Monday, February 7, 2011

7 1/2 {texting info}

Had a question asked:
"what if they just delete the texts they dont want us to read"?
Well, I got that covered.
It tell us on our "parent control" on
We can control everything!
Time phone shuts off and on.
How many texts and minutes we want them to have.
and we can block numbers {aka. bad boys} yeehaw!
It shows us if texts are deleted.
when they are deleted
who the text # was from.
see....smarty pants us!
If they deleted texts with out our concent phone is completely gone for 7 days.
sooooo there ya go!


{J}eannie said...

I was so smiling when I read your last 2 posts, and had to share with my kids.
See... we have the exact same rules at our house, and they think we are so mean and the only ones that do that. THANKS!! :)
I am going to be checking into the parental controls though. mine still try to push the limits.
guess I need to crack the whip. lol

Dani said...

COOL! Thanks for answering my question! I'm not even a parent yet..but thinking about me as a teenager scares me for when I have kids! HA! Good to know that there's parent's out there that actually seem to CARE what their teenagers are doing...I have a niece that's 15 and she has NO parental supervision and it is just SAD, SAD, SAD the trouble she gets herself into! Thanks Annie!

1 Funky Woman said...

My son is 11 and has a phone but never remembers it, so I guess I'm lucky. I think when he does start carrying it I will really be on him and check all his texts.

I know I have followed you in the past but when my blog got all messed up recently I think you were deleted. How do I follow you again? I think you are darling and I love all your thoughts. I could sit here all day and keeping reading all your past posts!