Thursday, August 19, 2010

I WANT, i want i want i want...i soo want!


SEE!!!.....did you die?
I want this ALL!
Every bit of it.
I have a WONDERFUL space to call my very own and I want to make it BEAUTIFUL!
how in the world do I find stuff like this..........?????
Im on a mission!
I even want to rip out the carpet in our bonus room!
Im coveting. Yup! I am!
and Im not ashamed.
Cuz I know you are too!!!!


Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

Also, can I be an adopted sister and come to your DARLING craft days, so I can die amongst they beauty of your craftiness!!

Jeri said...

White wood floors! That is my dream! Delicious....and so you. I think you could put the shabby one together with stuff you already own!

I think you are on to something Annie! Start charging money for an invitation/spot to a craft day! You'll be rich! =)

Holli said...

Yes, I would like to be an adopted sister too! Can you ever have too many sisters? Well, if you're throwing away carpet I'll take it for my unfinished basement. Haha. I really like your playlist btw. I go to the list on Serenading Unicorn and clean to it. Love it!