Monday, October 25, 2010


Got Halloween Costumes Ready.

Had to Call home cuz I ran into a pole at Recess. ;)
{nice mark jax}

first teeth to lose and The tooth fairy remembered. ;)

had After school Snack.
Homemade Scones.
Honey Butter.
Fruit Pie's/Cookies.
KoolAid Squeeze Drinks.

had P.P.P. night.
Worked on personal progress stuff.
Wore, pink, purple, polkadots
and bring something yummy that starts with "P"
{i made my polkadot jammies.......cute eh?}

chased the girls around the HOUSE!
see mike climbing over my TABLE????????

this resulted in NO accidents.....thank heavens.
Only screams of Horror.


played Blocks for hours with dad.
Oh its so good to have daddy home after 43 days STRAIGHT DAYS OF WORK!
shut down is now over.
we love him. :)

Charlee won't let him out of his sight.
Happy days!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


We Played Blocks 83% of the day.
Got Max shaved.
dealt with some Fighting........ {wow surprise surprise}
Washed the durango.
Organized my clothes and Closet.
Made Spaghetti dinner.
Watched Iron Man 2
Popped Popcorn.

Oh and I got to take pictures of this Lady.
boy do I miss and love her.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dont Play With Boys....................

This is what Happends!
Nice Shiner Abbie!
but---THATS what ya get for playing football with Boys!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

horriable and happy.

Today is a HAPPY day.
3 bathrooms cleaned.
5 beds made.
every room picked up.
Finished editing a wedding.
and a little note and treat awaiting the arrival of 3 children on their beds.
I love productive days....

I am going to try and take more picture with my kids.

Im working on a personal project for my family.
I found a site that I can make small little 6x6 books.
Im starting to create them.
with Images of our everyday lives...
I wish I had more picture with My mom!
so i will make sure I have some to give my BOOKS!

Walked by this picture today....
and I realized how much i REALLY love it.
Mike and I up in a tree house!
makes me happy!

Jackson was so happy and beemed when I made him these two jammie bottoms..
probually cuz i actually made HIM something.
Im always making foo foo stuff for the girls.

10:00 at night.
everyone asleep.
I felt the need to go into charlee's room JUST to make sure she was asleep and in her bed.
I walked in.....there she was CUTTING MY newly cut pattern for another pair of jammies for Jax.
every light off in the house and she still went into my craft room and stole from me.

see them pant legs that are now SLASHED?

We use to call charlee "Charleesaurus"
cuz she use to make funny Dinosaur sounds when she was a baby.
NOW, Im thinking there was a different reason why we called her that, that was YET to be revealed.

Oh well, at least it wasn't her hair. { again }

She said I do.

I just finished up editing the LAST picture from my first wedding.
I had to share my two favorite pictures.
{believe me it was hard to choose}
But these two pictures stood out to me.
This is the Groom.
I love his expression as he got his first glimpse of his new bride.

And this picture.
They are dancing in the distance.
Just her and him.
They were so happy!

And they Lived Happy Ever After!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

26.2 = WOW!!

My Brother In law came down and spend the night with us so he could get up at 4:00 to RUN the Layton City Marathon....
he is a champ.
has ran MANY......
We were there waiting and cheering...
as I saw runner after runner run through the finish line.
half marathon runners and FULL.....
I kept thinking over and over in my head.
could I do the full?
really........could I do it?
that's just insane. 26.2 miles? on FOOT!
Hummmm....maybe someday!
Im good with the Half.....and my blisters just bearly FELL OFF last week..... :)
but I was really jealous of the runners this morning....I should have ran it!
My adrenaline was pump'n, I think its in my blood.
dang it!. :(

we are proud!
I shake my head in amazement!

Jax was cold......
it was a tad bit nippley.........
er' I mean...COLD.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

He loves me? He loves me not?

GOSH i was thinking Mike was so nosey this morning.
Where ya at?
what ya getting....?
you leaving yet?
going home?
home yet?
After I told him TWICE I was getting Milk, Garlic bread and 3 birthday presents.
Then I got home.
Walked up my front porch.
Where I found THESE!!!!!!!!!!!

{Then I knew why} :)

How Am I so lucky?
He Makes me smile everyday!
Love Him!

I have LOVED this on and off again rain and thunderstorms.
Charlee was really CURIOUS this morning as it thundered and rained this early a.m.
Once we got the kids off to school, we got dressed and came outside.
She is pointing to the rain in the sky.
"Rain up there mommy"
"Scawy rain?" {in her scary voice}
"Loud Rain!!"

Mike and I got our Charger's Tickets......WAAHOO!
Its offical....TRIP IS SCHEDULED!
let the count down began!

