011

Post It's----

Here is the Picture thats going to be in the NEW ERA.
Im not even sure how to feel right now. :)
This boy is the one who came up with the IDEA...and asked me to just take the pic.
so he came over and we played out what he had in his mind...
and it got picked.
Lucky Lucky us!!!!!!
Those of you who DON'T know what the New era is?
The Lds Church puts out monthly magazines.
The Ensign----For parents/family
The New Era----For the Youth/teens
The Friend-----For small children
Just FYI!
Happy day!


Natalie said...

Seriously - FANTASTIC!!!! Better be gettin' your autograph now Sista :)

{J}eannie said...

Annie That is awesome & exciting {YEAH}

Simply Lavender said...

Looks to me like a great team effort!!
The idea AND the photographer!
It's a way cool pic! would make an awesome poster! WHOOT!


Jeri said...

So cool Annie! Congratulations! Please let us know when it come out so I can go get a copy!