Saturday, May 22, 2010

Luv me some yellow.

Pretty eh?
I stopped and bought some fresh flowers to Photograph and now going to let them bloom on my Kitchen Table for a few days to enjoy.
I love yellow.
I took a BUNCH of pictures but only had time to edit one so far...
I want to print these into a fun little collage..
You had the feeling like you have kept everything pretty much organized and your days flew by with accomplishment?
well.....TODAY----was NOT one of those days...
I feel like all the sudden I just realized how much was actually on my plate in the next few weeks..
made me "SIGH"...and "SIGH" big!!!!!!
non of it is bad things.....
but its just, still things!
Maybe summer will make it better?
or worse..., Im not sure.....
. kinda rambling..
I like to BLOG..
I love to write about ordinary stuff...
I kept a personal journal since I was 8...and I have 5 full journals.
so blogging is such relaxing release for me!
I like to lock myself in my Office listening to music and talk randomly.
HAS anyone acutally printed their blog into a book?????
if so SPEAK UP!!!
I took Autumn to plato's closet today...
She made a alot of fun things for Summer.
And I found THEE cutest ruffley highheels. Ever!
I might have to post a pic of those too :)
I also did such a cute session last night of a SWEEET little 8 year old.
I went to highschool with her mom..{thanks Nicole}
here is a little peek....
we ALMOST canceled it due to a storm coming we stuck it out and finished JUST in time.
Any whooooo
The reason for this post was to SHOW the pic...
and then post this neat thought....
thats all!
Give thanks for what you are now, and keep on fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. ~landeros

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Marvett Smith said...

Hey Annie! Love your blog! I printed my blog into a book earlier this year since it really is a great journal for my kids. It's 12x12, and was so easy to do. I did mine through Blurb. Very easy since it sucks the whole thing in together. My kids love it. You should definitely do it!