Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chinese Dah Dah

Just so you all know......
Mr. Dah Dah now speaks Chinese.
He won't speak anyway else.
Smart dog!
He also attends Pre-school With Jackson most days.
His teacher has a special seat for dah dah to sit.
Dah Dah Is Jacksons Best friend!
Jackson Thinks since he got him from Grandma Dixie when we was a baby That she actually MADE him.
{Shhhhh grandma.....don't tell}


~Ali~ said...

Chinese huh?? haha that is so funny! He has the most active imagination I have ever heard of! What a kido! Love the pic of you guys...and that fact that Abbie has her phone in her hand! lol Such a teen!

Pieces of Us said...

Where does Jackson think up these things? Really. Love that kid.

p.s. thanks for coming over the day! it was good to see you guys.
charlee is so cute. can't wait to be in-laws! {hehe}

Shelley Hansen said...

~Cute Picture~