Friday, August 20, 2010

itty bitty panties.

SHE DID IT!!!!!!!

{don't you just LOVE this picture}

Bought itty bitty panties last night.

With treats...
and thought.......OH, lets just give it a try ....
She put them on herself.
Sat on the potty herself.
Went herself.

Oh happy day!!

You all know Charlee. The REAL Charlee...
She is a pro at whats he does.
Loves to fill up 20 cups with water and ice from the icemaker and line them up in a row.
eventually spilling every single cup. {I wash a lot of towels}
Squirt Capri Sun on Mom's bed.
Crunch Poptarts on carpet and dance on them.
and then uses her favorite word
"Oops a Ditti" {Oops a daisy}


Like Looooving.
BIG change from last year, where he cried every morning up till the last day of school.
True Story!
School is Cool mom!

The girls are All READY for their first day of school.
Whooooohoooo!! {so am I}
I took them to go get their hair they are set.
hair did.
clothes bought
school supplies finished.
backpacks bought......{ouch that one hurt.....whats up with $50 backpacks?}


While the girls got their hair done,
I snuck away to the DI and Found these...........

Little baby salt and pepper shakers
to add to my collection.

aren't they swell?


Jeri said...

Hooray! For Charlee! Cute polka dot panties...where did you find those?

Dear Abbie and Autumn, Your hair is always so cute. It kind of makes me what to die....or cry. It was cute two weeks is extra cute now! LOVE!

Shelley Hansen said...

Cute and how exciting to be a Big Girl!!! We used the {potty watch} for Josiah...he has been using underpants since Christmas last year!

Shawntae said...

I just love Charlee she is soo silly and so cute with all the crazy stuff she does. We can trade sometime if you want jk.

Yay Charlee for going poopee in the potty and I love your girls hair. Super cute

Margie said...

Oh! I'm so jealous Charlee is potty trained! We have been working on it for months now. You lucky girl!

Liseylew said...

oh my freak!! I love all those cuties!! thanks for the post! and the girls hair looks great!! who did it ? ;)

王辛江淑萍康 said...

感謝分享 功德無量............................................................

Jessica said...

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We'd love to have you!