Saturday, February 26, 2011

My day in Pictures. :)

I Love my birthday.
I loved all the texts and emails I got through the day.
I was a happy girl. ;)
Mike brought me home Flowers. :)
Remember when I said What I got was better then SHOES?
how is that even possible.....
I think I found a new addiction.
{Meet kris and deena}
My Friends took me down to Fashion place.
never been.
To the Bare minerals make-up STORE!
never been.
and had my makeup done!.
never done that.
and I bought "unmentionable" amount of make-up.
Never splurged on make-up in my LIFE!
I'm 34.....and its time. ;)
I have never been into makeup to be honest.
what have I been missing out on? This is so amazing.
so pretty!
so girly!
feels so light and soft.
The brushes!
The Colors
The containers
The shimmery......oh!
I went and bought a makeup counter organizer ... Cuz Im kinda a big deal now ya know......
We continued on our evening with dinner at the cheesecake factory!
never been!
and then Carried on Shopping.......Between us 3, we can do some damage...
We are pretty good at swiping ........{ya know?, the card? Swiping the}
The next day {Yesterday}
My friend Marissa Took me to SL to the pancake house.
never been!
WOW! You must go!!!
I also went over to My friend Aprils house.
Luv her.
Like Alot.
Mike Took me out last night...
Dinner, MORE shopping...........seriously.
I Might { i said"Might"} be shopped out!
I got a new phone.....and Mike decided i was cooler then him he had to copy.
BUT---he switched carriers and got the Droid X.
So----now, he is COOLER then me........DANG IT!

{i had to add salt and vinegar chips for I feel its my birthday and I'm entitled to the whole bag}

We picked up A movie on the way home.

put the kids to bed.

Got jammies on.

and the REST is Nunya. :)


Shawntae said...

I love bare minerals! It looks like you had soo much fun and your outfit was soo cuuute.

Happy Birthday Annie!

April said...

Happy birthday! What fun friends you have!

The Hiller Family said...

My husband loves his Droid X! What kind did you get?
Happy HAPPY Birthday to YOU!
Pretend I'm singing to following to you! It's a family favorite!

Happy Birthday, Happy
Happy Birthday!
This is your day, so have a lot of fun
Boom, Boom, Boom!
We're all waiting for the celebration,
waiting for the celebration to begin.
So blow out the candles on your cake
and make a wish, Woo!
Serve every body's favorite dish-
favorite dish!
Boom, Boom, Boom!
Happy Birthday! Happy-
Happy Birthday!
This is your day, so
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Candice said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a fun day! My birthday is on Friday and I'm planning a big day like that too! Gotta celebrate yourself right??!! :)

Rileigh said...

A few thoughts.

Happy Birthday (belated)
I think you are fabulous.
We have the same phone case.
I think your curly hair is insanely beautiful.
I love your pictures and that you actually take some of your self.
I broke my arm when I was ten, it didn't heal right and they had to re-brake it. It was miserable, so glad Jackson doesn't have to go through that.
I genuinely believe if we lived near each other we would have amazing adventures together.
Happy Birthday Friend! You Rock!

ciara said...

Hey Annie, how are you? Beautiful pic =) I need to get a hold of you... How???

Honeybee said...

Oh, I have always wanted to go get my makeup done but just don't dare to do it. Maybe I will to celebrate my b-day in June!! :) Looks so fun.