Friday, May 28, 2010


I have nothing to blog about really today.
FYI---- Blue chalk doesn't come off walls. {thanks charlee}
but Magic eraser helps. :) Thanks Mr. Clean.
And......I already sold LOTS of my vintage Fabric Jewelry at the CUPCAKE shop...
Ive got 2 FEELINGS about this:
#1. Yippy!!!!, going to cry, mouth dropped open, cartwheels in the kitchen!!!!!, Whooo hooo! Can't believe it actually!!! and sooooooo THANKFUL!!!
#2. Holy &^%$.....IVE GOTTA MAKE MORE....and fast! *BIG SIGH**
OK---i think thats more then 2, but you get the idea.
Oh, and Charlee keeps telling everyone to go to their room!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Marissa Vargason took Charlee's 2 year old pictures.
It was a perfect session.
and then.....
I went out later on today and took a few of Jax.
it was a NICE cloudy day :)


She loves babies.
and I love her.
she is so careful with them, talks to them, comforts them.
I love to watch.
Its hard, i'm realizing to have a "baby of the family"
i was ALWAYS on top of things with the other ones.
but i have to confess....she still has a bottle.
sippy charlee? No, dank you mom, don't wan it.
Ok, charlee.
Here's your ba ba!
{rolling my eyes at myself}
she is my BLUE EYED GIRL! love her.
excited for this weekend.
many fun things planned as Im sure you do too.
If you want a CUPCAKE, Vintage Cupcake Co. will have its doors open while she bakes all day on go visit and go try her yummy-ness...
the address is:
470 24th street
Autumn and Jax were playing hide and seek and jax was in the bathroom counting.....
and this is what I heard.
"One Mister Sippi"
"Two Mister Sippi's"
"Three Mister Sippi's"
"Four Mister Sippi's"
Ha Ha Ha Ha!
I love all these memories....
and a friend of mine told me about BLURB.COM that prints your blog out into a book.
so im going to print out the past two years of my blog into a book....
what a GREAT memory to have for our family.
I hope i can continue and have MANY books to print as keepsakes. :)
all the GOOD, bad and EVIL!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vintage Cupcake Co.

seriously, I could live here.
24TH streen in Ogden!
She should be opening up anyday....with the grand opening soon as well.
I will give dates!
you have to go visit...
She is simply amazing.
You will love her. and her cupcakes....
PB& J cupcakes?
French toast cupcakes?
Cookies and cream.
Banana's and cream....
AND SO ON................................................................
not to mention they are ever so pretty and wrapped with LOVE.
this girl can COOK!
Table for cupcake parties. :)
and her little shop in the back!!
Here is some of my Vintage fabric jewelry I have been working on for her shop!!!
{Rock that Vintage}
by, Sweet Yesterdays!
I will keep you updated!!!
love me some cupcakes!

Monday, May 24, 2010

on a rainy day...................

We do this............
Sit on Jackson's bed naked and watch and listen to the rain.
Build Forts and dance around repeating every WORD to the songs
on Princess and the Frog.
Happy rain day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fo fweeee....

FINALLY got my free canvas that I have been WAITING to use...
I got it at WPPI in vegas.....
and I decided to use it on this Orchard Picture that I adore.
looks actually smaller then it really is on this
My first canvas. I love you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Luv me some yellow.

Pretty eh?
I stopped and bought some fresh flowers to Photograph and now going to let them bloom on my Kitchen Table for a few days to enjoy.
I love yellow.
I took a BUNCH of pictures but only had time to edit one so far...
I want to print these into a fun little collage..
You had the feeling like you have kept everything pretty much organized and your days flew by with accomplishment?
well.....TODAY----was NOT one of those days...
I feel like all the sudden I just realized how much was actually on my plate in the next few weeks..
made me "SIGH"...and "SIGH" big!!!!!!
non of it is bad things.....
but its just, still things!
Maybe summer will make it better?
or worse..., Im not sure.....
. kinda rambling..
I like to BLOG..
I love to write about ordinary stuff...
I kept a personal journal since I was 8...and I have 5 full journals.
so blogging is such relaxing release for me!
I like to lock myself in my Office listening to music and talk randomly.
HAS anyone acutally printed their blog into a book?????
if so SPEAK UP!!!
I took Autumn to plato's closet today...
She made a alot of fun things for Summer.
And I found THEE cutest ruffley highheels. Ever!
I might have to post a pic of those too :)
I also did such a cute session last night of a SWEEET little 8 year old.
I went to highschool with her mom..{thanks Nicole}
here is a little peek....
we ALMOST canceled it due to a storm coming we stuck it out and finished JUST in time.
Any whooooo
The reason for this post was to SHOW the pic...
and then post this neat thought....
thats all!
Give thanks for what you are now, and keep on fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. ~landeros

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Dear Neighbors,
If you see me dancing like madonna and/OR jumping and flipping my hair, wearing leg warmers like flash dance.
its because
I totally
AND THIS soundtrack!
and I think I should be in a Glee club.
I promise im not on any drugs.
Thank you.

I let them Sluff!

I let them sluff today....
Mike doesn't have very many days off....
so we took advantage of today and he took them rideing.
first ride of the year!
They both took ONLINE tests that they have been studying for.
Its an offroad ATV test you have to take if you don't have a drivers licence.
Im so GLAD they both passed.....cuz you pay the money if they pass or not.
you are now offically Motorcyclists!
should I be excited or scared?
Here they are packin up!
Im kinda sad I didn't go...
But it was sprinkling and coldie....and didn't think it sounded very fun sitting in the car with Charlee and Jax.
does that make me boreing?
or smart?
I told mike to take LOADS of pictures....
lets see how well he does!
as for now....
Charlee is watching Yo Gabba Gabba.
Jax is sleeping.
and I am going to go listen to my GLEE soundtrack and clean and make something yummy for when they return all dirty and hungry!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When it rains.

