Friday, February 11, 2011

11. {Autumn}

Happy Birthday My sweet Autumn J.
This is my Today's love.
Isn't she so pretty? :)
I know....I'm her mom, I'm suppose to say that!
But its true. She is sunshine.
Autumn J:
Loving to ALL animals, bugs and babies.
She is my straight grey with her. Its black or its white.
She is an example to me.
wants to try out for cheerleader in April.
hence.... the LOUD!
loves to sing
make beds for babies, animals and bugs
she is a natural care taker.
mean to Abbie
nice to Abbie
mean to Jackson
nice to Jackson
Has the strongest Testimony
loves corn nuts
Famous saying "Don't bugga me and don't bugga my baby"
{autumn at age 4}
Look how much she has grown since last year
I found these other two pictures in a file and I forgot about them.
HELLO, its been a year..........
But Im so glad I found this picture....
Im going to print it! :)
They are each others rock.
I'm so glad they are friends 92% of the time.
ok---maybe 88%
but still.
Autumn, I love you.
I'm proud of you.
You share your light so well.
I promise I won't shave your head at night.
I was kidding.....but you really gotta start taking the garbage out when I ask.
love, mom.


Plain City Dickamores said...

She is so beautiful!! hope she has a great Birthday!!!

{J}eannie said...

Happy Birthday Autumn!!
Annie your girls are Beautiful, thanks for sharing!:)

Honeybee said...

What a cute girl! I made the blog list?? You are so sweet, I was just reading your post & saw it on the side, ahhh, made my day. Let me know if you need some bakers twine I have lots to share ;) p.s. I sell my stuff just out of my home a few times a year. The next Hive will be in April, I'll let you know. Have a happy {Birthday} day!

Simply Lavender said...

Love your moms new pics of you!
We are so proud of you!
Have the bestest day OK?
Love you for-ev-ah!!!


Krislynn said...

oh i just love autumn...things i love bout her....
that she hits her head on my car window evry time we round the corner by pizza ready (i've told her i am going to start bringing her a helmet!)
her little accents (so jealous, cuz i can't even do one)
she is sweetness!
she knows what she wants...
that she called me like 4 times bout doing her hair today...even to tell me she was coming round the corner!
love love that girl...have the happiest!!!