Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New friends......

Meet my NEW friend over HERE.
By my surprise she said some of the kindest things about me.
Wow!----what a good day she made it! :)
I think this makes it official that we can be friends now...
not only that, but she and I both call our Hunnies SHMOOPIE!
Yup....definitive gunna be friends.
I love new friends.


1 comment:

Honeybee said...

You gotta love Seinfeld & the shmoopie, shmoopie! ;) You are welcome to stealthe Valentine song since I stole your picture of you & your Sonic drink. Hope that was ok. By the way did you see the post on my blog about the 365 Swap I host with a few of my friends? I will for sure send you an invite because I think you would LOVE it! {mark May 5th on your calender!}