Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ive got Sunshine............

I got sunshine,
On a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside,
I've got the month of may.
I guess you'd say,
What can make me feel this way?

My girl, my girl, my girl.
Talkin' 'bout my girl.
My girl!

I've got so much honey,
The bees envy me.
I've got a sweeter song,
Than the birds in the trees.
Well, I guess you'd say,
What can make me feel this way?

Ooo-ooo, hoo-ooo.

I don't need no money,
Fortune or fame.
I got all the riches baby,
One man can claim.
Well, I guess you'd say,
What can make me feel this way?


I got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girl.
I've even got the month of may with my girl

I love today.
"Let your heart guide"



Jeri said...

Dear Adorable Autumn,

Can I borrow you?

Mother of little girls who run away from the camera.

(Beautiful and perfect Annie!)

Simply Lavender said...

OH. SIGH. Such eye candy!!
SUNSHINE! you got that right!
Throwing the flowers is just pure happiness and freedom!
Can you get any more darling Autumn?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

jeri,this is autumn i would LOVE to!!!

gma i just love you!!!


Angela said...

LOVE the song, Annie ;)...Your children are GORGEOUS!

Simply Lavender said...

Autumn.......I LOVE YOU MORE!!! =}

Jeri said...

Awww. Autumn wrote me a note! =)

Hey Annie, I copied you today. I had a little girl bring flowers to a session so she could throw them! It was amazing! =)

You have some Chinese fans!

Anonymous said...

seriously whats up with the china-ness?


JERI! im so glad you threw flowers...:) actually it was autumns Idea.
btw--she is thrilled you talked to "HER" on this blog!