Friday, August 6, 2010

What I did and what I didn't!

Yesterday when I went to my favorite place Ikea.
I DID buy this frame. :)

Thats going to fit ever so perfectly.............


In orange OF course!

I didn't FIND a small chandalier that I loved. :(

{psst: ONLY buy things you LOVE...surround your home with ONLY the things that feed you}

just a side note. ;)

was that bossy?


Soooo I drew One in! {don't judge}

and a pillow........cuz well, .........I didn't find one there EITHER!



I dragged Mike to the DI with me last night......

And I DID find this lamp. I smiled from EAR TO EAR with it sitting on my lap the whole drive home....

{Psssst: we DID stopped at Taco bell AND Arby's...sat in the church parking lot and stuffed our face so the kids wouldn't see}

And then felt like poo.......not cuz we didn't share, lol.....cuz we ate poo food!!

was that rude?


Isn't it PRETTY?

Wanna know my most favorite part? {not the grandma gold, altho I do love me some gold}

But the Corroded plug......cuz that means its OLD! { can't spell}


And I said before I DIDN'T find me any Pillows I loved..

So I again.....just drew some...

Like the number 4?


I Reeeeeeeally....Reeeeeally, wanna find a pillow that has the number 4.

I have 4 kids...............thats why!

I know.






Side note:

These guys are still homeless....

Mom.?? help!!



Megan said...

You are funny and totally right. Only buy what you LOVE. That goes for decor and clothing. I need to do that more often. Cause I get so obsessed with trying to be so cheap all the time I end up buying stuff I DON'T love simply because it was cheap. **sigh** Oh, and I think it is hilarious you pigged out on Taco Bell food in the car so your kids would not see. Genius. Love your guts.

Margie said...

Love your new aqua bench. I wish I had your vision for things! You have the coolest house EVER!

Mike said...

Wow babe thats a lot of stuff. I think half of your pictures are drawings. Im a little worried that i may be intsalling a lamp in our bedroom. i guess put it on the list to keep me busy. Love you!!!

Jeri said...

Cracking up here! You rock Annie!