Friday, March 4, 2011

Interesting and Odd.

My Life is as Odd and Interesting as this picture.
What will Tomorrow
In the Mean Time......I will go grab a Sonic. ;)
Friday Confessional TIME!!!
I don't like rules.
I PUSH myself to follow them.
I love Music.
Ingrid Michaelson, Glen Hansard, a fine frenzy, Mat kearney to name a few.
I hate when People are mad at me.
When My world is in a whirlwind, I always know those who love me the most.
Cuz they Show me.
I like wearing weird things.
That don't match.
Im not perfect.
never will be.
I hate when People Judge.
Fabric, glue sticks, owls, sonic, new clothes, shoes, friends, ,mike,
clean sheets, lipgloss, A freshly showered man,
Sunshine, vs PINK, Lace, ruffles, Old things make me happy!
Good luck to my sister and daddy today. They are flying to Italy. YUP Italy!
Im not gunna lie...I have anxiety over this.
Can't wait to hear they made it safe.


Sara Richins said...

I ditto the people being mad and judging. I've gotten my fair share this week. And it really sucks!
Safe travels to your Dad and Sister. Hope they make it ok!

Rick&Danielle said...

Love your Fri Confessionals!
FYI...You have me HoOkEd on Sonic DC with lime and coconut. I go at happy hour for half off! YUMMY! :o)

VandyJ said...

People who judge suck. Safe travels for your family and have a good weekend

Julie said...

LOVE your list. It's really the simple things in life, isn't it, that make us the most happy. What a wonderful list!

Dave and Emily said...

I finally tried the coconut and lime but with diet dr pepper and I am in LOVE! Thanks for sharing. I am so glad i can get them for freeeee! I love your blog.

jennykate77 said...

I want to fly to Italy!! I'm jealous. I see where you anxiety comes from though...I'd be anxious too.

LOVE your FCs...and all your favorite things.