Sunday, March 6, 2011


This blog post was suppose to turn out different then what I'm about to post.
Today was calm and quiet...
Well, ........IT started out that way...........
I had a LONG hot bath. {my favorite}
Cracked the window so I could feel the cold air and hear the rain.
While I played "words with friends" on my phone with my sisters.
THAT'S what I was going to post.........
how relaxing and content and quiet today was. :)
But then,
THAT'S not always realistic in my life......
not for long anyways.
Charlee likes when Im busy or when Im away...
cuz she likes to do things like THIS!!!!!
Guess where she put the laptop keys?
In the garbage.
Seriously. WHY? Why does she have to ruin things.....color on things.
CUT things,draw on things, Rip and tear things
and then Skip out the room singing and smileing.
I swear she has horns!
So here is where she sat
for a LONG time.
AND, not to mention....
I keep finding these all over..
She keeps picking them off all our cupboards.....*sigh*
So after she apologized....
She cried herself to sleep in my arms.
I loved listening to her sweet whimper as she softly fell asleep!
I held this little angel/devil in my arms....
and thought how could I ever live without her?
I layed her down and wrapped her up so she could sleep.
Life just isn't the same when she is sleeping.
Im still debating if I should sell her..... ;)
I wonder how much I could get?
We did find ALL the keys to the computer and got them all back on.
until next time..........
Cuz there is ALWAYS a next time......


Simply Lavender said...

aaawh!!!..... I do hate to see those sad tears! ;(
I will pay top dollar for her tho!
Glad you found all the keys....
she is just so curious and adventuresome and such the explorer! You might want Mike to build her a really really really cute Time-Out chair tho.... I think you're gonna get some serious use out of it before this is over! HA!
Lesson learned = mom cannot take bubble baths and play games until Miss C is much older! :)


April said...

Ah toddlers don't they keep us on our toes?! My little guy is 9 months and still not moving I guess I should be happy because o know what comes with it. My son once poured a whole bottle of vegetable oil all over a brand new rug in my kitchen! Ugh no way to fix! And I too love owls! My daughter and sons room both have them everywhere!!!