Monday, August 9, 2010

Old Couples...

lol---cool and rad?
....How about insane and crazy.....
I ran a Small { 4 weeks ago it didn't seem so small} 5 miles this morning.
I ran past a retirement commumnity.
I ran Past Old couples riding matching beach cruisers.
They were so cute.
Couple after couple..........they would wave, or give me thumbs up.
They seemed so happy!!
I want to ride a beach crusier with My honey when Im old.
Mike will wear plaid pants with suspenders.
I will wear a vintage dress and apron.
Good Morning G'ma.
Thats all she talks about.
G'ma nigh nigh?
Where is Gma?
Gma want Yum Yum?
So Gma {both gma's}
This Pic is for you! She is waving good morning. TO YOU!!!
Her jammies are backwards....because when I got her out of her crib, she was wearing them that way. Minus a diaper.
Tell her one thing? She will do the Opposite.
{give me strength}
Then she Peed on the chair eating breakfast!
We are starting off the day RIGHT!!
This sounds about normal!
Happy Monday!
You're braver than you believe.
Stronger than you seem.
Smarter than you think . ~ a.a. milne

YOU have what it takes because you have YOU!


Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

Annie, you need a "contact me" buttom on both you blogs!! My sister is intrested in pricing for her wedding photoes! Get back to me ASAP thanks!

Alyssa said...

I LOVE that quote. I know the perfect person who could use that today! :)

Shawntae said...

oh my gosh your little girl makes me laugh so hard. I have a feeling Kingston is going to be just as crazy as her.

Sometimes when i see older couples I just want to hug them they are so adorable and it makes me happy when I see them with their spouse and that they are still married and so in love!!

Shelley Hansen said...

Love the PEE on the chair! Happy Monday to ya!

Holli said...

OMGosh, that's exactly how it is at our house with our 2yr old. Charlee is so cute, bet it's hard to stay mad. Such an adorable little pea pod. Let me know if you ever want me to watch her so she and Josie can play. Guess what JoJo did yesterday? Drew with magic marker on my vintage white coffee table. Guess I'll be painting that.