Sunday, February 13, 2011

13. {hearts}

Todays Love is:

I have Sooooo wanted to make and try this with my lens.
Its the heart "Bokeh".
It makes blurred back ground lights make hearts.

When I say hearts
I mean the ones we love with,
Care with.
Feel with.
Share with.
The one you give to those you love,, hopeing they protect it.
Mine had been broken before.
And I have broken many in return.
Its what happends in this thing called life.
What cures a broken heart?
What makes yours skip a beat?
Its all love.
Love does it all.
It breaks and It mends!

1 comment:

Simply Lavender said...

LUV your heart inside and out Gail!! xxxxooooooxxxooooooxxxoooo