Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its a good morning........

Its a good Morning when Charlee wakes up happy.
{trust me}
We have had a BUSY few days.......
Today is mellow, and Im thankful to still be in my jammies.
and When noon comes....I will STILL be in my jammies.
You betcha.....
Listening to Air supply and folding laundry. ;)
Charlee eating her sandwhich on the go......
Charlee wearing stools as hats.
You know,.... Normal everyday stuff.
Autumn and her friend practicing cheers getting ready for tryouts.
lastly......wanna see what I bought?
Bring on spring.... Bring on the Rain! :)
If your interested...
The orange ones go all the way up to my knees......seriously.
I can't take it!!!.

1 comment:

Simply Lavender said...

Chuckie does not want to be left out of the action! do what ya gotta do! LUV the *sandwich on the go*.... good plan!
GOOD LUCK to Autumn and friend with cheer tryouts!! exciting!
good for them! scary to try out!
Pink and Orange rain boots..... so cute. so you!