Tuesday, October 12, 2010

horriable and happy.

Today is a HAPPY day.
3 bathrooms cleaned.
5 beds made.
every room picked up.
Finished editing a wedding.
and a little note and treat awaiting the arrival of 3 children on their beds.
I love productive days....

I am going to try and take more picture with my kids.

Im working on a personal project for my family.
I found a site that I can make small little 6x6 books.
Im starting to create them.
with Images of our everyday lives...
I wish I had more picture with My mom!
so i will make sure I have some to give my children...in BOOKS!

Walked by this picture today....
and I realized how much i REALLY love it.
Mike and I up in a tree house!
makes me happy!

Jackson was so happy and beemed when I made him these two jammie bottoms..
probually cuz i actually made HIM something.
Im always making foo foo stuff for the girls.

10:00 at night.
everyone asleep.
I felt the need to go into charlee's room JUST to make sure she was asleep and in her bed.
I walked in.....there she was CUTTING MY newly cut pattern for another pair of jammies for Jax.
every light off in the house and she still went into my craft room and stole from me.

see them pant legs that are now SLASHED?

We use to call charlee "Charleesaurus"
cuz she use to make funny Dinosaur sounds when she was a baby.
NOW, Im thinking there was a different reason why we called her that, that was YET to be revealed.

Oh well, at least it wasn't her hair. { again }


Jeri said...

Love the pictures of the two of you! Will you send me the site for the books...I want to see if they are cheaper than my lab. =) Then I would make more!

Hey. You are the best.

tiffany said...

That girl is soooo funny! She just wants to be like you and do the things you do!! I'm sure she was just helping you finish your project! :)

Shelley Hansen said...

There must be something in the air....because my boys are staying up late, and getting into big trouble....Stinkers!!!! the other night Joshua..my 4 year old, changed his clothes into running pants with the matching jacket..he even had on a cute little winter hat...I was like hello get into bed!!! Then I go to put him in his bed and there is Josiah, my 2 year old playing Jadens DS!!! What is up with that???