Our very first TRIP alone. Ever!
And we deserve every BIT of sleeping in, eating out, shopping and staying up late!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

tu-tu cute!

I was so EXCITED to make this tu tu for Charlee.
I wanted to use it for her Kitty Costume, church and our up coming photoshoot.
Multi Uses!
It was my FIRST tu tu..
and my FIRST skirt. has a few flaws.
but don't we ALL? lol

Jackson's Choice of Funky hat day at school.

And some Witch shoes My mom made us Daughters..
Fits perfectly since somedays I feel Like I am melting and im the
Wicked Witch of the West. :)

love these.......

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Likes & not Likes.

I like the sweater I bought for max.
and the Halloween collar I made.
I'm so mean.
Look at him, he is sitting there looking like he is in trouble........

I THOUGHT that i would like shareing clothes with Abbie.
Turns out that i do NOT like it.
I gave in and let her wear my NEW leather boots.
Only worn once.
i said ok...and then threatned her with her life.
im so nice.
and then texted her at lunch.

I said this:
Careful with my boots Or
will shave your head at night"
I like this pillow I made.
{made my own stencil out of freezer paper}
and cut the birds legs off......oh well. :)
but i don't LIKE that Charlee sprayed my newly made pillow with bleach clean up.
{can ya see?}
HELLO----mother of the year!

I don't like Charlee having Binkies!
DOES it really matter?
heck I dunno.......
But I do like how smart she is.
Smart enough to HOARD 7 binkies along with her stash of sissors and markers!

Speaking of sissors..............
I LIKE that her hair
is growing out a smidge....enough that I can't see her scalp anymore.
she even got compliments at Target today on her hair.
I giggled and thought....if you ONLY KNEW!

With sweet tears in her eyes...
This is her famous look.
She reminds me of that KITTY on Shrek. LOL!
for reals........
naughty little thing.
But now you know why charlee runs the show! :)

I LIKE Tuesday After School Snacks with the Jr High Kids.
I look forward to them coming...
I made:
Chicken Noodle Soup.
Halloween Sunkist and 7-up
and a bowl of candy bars!
not a single morsel left!

I Like/not like this picture.
I found it yesterday...
This is our old house.
Charlee's room.
Look at her Little shoes.
her little Hair bows.
Her blessing certificate.

I like charlee growing up.
but i don't like her growing up SO fast.

I like My new sweater Boots I found today. :)
{I don't like that I will have to explain this to mike....}

I like these cutest pictures of my super handsome BOY!

I like this last one.
he just did it himself. :)
I like that My friend Marissa has a studio we can play in.
I like that these pictures remind me of Mike.
the first one with the HAT? wow.........they look so much alike!

. I like this red coat! alot! It was MINE when I was little like charlee's age. Im so happy my mom saved it. My aunt made it for me. she lives far away and i never see her, so this is so special to me. I have some plans for a photoshoot with my kids next week. and i Think you MAY see Miss Charlee wearing it. :)

One last like.
I like that Charlee calls me "Mommy West"
its because we say
when they get in trouble......
too cute for words!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

we are family!

My sisters Family. :)

aren't they smashing? :)
i will just ignore the poking of sticks while trying to be all professional and such...
Uh-hem.........not saying any names.........

don't judge me........

My name is Charlee.
and When its rainy outside
i think we need hats and gloves on inside.
ok? and I like to wear diapers that sag to my knees.
I hate clothes,
and My face washed.
So my mom lets me get away with it.
Im so smart huh........
All i have to do is cry and run......

I must get it from him........he is just as crazy!
Jackson's teacher Mrs Hall: Hi Mrs West?
me: Hi!
Mrs Hall: Umm, I Think Jackson is having a bad day {giggling}
me: Oh ya? whats wrong?
Mrs Hall: Well we learned quite a bit of math today and added alot to what we are already learning and all the sudden, Jackson's toes were hurting.
Me: His TOES?
Mrs Hall: {giggling} we had to put bandiads on all HIS TOES!
me: oh my gosh.....{giggling now}
Mrs Hall: Ya, and then his socks wern't fitting right....and then he lost it and tried to be so strong not to cry, and then he sat down to write and all the sudden his hand was hurting to bad that he couldn't write or do work.
me: Umm, im not sure what to say right now........bad day?
Mrs Hall: yes....I think a bad day! Well, he wants to talk to you and I told him to be strong... Me: Ok!

Me: Hi sweetie.....whats wrong today?
Jax: I want youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ....{and let it all out}

. . So needless to say I brought the 10
toed bandaid boy home with me......
bad day indeed. So we ate ice cream.
and later on that day,
we went for a hayride and got a pumpkin!

turned into a pretty good day :)