Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Sad, traumatized me.
On my way out the door to the Dermie.
and it hurt like a MUTHA! did!
The lady was so frustrated cuz my skin was NOT numbing....
Torcher I tell ya!
I almost passed out from NOT
not kidding!
My friend Kris went with me.
And so After wards we treated ourselves to breakfast. ;)
And to a Fly fisher mans store....
so GET These.........
The guy who worked there said, you aren't going to tie fly's are you?
NOPE....putting them in our hair........He laughed!

They are REAL!
you can wash them....curl them and dry them!
We beaded them in with Clamp beads we got at Sally's.....
So cute!
I did Abbie's too.
Training for the Half is going to START real soon............*sigh*
So to get me excited to start this Torchure again...
I bought one of these today. ;)

Annnnd, Its Orange.
Im Excited to use you.

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Simply Lavender said...

GOOD HONK! more owies at the West house! A mom/gramma can only take so much you guys!! but glad that one is at least out of the way! are kinda scaring me with the feathers. (big eyes...) :0
Good luck with *back to feeling the burn*.... have fun with that new techno gadget!