Sunday, August 8, 2010

This Girl.....

......Is Simply Amazing.
I love her and she loves me.
Meet Jeri.
{L.O.V.E this light}
She and I were best friends in highschool.
WE were CRAZY!!!
She lives in Maryland and is visiting here in utah.
So we met up for LUNCH at Ikea.
Talked about the CRAZY days.....
Took pictures......
This Picture below reminds me of when we were 17. We have MANY pictures, just like this one.
Infact.........I think We do look 17. Don't we? ;)
She has inspired me to pursure my photography........She has encouraged me along the way.
She takes beautiful pictures!
TODAY-------She drove up and took Our families Pictures...
And TOMORROW----------- I will take her's!
Life is grand, when you have amazing people to share it with.
Love you Jeri Dukes!


Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Where did you get that MAXI dress??

Jeri said...

I love you so much Annie Lou!!! You're right--- life is grand when you surround yourself with amazing people, and I am so glad you are still are part of mine. I can't wait for tomorrow!!!!

Mike said...

good friends are hard to come by. surround yourself with GOOD people that influence your life for good. Thanks Jeri.

{A}nnie said... talking bout Mine? Or Jeri's dress???

Just Me said...

ahhh I started to cry when I saw this post....Tears of happiness of course!

Rileigh said...

so so so much fun!