Monday, April 20, 2009

Prints for me.......................

I always print and order for others.......
I have oodles and oodles to print for myself. I have made it a GOAL to print for me everytime I make an order.
I made these cute little 5x10 collages I mounted....luv them!

Photobucket Photobucket
This will be 8x8 mounted for Charlee's dresser!
I did a couple other prints and mounts
like the one of the kids on the beach I posted a while ago. :)
This one I have to admit im a little embarressed.....LOL!
we had these taken back in November.
I had small little ones around the house printed...but never printed a big one for the front room.
Finally...5 months later....
Charlee is so small
My baby weight was still on...yikes!
Autumn looks so little.....
Abbie isn't holding her PHONE!
Jackson....where is dah dah?
Looks like we need new FAMILY pictures!
Can't wait for my prints to COME!!!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinese Dah Dah

Just so you all know......
Mr. Dah Dah now speaks Chinese.
He won't speak anyway else.
Smart dog!
He also attends Pre-school With Jackson most days.
His teacher has a special seat for dah dah to sit.
Dah Dah Is Jacksons Best friend!
Jackson Thinks since he got him from Grandma Dixie when we was a baby That she actually MADE him.
{Shhhhh grandma.....don't tell}

Monday, April 13, 2009

Please stay......................

I luved today!
I luved Yesterday!.
Tomorrow will be a great day too!
Ohhhhh........what happened today!
Jackson wants to taste blood
I cleaned my car
I did not do one load of my 20 loads of laundry thats laying on my floor!
I looked into getting a maid {im not kidding}
I got an iPHONE! ....eeeeee!
I did a photoshoot in SL with 4 seniors. luv teenagers!
Charlee fell down the stairs
Kissed her head 100 times!
Jackson screamed like a girl when he saw a snake IN THE FRONT YARD!
We got Autumn the best tutor in the WHOLE world. Her grades are moving up!
Mike is home. :)
I drove Autumn to Viola
I went shopping for a new stroller...{didn't find one}
Went with mike to the GOLF store...boring!
bought Milk!
Did Dishes.
Listened to Abbie about how BOY crazy she is.....ew!
Listened to Abbie about how important it is to have a nice car when she is 16...WHAT? whatever.
Looked for Abbie's phone.....she lost it on our walk fell out of her pocket.
Gave Abbie my old phone
Got an ice cream for FHE
Put kids to bed
Now going to BED!!!
with no shower today :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Little Charlee

I can't believe its been 1 year. {sniff sniff} I know it seems like EVERYONE says that same exact thing. But its so true..........
My LAST baby is not a newborn anymore.......
She had her last can of formula
She is starting to use sippy's
She eats more then just baby food
I luv her!.
Miss Charlee was so hard to get here......
A sad time when I had a miscarriage before her.....
Had a HARD time getting pregnant {which is so not like me}
We struggled and all I wanted was to hold a baby!
I was teary for ALOT of months.
Finally---got pregnant!!.
And it was the most uncomfortable pregnancy I have ever had. It was HARD!!
FINALLY she came.......a room full of tears and joy from my family
It was so amazing how much she was loved from so many who didn't even know her.

Her she is.......all I wanted to to is cry and hold her!
She was perfect.
They noticed as they were cleaning her off that she had a defective ear.
not all the way developed with no opening.
I hear them talking.....
I wanted to SHOUT..........stop it! She is perfect!!!!!
I luv her ear.......Mike and I nibble at it all the time.......

I am so GLAD my sister captured this video of me and Charlee.....
Just minutes old!
awh.....brings tears to my eyes!



all her scowling glory!


Her famous look like everyone is dumb. :)

The first year was HARD!!! colic from HELL! {yes, i said hell} Both of us didn't stop crying till she was about 8 months old......ohh i think thats when she started to WALK! I think she was just mad she had to just sit and laydown.....

Charlee loves to play peek-a-boo...she actually puts her own hands up to her head.

She loves FOOD and crumbs of any kind!

Charlee is stubborn

Charlee does what she wants....she will push you down if you get in her way!

Charlee's new word it "HI"

She loves MAX to death!!!

She won't walk on grass

She loves to play hide and seek with Jackson

She hates the car {I think california ruined her}

Happy Birthday baby!

I luv you to peices!!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Apple bees and HI!

Charlee loves the front door!
She runs straight for it in PANIC when it opens cuz she is afraid it will close before she gets to it!
she Loves to just stand there! Plays with the door. Sits, talks to the outside world!
Her favorite word it HI!
She is going to be 1 in 2 days....:(
Mike and I had a date night last night.....
Couldn't find a babysitter so we took Charlee and Jackson with us {the girls were gone} To Applebees.
Jackson was so confused why it was called Applebees.
He says:
Mom, If there was a Bee on my Apple I would not eat it. It would sting my ton {tounge}
So I think they should call it Appleworm instead!
Jacskon was in the bathroom......I heard him singing/humming this:
Don't ya wish your wadda wadda hot like me?
{Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?}
THOSE GIRLS...what are they listening too???????????

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Loves Apples!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sweet Style Frames!!

This is the "Classic line"
they are Custom.....
These are the "Chubbies"
our spring line....
This is what Mike and I have been working on these last few weeks......
these are going to be sold in my small studio and at
Highlite Photography's studio at Gardner Village!!!
I don't have any for me YET...for Mikes "list" is very long... :(
But I will.........