Monday, August 9, 2010

Boating l.o.v.e.

Oh the Joys of:



Sand. {ok, not really}

& a boat.

Mike threw me over the BOAT......rudey!
Tried to repair with a kiss. worked. ;)
This is kinda a big deal for Autumn.
HUGE deal actually!!
She had a bad experiance when she was little on a boat. {out of my control mind you}
So she had HUGE anxiety about this day. HUGE!
Pure panic!
We did baby steps with her....
and she ended up LOVING IT. and even got out and kneeboarded!
She faced her fear. And we were so PROUD!!!

I did not get out In the water....

I ran 11 miles that morning, and My shin was still owie...

Good excuse?

{And im secretly scared of the "unknown" below the water...shhhh don't tell!}



Thanks N's for inviting us OUT!!!!



~Ali~ said...

How cute that A and T both have braces!! lol looks like tons of fun!!
P.S. I'm not a huge fan of lake swimming either...same reason....and fish live in there....hmmm...wonder what they do in thee water! EWWW! hahaha

Liseylew said...

love the pictures!! you have such a great gift for capturing perfect memories :) looks like so much fun!!! btw.. cute boating outfit!!!!

Shelley Hansen said...

I have the same fear even in the deep end at the NAT!! Lame I know, but when I was little I watched Jaws and then my grandma took me swimming (did not know how) doing well.. then she said go try the deep end..well as I went across I looked and I saw a huge dark shawdow coming after me...I almost drowned, someone had to jump in to save me!