Friday, May 28, 2010


I have nothing to blog about really today.
FYI---- Blue chalk doesn't come off walls. {thanks charlee}
but Magic eraser helps. :) Thanks Mr. Clean.
And......I already sold LOTS of my vintage Fabric Jewelry at the CUPCAKE shop...
Ive got 2 FEELINGS about this:
#1. Yippy!!!!, going to cry, mouth dropped open, cartwheels in the kitchen!!!!!, Whooo hooo! Can't believe it actually!!! and sooooooo THANKFUL!!!
#2. Holy &^%$.....IVE GOTTA MAKE MORE....and fast! *BIG SIGH**
OK---i think thats more then 2, but you get the idea.
Oh, and Charlee keeps telling everyone to go to their room!


~Ali~ said...

Get making sista!! lol Jadynn about DIED over the rings yesterday!! She probably tried on every single one!!! lol Oh and BTW....I want one too!!! i almost stole one yesterday! lol kidding!

Megan said...

So glad (and not suprised, either) that your stuff sold so well. Save something for me, K? Let's get together and sew for sure. My life will die back down after Trek, which is the 10-12th. Have your people call my people and we'll get 'er done!

A 'n D said...

hello!! dunno if you remember me, but i'm krista's sis-in-law & met your several times in n.o. when you lived there!
anyhow... we share another friend, jennie m. that you grew up by & we were chatting about your blog the other day as we visited vintage cupcake!!!!!
i LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog & all of your fun here's to YOU!!!!!!!!!

A 'n D said...

i meant "met YOU" not "YOUR".... dur :o)

Betheny & Jacob said...

haha! LOVE that Charlee is ordering everyone to their rooms. So cute. NICE pot rack, btw. Very cute idea, chica. Wait, are you using it as a pot rack or just for decor? Either way, super cute! LOVE that your'e doing so well with your oober-cute stuff! I'll totally have to make a trip to Ogden (Ogden, right?) to have a go at those cupcakes. SO excited!