Thursday, March 24, 2011

She is on a roll.......

Not only is this little girl going on day 3 {3 DAYS PEOPLE}
WITH OUT a joke.
But she helped me made beef stroganoff last night.
What a trooper. ;)
Jax's cast is OFF!!! Bath time is so lovely!
and i ran 4 miles. I come.
The end.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

welcome home.....

Welcome home daddy!!
He was surly missed!
He passed His fire training with flying colors. So proud!
Charlee even things he is pretty COOL!
Today was "CHURCH DAY" as jackson calls it.
He hates church day.
Lets be honest.
he cries every sunday morning as he sees me and the girls getting dressed.......
My skirt?
Ummm, ya, Made from a slip and old curtins. uh-huh!!
Comings and goings in the West:
Mike: Offical Fire Fighter now. He's kinda a big deal....
Annie: Ready for Spring. New Beginnings.
Abbie: Loving putting together wierd outfits, and won't stop talking about boys.
Autumn: Works every night hard for up coming cheer try outs. Talks about nothing else.
Jackson: Gets his cast off tomorrow. {halle-freaking-lujah}
Charlee: IS CHANGING!! oh, she is so fun!
She told me the other night when we were outside and it was dark that we needed a new light outside. :)
The end.
I have blog-itis if you can tell.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Me , Myself and I.

When the husband is away.
We play.
Me and the kids have been enjoying some major Spoliage While Mike is in Texas for the week.
He is doing some Fire training for work.
Sorry Ive been MIA.
Haven't had the Umff to get on the computer much.
You know you missed me.
Charlee loves her "daddy duck and mommy duck"
They even kiss!
Haven't done much around here....
BUT----I did however paint this round table.
It looks small....but its not.
i love orange. {this week anyways...}
I will soon do a update on everyones comings and goings......

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sing to me.......

I am a sucker for Music.
Ever since I was little.
I have many video's of me singing and dancing in my room.
{I swear if any of those get out there will be serious consequences}
I love to get online and search for the Unknown.
Artists that are not well known but have some serious RAW talent.
Acoustic is ultimately my favorite, next to the Piano.
Which I can't play either....{sorry mom for the money spent on piano lessons}
And the guitar.....Well, I'm working on that. :)
In My searching this A.m., I came across Matt Nathanson Blog
{love him}
And he had posted some of his favorite songs.
Along with this Video.
I was so memorized through the WHOLE thing.......
I almost felt Hypnotized watching how intense their chemistry is.
You may have to watch it TWICE.
Fo Reals.
{oooohhhhh, and don't forget to look at her shoes when she plays the piano, Id like a pair please!
Some Of my Favorites right now......
Glen Hansard....he is seriously amazing.
{A little too scruffy for my taste tho}
You feel how sincere his music is in your gut when he sings.
"Falling slowly"
"Say it now"
You must Listen. :)
"Call me"
Alter Bridge
"Watch over you"
And Of course.....Anything by Ingid Michaelson.
Good Ol Ingrid and I are friends. She just doesn't know it yet.
But I think she'd like me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its a good morning........

Its a good Morning when Charlee wakes up happy.
{trust me}
We have had a BUSY few days.......
Today is mellow, and Im thankful to still be in my jammies.
and When noon comes....I will STILL be in my jammies.
You betcha.....
Listening to Air supply and folding laundry. ;)
Charlee eating her sandwhich on the go......
Charlee wearing stools as hats.
You know,.... Normal everyday stuff.
Autumn and her friend practicing cheers getting ready for tryouts.
lastly......wanna see what I bought?
Bring on spring.... Bring on the Rain! :)
If your interested...
The orange ones go all the way up to my knees......seriously.
I can't take it!!!.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I shared my day with everyone.
You know those days where you can't breath for one MINUTE.
so busy.
Unexpected things come your way , where somehow you continue to fit them in your already insanely day.....
I do have to share my necklace My mom gave me for My birthday.
Its strings of cotton t-shirt material woven together. ;)
Walking out to start our extreemly busy day.
Glad to be home.
In from the rain.
Lots of rain!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This blog post was suppose to turn out different then what I'm about to post.
Today was calm and quiet...
Well, ........IT started out that way...........
I had a LONG hot bath. {my favorite}
Cracked the window so I could feel the cold air and hear the rain.
While I played "words with friends" on my phone with my sisters.
THAT'S what I was going to post.........
how relaxing and content and quiet today was. :)
But then,
THAT'S not always realistic in my life......
not for long anyways.
Charlee likes when Im busy or when Im away...
cuz she likes to do things like THIS!!!!!
Guess where she put the laptop keys?
In the garbage.
Seriously. WHY? Why does she have to ruin things.....color on things.
CUT things,draw on things, Rip and tear things
and then Skip out the room singing and smileing.
I swear she has horns!
So here is where she sat
for a LONG time.
AND, not to mention....
I keep finding these all over..
She keeps picking them off all our cupboards.....*sigh*
So after she apologized....
She cried herself to sleep in my arms.
I loved listening to her sweet whimper as she softly fell asleep!
I held this little angel/devil in my arms....
and thought how could I ever live without her?
I layed her down and wrapped her up so she could sleep.
Life just isn't the same when she is sleeping.
Im still debating if I should sell her..... ;)
I wonder how much I could get?
We did find ALL the keys to the computer and got them all back on.
until next time..........
Cuz there is ALWAYS a next time......


