Friday, August 20, 2010

itty bitty panties.

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!

{don't you just LOVE this picture}

Bought itty bitty panties last night.

With treats...
and thought.......OH, lets just give it a try ....
She put them on herself.
Sat on the potty herself.
Went herself.

Oh happy day!!

You all know Charlee. The REAL Charlee...
She is a pro at whats he does.
Loves to fill up 20 cups with water and ice from the icemaker and line them up in a row.
eventually spilling every single cup. {I wash a lot of towels}
Squirt Capri Sun on Mom's bed.
Crunch Poptarts on carpet and dance on them.
and then uses her favorite word
"Oops a Ditti" {Oops a daisy}


Like Looooving.
BIG change from last year, where he cried every morning up till the last day of school.
True Story!
School is Cool mom!

The girls are All READY for their first day of school.
Whooooohoooo!! {so am I}
I took them to go get their hair they are set.
hair did.
clothes bought
school supplies finished.
backpacks bought......{ouch that one hurt.....whats up with $50 backpacks?}


While the girls got their hair done,
I snuck away to the DI and Found these...........

Little baby salt and pepper shakers
to add to my collection.

aren't they swell?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I WANT, i want i want i want...i soo want!


SEE!!!.....did you die?
I want this ALL!
Every bit of it.
I have a WONDERFUL space to call my very own and I want to make it BEAUTIFUL!
how in the world do I find stuff like this..........?????
Im on a mission!
I even want to rip out the carpet in our bonus room!
Im coveting. Yup! I am!
and Im not ashamed.
Cuz I know you are too!!!!

bye bye summer.........

One of our last "summer" Craft days.
I did it at my house this time, with My sister and My sis in law.
and MUSIC!

Amie made a Ironing board cover.
Ali made a table runner.
I am making a throw quilt for my couch.
Oh and I threw in other little things I made..... :)


Altered Art Belt. L.O.V.E
This Necklace.
Its made with an OLD gold chain Necklace, I have wanted to use for a long time now

I want a craft room make-over!.
you will DIE when I post the pic of what I want.
Really. Like you will be dead

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

one a day....

Will either make you chubby.
Or refreshed.
I like to believe it will refresh me.
I started my day off RIGHT yesterday...
Morning Cupcake with My sister in law. :


Ended it with My Bestie Marissa for Chips and Salsa at Chili's.
I love all the people around me.

Vintage Cupcake Co.
go see em.

Pop that Collar!!

I thought I was going to do JUST fine today.
{sniff sniff}
I just sent my little boy to school.......ALL DAY!
With the Biggest back pack in the world.
Filled with a ga-zillion Supplies.
I saw Him walk away.........
A little bit tilted to the left.
I stared a little while longer while he tried to hurry with Excitement.

Drove home with eyes filled with water.


Doesn't he look so Handsome in his little school Uniform?
I can't take it.
My Most Favorite part was, he had to go in the bathroom mirror and POP HIS COLLAR!
I giggled under my breath.
And told him how cool and handsome he was.
and he said......
"Nah, Im just cold"
He is only excited to have lunch, actually!
Can't wait to go pick him up!

Monday, August 16, 2010

dress up!

Trying to keep two Teenager girls BUSY the last week of summer IS CRAZY!...
Weird how teenagers think money grows on trees........
I found this super oober cute necklace for them to make, trying to keep em busy.
Ya, Abbie made her's in 10 minutes. ;)
But look how CUTE it turned out!!!
I have yet to make mine, but Oh i will!
So while we were doing that.....
The OTHER little girl, was playing dress up.....with Autumns Mascara. Lovely!
And trying on Wigs and helmets...............
And Abbie is trying new "youtube" hair styles..... :)
You know when your kids are bored when they Organize their school clothes and closet by style and color.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

road block.

