Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today I will IRON!

Hi dad.......... :)
Didn't think I could Blog you? Huh? You know me better then that!
I went up to my mom's house again to create.
Love to create with her.
I made a Ironing board Cover.
I stiched the WHOLE bird and flower with the sewing machine.
The more retarted the better!!
My kind of sewing!!!!
I couldn't wait to get it home and in my laundry room!!!
I MAY actually IRON now....... ;)
cuz its toooo cute too NOT to!
Charlee LOVES the babies at G'ma's.
AND again...picking her nose.
My neice Tai, Making a Lace Necklace!!
I think it should be a HOLIDAY!!


Shelley Hansen said...

I love that Charlee loves to pick her nose! She really is sooo super cute! I would love to see my little Josiah and your little Charlie meet!

Megan said...

So dang cute! Geez, I might like to iron if I had a cute cover! UGH! LUV ya!

Liseylew said...

Holy freak!!! I want an Ironing board cover by Annie West!!!!!!!! PLEASPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

K --- not even KIDDING I wanna learn how to CREATE and SeW like YOU!!!!!!! That ironing board cover is AWESEOME!! Some day. SOON, I want a tour of your house ...