We just got a quick picture from My dad and My sister in Italy!
Doesn't my dad look so handsome in a TUX?
I got teary when I saw this.
I miss them ,Im not to comfortable with them so far away.
They are there for 10 days with a group of singers to preform!
How lucky!
Wish I was there..........I bet they have cute rainboots!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Interesting and Odd.

My Life is as Odd and Interesting as this picture.
What will Tomorrow
In the Mean Time......I will go grab a Sonic. ;)
Friday Confessional TIME!!!
I don't like rules.
I PUSH myself to follow them.
I love Music.
Ingrid Michaelson, Glen Hansard, a fine frenzy, Mat kearney to name a few.
I hate when People are mad at me.
When My world is in a whirlwind, I always know those who love me the most.
Cuz they Show me.
I like wearing weird things.
That don't match.
Im not perfect.
never will be.
I hate when People Judge.
Fabric, glue sticks, owls, sonic, new clothes, shoes, friends, ,mike,
clean sheets, lipgloss, A freshly showered man,
Sunshine, vs PINK, Lace, ruffles, Old things make me happy!
Good luck to my sister and daddy today. They are flying to Italy. YUP Italy!
Im not gunna lie...I have anxiety over this.
Can't wait to hear they made it safe.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


They are Growing.
I always notice MORE when I take pictures.
They are brats.
They are Sweet.
They are beautiful.
They are mine. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sad, traumatized me.
On my way out the door to the Dermie.
and it hurt like a MUTHA! did!
The lady was so frustrated cuz my skin was NOT numbing....
Torcher I tell ya!
I almost passed out from NOT
not kidding!
My friend Kris went with me.
And so After wards we treated ourselves to breakfast. ;)
And to a Fly fisher mans store....
so GET These.........
The guy who worked there said, you aren't going to tie fly's are you?
NOPE....putting them in our hair........He laughed!

They are REAL!
you can wash them....curl them and dry them!
We beaded them in with Clamp beads we got at Sally's.....
So cute!
I did Abbie's too.
Training for the Half is going to START real soon............*sigh*
So to get me excited to start this Torchure again...
I bought one of these today. ;)

Annnnd, Its Orange.
Im Excited to use you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Broken things...

Yesterday was the DAY to get Jackson's Cast off......
Then I get a text from mike that said Jackson arm didn't heal right...
{they said he must have fell or hurt it while it was in a cast...isn't that why it was in a cast?} hello?
And that he may need surgery and to re-brake it.
I about cried!
They ended up recasting it.....a shorter cast.
For another 3 weeks.
So it can finish fusing together.....
Here is the pictures Mike took with his phone..........
Send Jax your HUGS!!!!
My Side of The Closet broke.
I noticed it a few weeks ago....Coming away from the wall...
so I stopped hanging my clothes up...
I was tired of my clothes on the floor so I hung a pile and OFF IT CAME!!
lucky mike was there.....
So, lucky him---he got to fix it last night!
WHOever installed this closet were RETARDS!
They are bearly mounted it.......Don't they know A woman would be living here?
We own more then 5 shirts ya know.... :)
better! ;)
{Annie, stop buying clothes!} The was mike speaking.....
Im plugging my ears. la la la la.........
Got this lovely invite in the mail today.
What a surprise!!!!
Sounds like a night out with my 4 sisters.......bliss!
Today is good.
Today is warm.
Spent the morning with my good friend Angie.
Bought a CUTE shirt.
She bought me a smoothie.
Cleaned my craft room.
Mike is changing the oil in the cars.
Brought me lunch.
Fixed a pair of Abbie's Jeans.
The end.