When it rains.
I do nothing I should.
And, it keeps raining!
So nothing "important" is getting done.
love me anyways!
We will probually just eat cantalope all day!
Snippits of comings and goings at the Wests:
AUTUMN had her maturation this week. Yup, a room full of giggly girls.
I have 3 sessions this weekend.
{rain go away}
Jax has no school the rest of the week.....yay for jammie days!
8 more days of school left.
Planning a Motorcycle/camping trip.
The girls are studing for the Motorcycle test they must pass before we go.
Signed up for a half marathon in August. {scawy}
Autumn saved up and bought her own Lagoon summer pass. :)
Abbie is almost there.....they will have a fun summer!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

keep calm carry on.

I have LOVED THIS saying
I have it on my scripture cover I made
i have it through out my home in personal places to help my day flow....
I found these on Etsy,...
just the print...
then they said these frames you can buy at IKEA to fit.
can't decide what color...
i want something random.
they come in TONS of colors!

In my search of finding this print....
I found THIS!
maybe I need this one too!

I hate when I get this create, and re-arrange and do stuff to my house..
because my timing is ALWAYS BAD!
no time.
but DON'T YOU LOVE THIS up the stairs?
ah! i can see it........
Donna Pochaski-Thomas eclectic staircase

Oh I want.........

to make this.......
and this.........

for her........

she deserves it.
she shared her other half of popcicle with me.
but I can't :(
to much to do.......
I will just add it to my LIST!


Happy Birthday To My most favorite shmoopie in the world!
How in the heavens did I get so lucky?
Look at us when Our lives first got started!
He didn't bat an eye to love me and love my two daughters like they were his.
and he, to this day, has NOT stopped loving ME....and is more protective of these two girls then you'll ever know.

He is ever so gentle with charlee....

constantly teaching Jackson about honestly and haveing integrity!


buys me flowers..."just cuz"

and puts up with my wild obsessions!


we have changed so MUCH!

and its because he is part of our lives!!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Happy birthday Mike!

I love you to the moon ;)

{ps...we need a NEW family pic....we are all so different....}

anyone anyone?


Monday, May 17, 2010

Badges of Logan City!

I feel pretty dag-nabbit special!
I was asked to shoot the Logan City Police Department Banquet dinner last friday.
I felt so HONORED!
as I have shot quite a few police officers in the past year.. {LOL..sounded funny}
so of course i couldn't turn them away. Plus they are way to SWEET to my sister who is a 911 disbatcher. They take care of her!
As I my surprise...
there yearly annual report book that was givin out to the officers...
and back! and middle!
and my name......what the..............
I about died!
and I did a little jigg...right in front of the sargent... :)
{I better never get a ticket in logan as long as I live........amen}
I took pictures of every officer and their date.
and the mayor of Logan city....and the chief....and as they gave out awards.
as the chief gave his big welcomeing speech....
he acknowledged ME and my photography...
he really did...
my face was as red as the napkin!
and I slouched a little lower....
look closely to the bottom right pic....see my name?
proof! that Im semi cool!
My date Marissa... :)
My aqua high heels......
See how EXCITED I am!!!
Oh the food..........the FOOOOOOOOOOOOD!
to die for!
and my sissy!
what A fun night!
The end....

I wanna be like her...

I needed to watch this today.

not because Charlee cut her HAIR again.


because she got into the bandaids and unwrapped every single one.

Not because teenagers are hard to raise, and stress me out.

ITS because Im so happy for blessings.

so happy for trials.

so happy that I get to wake up every day....and raise my family.

I watched this in tears......

I want to be her.

Im so thankful for the talent I am developing in photography.

I want to capture my life.

my kids.

my family.

and so grateful to the other families I have been able to give a small memory to treasure as well.....



Starting RIGHT NOW!

I want to be a better me!

{turn off my music below}

Friday, May 14, 2010

MY nest.

I dropped off Autumn to Viola yesterday and we both saw this little nest laying on the ground next to a tree.
An empty nest.
Autumn picked it up and brought it to me. I LOVED IT!
Reminded me of my mom. she collects these and has them around her house....
so cute!
she loves them because of the detail and the hard work these little birds go through to create a safe haven for their babies.
Every nest has a story!
As I drove home with this nest in the passenger seat...I drove ever so carefully so it wouldn't roll off the seat. Even finding myself reaching over and putting my hand on top of it to secure it.
I carried it up my porch and am now proudly displaying it.
I love it!.
Some may think its weird. I for one, think its beauty.
Isn't this what we do as mothers? parents?
Create a NEST, a safe haven, a comfortable spot to place our children out of harms way while we raise them?
and then when they are all grown......we let THEM FLY!
hopeing we taught them well.
Things have been placed in my lap so obvious lately.
I have asked the BIG bird above to help direct me. :)
not sure WHERE to fly with this one............
at all!
but I keep coming back to the same answer:
"create a safe NEST for them"
"Build them up"
"protect them"
believe me when I say......
I will go to the end of the earth for my children...........
I have had sleepless nights thinking about little Ethan.
that 4 year old little boy that died due to careless monsters that were careing for him.
I won't even call her a mother. she doesn't deserve that respect.
he had NO safe one to help keep him safe...
Im so GLAD HF took him!
no one can hurt him anymore......
and now he can FLY! :)
I will hug my children a little tighter.
build them a little higher...
protect them a little while longer..
no one better mess with my baby birds!
the end!