Something happened with My last Run this week where I Hurt my knees.
Alot of pain. :(
{Picture: thanks to my sis in law durring our craft day with her and My sister, pictures coming soon}
I have been Iceing.
Using Oils.
And Ibu.
and resting.......
How can I rest when the Half Marathon is in 14 days and COUNTING!
I have trained so hard. So dedicated.
This is a road block, and its hard for me to accept.
All I wanna do is run.
Road blocks........
had one?
Ever wanted to Reach into someones broken heart and Stich it?
Ever wanted to Erase Memories?
Create a beautiful Bubble to place them in, ever so gently?
So they can find happiness and peace.......
Put Christ in your life. And you will glow.
Maybe I should take my own advice?
Today is a heavy day. As a million things are running through my head..
How do I?
How can I?
I know I talk generic-ly, but take it and place it where you need it today. Make sence?
I Have been on my knees alot lately.
And I have come to the conclusion...
Sometimes HF lets it rain.
He lets us feel.
Thats how Our hearts grow.
Somedays it seems so unfair.
But Understandable? .........Yes!.
I also came to the Conclusion that He will carry us when we can no longer run.
All we need to do is ask.
Those Road Blocks should not.....and WILL not stop me.
Have faith in yourself and what you do. Take your OWN leaps of faith. Listen to your inner spirit that will give you confidence and grace.
Those who trip all over someone for their own lifting will eventually fall.
Just Be Real. Don't hide who you are. Be Real. Stay centered. Use your faith for confidence. ~ teresa sheeley
I love my mom's daily quotes she sends to those she loves.
I have created a Folder in my email I put them.
and Occacionaly return to them finding ones that scream out to me. was this one!

Saturday, August 14, 2010



There IS light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes you can only get there by just pushing and fighting your way to the end.
We don't need to see the end... we just have to keep heading that direction. Just keep going.




I had a session Up in Eden last night.

A Wonderful session.......

Mike Came up with me, This is first time ever going on a shoot with me.

It was so fun to have him there.

After wards, we went and got some Dinner up there and then went and parked.

Sat on the hood and talked. ;)

I had to capture the Moment.

Perfect night!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Romantic.....

How Romantic is this picture.....
His hand.
Her hand.
The light.
They just started to kiss.....and I SNAPPED AWAY!
My Friend Jeri and her family. :)
My First Maryland client.
{Don't lie jeri, I know you came all this way just to see me.....}
Perfect session.
Perfect Family.
{btw---if you want a fall session for christmas cards? BOOK NOW}

3 Little dresses.

For Charlee.
From G'ma.
.......with vintage buttons. :)


Good Morning!!.
We have Popcicles at Our house for Breakfast!
Todays Thought:
YOU MATTER. Your life matters. See the beautiful truth of who your really are...and tell it to yourself over and over again. Throw out the lies today!
~brave girls club

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today I will IRON!

Hi dad.......... :)
Didn't think I could Blog you? Huh? You know me better then that!
I went up to my mom's house again to create.
Love to create with her.
I made a Ironing board Cover.
I stiched the WHOLE bird and flower with the sewing machine.
The more retarted the better!!
My kind of sewing!!!!
I couldn't wait to get it home and in my laundry room!!!
I MAY actually IRON now....... ;)
cuz its toooo cute too NOT to!
Charlee LOVES the babies at G'ma's.
AND again...picking her nose.
My neice Tai, Making a Lace Necklace!!
I think it should be a HOLIDAY!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pick it. And pick it GOOD!

She picks her nose everyday.
Feeds it to max. She is so sweet to share.
On a CUTER note.....
Look at the Leggings I made For Miss C at My Sister Amie's house today.
{I used a White T-shirt I was going to take to the DI. Smart.
I know.}
Im not kidding when I say......
Im gunna make me SOME! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Boating l.o.v.e.

Oh the Joys of:



Sand. {ok, not really}

& a boat.

Mike threw me over the BOAT......rudey!
Tried to repair with a kiss. worked. ;)
This is kinda a big deal for Autumn.
HUGE deal actually!!
She had a bad experiance when she was little on a boat. {out of my control mind you}
So she had HUGE anxiety about this day. HUGE!
Pure panic!
We did baby steps with her....
and she ended up LOVING IT. and even got out and kneeboarded!
She faced her fear. And we were so PROUD!!!

I did not get out In the water....

I ran 11 miles that morning, and My shin was still owie...

Good excuse?

{And im secretly scared of the "unknown" below the water...shhhh don't tell!}



Thanks N's for inviting us OUT!!!!